1. Hobby Bugs

    Our favourite female Gymnast Paulina in the thumbnail im heeeeere! ^^

  2. Emily Love

    nile you should do a reaction to Calisthenics Statics

  3. Julia Buonincontro

    I like that she actually tried to get in the washer lol

  4. Immature Shenanigans

    I am certainly like this with different things. I get completely obsessed with one thing (for example finding Nile's channel several years ago) I binged watched it all like I had a hard time doing or thinking about something else until my brain says okay let's try something different. Same for bands/songs/movies, etc... I have a hard time finding a middle balance with most things.

  5. xhpfanatic

    Definitely planning to shop thru your gymshark link next time I treat myself! So proud you are working with my favorite brand

  6. Ricci Smith

    I say eat all the MCD’s u want u deserve and should have cheat meals.

  7. Chloe Sima

    I love doing gymnastics I competed when I was 10 yrs old

  8. Theresa Valencia

    Paul Hunt is my uncle, and I love watching people react to his videos.

  9. Ana M

    the boy who does it with the bars very close together is because he is doing the routine that nadia comaneci did when she competed. You can see the video of her if you have time 👌🏽👏🏽😊

  10. Bel Russell-Lynch

    He had never seen that video of kenzo doing mai's floor routine? Thats surprising! Its such a brilliant video! Kenzo smashes it! I wish mens gymnastics could bring a bit more style into floor. Music and some dance elements would be so much more watchable than mens floor is now.

  11. Jose Brazon

    Reac calistenia

  12. laus lora

    im no expert but looked alrite until the eye liner lol

  13. Charon Spring in 't veld

    Loved your Epke reaction

  14. queen g

    i am really grateful you spoke about income and money because this is the kind of stuff that is always made taboo, both by middle class people and by rich/celebrities. i am so happy you are growing and you are happier and i wish you (and your loved ones) the best. stay safe✨ ps. i don't wanna sound rude or entitled or anything bad, but i would urge you (and everyone who can) to be environmentally active, by giving some time through your platform(s) to people who can direct everyone to onlus or other associations or even specific law/bills to support if there are any (in the uk, in your case). obviously you are not obligated to do any of this stuff and you are not less worthy of happiness or success or anything else that you accomplished (i specify this so that this comment does not come out in the wrong way), and also if you don't feel comfortable or you simply don't want to or don't feel like it is something that matters in the context of your channelt it is perfectly okay to do (or not do) so. whatever the case is, please donate to organizations such as greenpeace, because our world is not even near to ita best shape and it is our actions that are worsening the situation. sorry again if this comment is not all about the video but i felt like you would understand why i am saying this. anyway i really love your channels, emily's and jo's and the guys' so keep it up! you're doing great! 🌈

  15. Rey Bogdy

    React to scarxlus insta video

  16. Mimi LaVoz

    Kudos to Emily for the awesome video compilation!!!!!

  17. Steph Robinson

    The guy at 5.34 was doing Simone Biles routine, he was awesome

  18. keljells

    DEFINITELY BECOME THE NEXT PAULETTA! You can call yourself Nilena; you’d be great! 😂

  19. Kristina’s Bubble

    Nile you should react to the history of gymnastics or the evolution of the sport of you could find a good compilation video🖤

  20. AliFayeFaye

    I have an idea Nile, how about reacting to martial arts tricking? there are a lot of gymnastic type jumps in tricking, with kicks of course, but I would like to see your view on similarities and differences. even see you attempt a few too lol

  21. Ailias

    Imagine if they split the competition into different categories rather than men and women, and you could compete in whatever you wanted. So it could be artistic floor (women's) and power floor (men's) or something. I'd love to see Simone Biles compete against the guys in vault. Could give a slightly higher difficulty score or something for the women?

  22. Emma B

    Johanna Quaas is German and there once was a short documentary about her in German TV

  23. Marcel der gorgeous Türsteher

    Can you react to "girls trying boys gymnastics" too?

  24. Elisheval

    I waited 14 minutes to get to Paul Hunt. As someone who did gymnastics in the 90's, this guy was AMAZING. I watched his beam and bar routine a zillion times and it never gets old.

