Welcome to my channel!

I am a dog lover and would do anything to help an animal in need. I live in Ukraine, Its very cold in winter time and there are a lot of suffering dogs!
I rescue abandoned, homeless and abused dogs from the streets and find them suitable loving forever homes!
I do all procedures for the dogs with my personal funds and don't charge any fees for adoption!

I want to set an example to others to care for animals and to not be afraid to open your arms for help and love!

Hope you all enjoy!!

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Thanks :)

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  1. Teresa Kinney

    What a cute little mutt.

  2. Tigger

    Anyone who truly cares for our animal friends - Bless you all. <3

  3. Eco Games

    People if you are just going to get rid of your animals at least take them somewhere they won’t fucking freeze to death. There are soooooo many different places that will take in animals at all times. I want to so badly beat the shit out of every ignorant piece of shit who abuses animals like this. I’m usually a calm laid back guy. But this shit sets me off. How could you even fucking so this to a puppy like that.

  4. Mediana Darmono

    Why not adopted by someone instead of release in the street

  5. rifleman1873

    When you put him in your jacket he had to know that you were there to help him. God bless you and Archie.

  6. j.i. kane

    Some heartless bastards out there 🇬🇧✌️

  7. Cesar Sanchez Cerda

    Gracias para estas personas, que hacen milagros que la fuerza del universo, escuchen mi ruegossss cuidaros 💋🇪🇦

  8. Laura Richards

    Many Blessings to everyone

  9. Lockdown_MMXX

    I cant believe that their are people out there that would dump a helpless animal.


    sad for the dislikes , surely they are shit people , well done

  11. Queen_Of_Domination

    Keep them together. Let them be adopted together.

  12. Carpet Wizard

    Thank you ♥️



  14. Palma Pechy

    Humans are cruel to animals and drown the pups.. But, for information, the human population on earth was 500 million in 1600 AD. Today it is 14 times more. Regarding this cruelty toward animals, what will people do to each other, if the earth's population doubles again within 100 years? Nature is half destroyed and the earth is full of garbage dumps already.

  15. True Ss


  16. Pandah Sykes

    These people who dump puppies and animals to die are the sickest most deplorable pieces of trash on this planet ...

  17. Melissa Martin

    What a little, cutie pie.😍😍♥️♥️

  18. Liberty Man

    Where is this Russia ? They throw out poison to stray dog's over there . Nice 😠

  19. Melissa Martin

    That's awesome. They're so beautiful.😍😍❤️❤️

  20. Lars Pardo

    humans should learn that it is a privilege to save a life no matter how small

  21. Liberty Man

    STOP spending the money on food and pay for spaying THOES cats !

  22. EPYC Adventures

    But I love him

  23. Melissa Martin

    Bless your heart.♥️♥️🥰🥰

  24. Cheryl MusicLvr

    God Bless You for helping that puppy...love how happy he is at the end!!!

  25. shut up Meg!

    This video made my day!

  26. BlaznPhoenix

    Thank you for taking care of the pup.

  27. Gabriel Carter

    Rottweilers are very protective. They attach to smaller dogs and kids and are very loving. Unless you are a threat to those they care about.

  28. Jail cat Jones

    Poor baby, people can be so cruel. I'm glad you saved him from freezing to death, I wouldn't want that on my worst enemies and it almost happened to myself once.

  29. Татьяна

    Thank you from all heart♥️🙏🙏🙏

  30. Benjamin Bilbrey

    Vet: *inserts rectal thermometer* Pupper: I am oddly ok with this...

  31. Josey Wales #8178

    When I see stuff like this I'm almost sent into a violent rage! Who in the world could do this?

  32. sheherazade sumí


  33. Istvan Gabor Vida

    Do you have a patreon link ?

  34. Denise Littieri


  35. Evelyn Ramos

    You know? I asked God in my prayers to send angels everywhere to save animals from dying from cold, hunger, thirst... Seeing this makes it clear God is great. This puppy is not in your life for mere coincidence. You're special for him.