  25. Ruth Anna

    Would love to see you invite the russian bar circus artists from Totem (cirque du soleil). Looks a lot of fun to fly so high 😎

  26. jenny armstrong

    dont be afraid to just be normal enjoy yourself mate, theres no pressure to be a certain way physically. youve already done that journey and reached the top! chill mate you deserve it

  27. StitchGV

    I’m not that familiar with the sport other than watching championships and olympics, but I always just assumed the restrictions on women’s and men’s, banned skills, correct positions etc., were all only for competition. I thought outside of competition training, everyone just did whatever skills they wanted, including crossing the sexes apparatuses. 😳

  28. sasusakulove4ever

    someone needs to show Nile drag queens jumping into the splits on the daily...

  29. Geo Wallace

    Ketchup goes in the fridge.

  30. hope fakelastname

    the routine just before 10:17 i believe is the routine that earned a 10 in the Olympics the name of the Romanian qymnist escapes me but she's really awesome. that may be why he did it. also by the way that move hurt the female gymnists too cause they are hiting the bar quite hard and if they hit in the wrong place it can hit a place that has more nerve endings then guys do. you know the spot i mean? yeah look it up.

  31. hope fakelastname

    hope you are getting better! wish you sleep well and are filled with joy.

  32. Sweet and Sassy

    In gymnastics we call the split leap a switch leap. Paul was also my coach in gymnastics before his gym shut down.

  33. Millisa Gable

    Since you retired are you still doing it for fun

  34. Richard West

    can we see nile Wilson ballet?

  35. Salty Pugwash

    Honesty at last on the internet, so beautiful. I hope you persevere, relationships take work. You seem grounded and share your love honestly. Keep going guys.

  36. LET4

    No relations between Shrai and Murakami except they are both in the Japanese national squad 👍😊

  37. Fotodeviant

    Cirque make up always looks so cool! This video was so much fun to watch! Nile, you did a good job! 😁

  38. Amyshearts08

    Where are you guys located that you are in quarantine again? And P.S. you two are such a cute couple!

  39. Anita & everything

    My dad did gymnastics when he was a kid/teen and then went on to become a medical doctor. He said gymnastics stunted his growth and he had some bad injuries, landed on his neck etc. I wanted to do gymnastics growing up but he wouldn't let me. He to this day does not recommend going hard at gymnastics when you're still growing. He says it destroyed his body and he regrets it a lot. I have a lot of respect for the skill it takes but it puts the body through some intense things - just something to keep in mind

  40. Subrealismo Artificial

    That's a perfect look for Misschief

  41. BengalOscar

    Good on you!!!

  42. Jordan Sefton

    The straddled gienger is called a Deltchev😁😁

  43. April Mason

    I would like to gift the bowtie to my hubby, its beautiful

  44. James Hodgson

    You seem like a proper sound bloke mate. Well done 👍

  45. Angela McDaniel

    Split jump to split is something I did when I was in high school on the dance team, except I did them on a basketball floor. A basketball floor isn't as soft as a gymnastic floor.

  46. riethejur

    that is totally my diet. Love it. I‘m with you emily And great talk about mental heath towards food @nile. Thank you for charing <3

  47. btcsa

    Listening to the tape crinkle as you moved made me laugh the entire time. 😂

  48. Christopher Young

    Boy if you wanna wear make up.. DO IT! Such a fun way to be creative

  49. Maia

    4:50 It’s a Deltchev not a geinger

  50. Reuben Bokaba

    Landing in splits doesn't hurt at all

  51. CF/Dawsey fan

    I do believe that the skill on bar around 4:40 is a Deltchev (1/2 twist and then flip) and not a Geinger (flip and then 1/2 twist) :)

  52. Luc Siegenthaler

    yes do it!!! :D

  53. idontsignin

    I bet every single guy flinched when he decided to do the splits and proceed to smack has nuts off the floor. And Paul Hunt is a brilliant gymnast, he has to be good to look that bad and not hurt himself. I've watched a fair few of his videos and he's hilarious.