  36. Corn Farts

    I love how you pet your friend after you put the puppy in her jacket lol

  37. Raymond Gimay

    Thank all that made it possible that darling little fur baby Archie was saved from the cold. Cared for and loved and respected safe and happy in his new family. Bless him and all that made it possible. Love rules and conquers all. Patricia

  38. V Malone

    Archie is literally, the cutest "wittle 🐶!😍💞

  39. Melissa Martin

    Cute, little babies.😍😍🥰🥰❤️❤️

  40. Madison's Fun Times

    Oh my goodness, the way the mother came up to you with her tail wagging and layed across your shoes was so cute. She's such a sweet and lovely dog. The poor puppy was terrified because people had come and taken his 2 siblings already. Thank You ladies for what you do for these innocent animals

  41. MrsConnie 2You

    Awwww, he's a gorgeous ball of fur🤗🥰🤗🥰

  42. Brandy Scott

    WWWWHHHYYYY JUST WHY LEAVE A PUPPY THERE this makes me angry why would someone leave a baby outside in the freaking cold some people just don’t deserve them this is so sad

  43. Melissa Martin

    He is just sooo adorable.😍😍🥰🥰

  44. Balaclava Man86

    I don’t know what I feel more, the love for you guys or the hate for the fucks who put him out in the cold to die 🙏🇬🇧👍

  45. Truth Hurts

    Archie is such a goooooood boah ♥️

  46. Carmel Hudson

    Why didn't the person who took the video and sent it to you take the dog home, instead of leaving it in the cold, at least she knew who to contact.

  47. thamaporn tan

    Thank You for Your help Animals at Thank You So Much I hope you Lucky Forever everyone everyone Thank you so much

  48. MrsConnie 2You

    God bless you guys....Angels on Earth for those poor fur babies🥰🤗🥰🤗

  49. Sawsan J

    God bless you both . well done.

  50. Lydia Petra

    Thanks to all the great humans who help animals in need🙋💞💗😻....

  51. Jeff Sullivan

    Only human beings can be this cruel. Thank God there are still many who aren't...... There's a special place waiting for all 3 of you in Heaven.....I'm positive!!

  52. D0n T-rump

    Your video suck because most of it is centered on the bad portions of the puppies life.

  53. Greg Heidt

    is this a fake rescue channel like that Asian guy who used the same dogs in videos?

  54. Іванна Ціпан

    Шкода, що субтитри не розумію.

  55. Іванна Ціпан

    В якому місті притулок?

  56. Іванна Ціпан

    Це в Україні? Я шокована!

  57. idania esparza

    To whomever abandoned that dog, I hope you rot in Hell!!!

  58. Paula M. H.

    I wonder if the people who abandoned him have more puppies and abandoned them too somewhere else. Thank you for helping him!!!

  59. Stephen Brice

    Amazing people and what they do. All ANGELZ in my book.

  60. Led Floyd

    *the cats* "the human threat has abducted our political ambassador! This assault will have consequences... We attack after our 18th cleaning between food and sleep."

  61. Duke 85


  62. mily dhody

    How could can 372 dislike this video bloody bastarad 🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡

  63. Scott Jones

    He sure is a cutie

  64. Nick Wood


  65. Angella Johnson

    I don't know how anyone could do this to any animal. Thank you for all who saved them.

  66. julius turner

    Thank you for saving him 🙏🙏🙏🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  67. Dean Firnatine

    Thank you for rescuing him, I am so glad the Rottweiler adopted him as her own.

  68. spider pig

    The one who dumped this puppy may burn in hell..

  69. Таня Иванова


  70. MCES LEX

    Poor dog.

  71. Tom

    God bless the animal lovers.

  72. Final Call

    People dump babies everyday but nobody rescues them at the abortion clinics. We'll fall over trying to kill ourselves for animal but when it comes to our own suddenly it's different and it's acceptable to let them be torn apart and thrown in a waste basket.

  73. InnerCityRocker

    MAN.. Some Really Amazing, Tear Jerkin' Rescue Stories In DEfasts! Gotta Love This Forum Because People Continue To Show Everyone That There Are Still Some Loving People In The World! Now If Only We Could Just Start Treating Human Beings The Same Way

  74. Mel Rey

    How tf could the person who recorded the video leave him there for rescuers to find on their own I would've taken it with me and indoors to wait. Wtf

  75. Doaa Khairy

    Very very good

  76. LiLico


  77. Marcos Padilla

    Beautiful angel 🐕thank you so much for his rescue ❤️🙏🏻

  78. Carmencita H Muit

    Respect... From Philippines

  79. Jacqueline Alexis

    Why are we humans so evil! So uncaring m to abandon a baby in the cold!! Thank God for those folks ! Bless them!

  80. Carla Rackley

    Thank you !!!