  54. Eliza L

    "a Reddit page" "a subreddit page" 😂😂😂 you can tell he's not a native

  55. Andrew Gilbertson

    Thank you

  56. Kath Moon

    I don't know if it's a thing but can you make a reaction video the other way round - women doing men gymnastics? Hava a nice day!

  57. Lily-Rose HUANG


  58. StarJewel

    For those wondering, the female gymnast Kenzo is imitating is Mai Murakami; and no, they are not related. They're just elite gymnasts who compete for Japan.

  59. Sophie Adam

    Please be the next Paul 🤩

  60. Ruby Pickette

    Hey Nile I love your videos. Could you please talk about being on gym stars?

  61. Montana White

    I’ve been depressed my whole life. COVID hasn’t changed anything for me. I’m still working 6 days a week 7:30-5. It’s not what am I going to do, it’s what can I do with only one day off.

  62. Steven GCP

    Click on video - jump about 3 minutes in...fluff skipped and get to the fun!

  63. Kylie Gibbs

    Loving your reactions. Hilarious. I love seeing Paul Hunt videos. Ever thought of putting a comedy routine like Paul Hunts.

  64. gene mambo

    Camt wait to watch!

  65. Louis Wilkins

    Nile should react to his own fails, would be class

  66. Robin Addis-Vaughn

    Nile, get Em's reaction to this clip, it's wicked & weird. defasts.info/title/video/ftCMj9ixg4jc2sk.html PLUS, I love the reaction videos!!

  67. Nicolle Van Dyke

    This video hurt Nile so badly, he gave himself his own time out in the corner. :)

  68. Bryce

    04:40 "Straddled Gienger" you saw there is called a "Delchev". A Geinger is a backward salto with 1/2 turn to recatch. A Deltchev is a 1/2 turn to forward salto and recatch. Leg position is not relevant, however most Delchevs are straddled, while most Giengers are piked.

  69. John Velas

    Brit or not, she's cute.

  70. Jason Tuteao

    What was that around the 9:30 mark 😂😂

  71. Marieke D

    I was watching a high school gym competition on DEfasts and there was a guy on the team, GIRLS team and he did all 4 events as well.

  72. Petersen

    Nile I am glad that you can see the skill and talent of the women’s side of gymnastics and give them credit. And at the same time I give kudos to the Men that try and succeed at the skills in this video! Nile it would be fun to see you do a parody skit sometime but only if you want🤪😉

  73. stovap

    Pay any money to see a smiley face on ya bum!!!

  74. Kevin JEWELL

    Gymnastics took a major turn in 1980 when US gymnast Tracee Talavera won the American Cup and competed the Thomas Flair from Pommel Horse on Balance Beam, a first, and literally opened the door for girls and boys worldwide to try elements of the other sex on their routines....at that time in gymnastics men had to show flexibility and balance on floor...most did a Y-scale..I opted for an inverted splits, with both hands holding my left leg behind my head... Paul Hunt was the 1969 NCAA Floor Ex Champion!!!

  75. Melissa Gonzalez

    That guy was doing Nadia’s perfect 10 Olympic routine. This is so cra-cra!

  76. Jay C

    I would love to see women just owning some men's events. Simone would own p-bars especially.

  77. Bethany Schweitzer

    I had to rewatch the split jump and Nile's reaction about five times XD

  78. vikki teasdale

    Pauletta Hunt was ahead of his time

  79. 3jobsnolife

    Sad to say, I am old enough to remember "Pauletta" performances. They were the best! I had watched them all recently and thought, Oh my goodness, I could totally see your friend Ashley doing this. Maybe you, Luke and Ashley could try some of "Pauletta's" stunts!!! That would be a please do!!!!

    1. keljells

      I’m in the same boat my friend, I was competing back then. And totally agree about Ashley and the trio trying things! It’d be great!

  80. dspid2404

    Beside the obvious with men on beams, I would think ruining your feet and knees on the beam would be a concern. There is a big difference between a 90-110 pound woman and a 150-170 man on a hard beam. That is some serious impact difference.