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    2:12 why it is in pakistan..

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    wow, i still have such an old linksys

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    Yo cable management, heard of it? Me: meh. it's not important just like sound vibration deadening for case fans... Linus: 🙄😬

  7. The Fizzlee NL

    Wds is a cool feature, but because of the speed cut off with heavy use we have 2 routers one downstairs and one upstairs both connected via wire, just need to switch networks if you want maximum speeds depending on the location in the house

  8. TheDomed

    ...if you have a old router laying around. - Has a top of the end gaming router as an example

  9. OrangeMoon316

    I call bull on the water, unless he can explain Samsung s5 being IP67 (30 minutes in water) having a removable battery. Also it that an S5 I spy at 2:46 when he is talking about keeping features at the expense of a removable battery? with a battery removable phone? Press X to doubt this is not Linus speaking for corporate greed

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    People from Mrs.Tykal's class \/

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    Yeah, you can do that. Or buy a cheap Range Extender. Nobody needs a expensive Range extender for their 60m² flat.

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    Have you guys made a video of wifi 6e yet? Would love to get a video from you guys covering all the details about it 😊

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    Brave -> BAT

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    This is you's guys' most important channel, IMO.

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    If your old router has a physical On/Off toggle, you can place it in between your main router and your pc, effectively making a kill-switch. Also it helps a bit with security, since you'd be in another network if under dhcp

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    Great video!

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    My old Network Teacher would kill you for calling this a router. He wants us to call it a Multifunction device because its not only a router but switch too. I hated him. I only learned this and what ipv4 adresses are.

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    or u could sell the router for 60 dollars and buy a access point for 13 dollars :P

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    you are awesome mate !

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    well you say that but companies like samsung come and fix your phone for free under warranty this includes battery replacement. and for out of warranty it's not too unreasonably priced.

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    I once had more than a gig of cache in Chrome lmao

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    or you could just put carpets on the random etherner cables laing around and never close any doors

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    2:00 As many others pointed. In common home network subnet /24 or is IP address x.x.x.255/24 reserved as broadcast. The same applies for x.x.x.0/24 that defines network address. Generally lowest IP within subnet = network address, highest IP within subnet = broadcast address. Let's see that on my LAN: PC is having IP address and netmask is (/23) and I would like to know, what is the network address and broadcast :) Node (10101100.0011110.00000001.00000000)BIN -> Netmask (11111111.1111111.11111110.00000000)BIN -> Network address is calculated by doing logical AND of node addreess and netmask. In my example it results into (10101100.0011110.00000000.00000000)BIN -> Broadcast is calculated by replacing all bits belonging to node part by numbers "1", again in my example if node address is (10101100.0011110.0000000||1.00000000)BIN then netmask says me that 9 bits from right to left belong to nodes and rest identifies subnet as marked by my "||" delimiter. So after conversion this results into (10101100.0011110.0000000||1.11111111) BIN and after conversion back to decimal it is Now if we do the same for most common IP range using same logic it results into this. Network address is ... = (11000000.10101000.00000000 || 00000000) BIN Broadcast address ... (11000000.10101000.00000000 || 11111111)BIN -> So that is why you cannot use as node IP address :) Also speaking of default gateway. Default Gateway is basically node as any other one and fact, that it often sits on lowest or largest usable IP address for nodes is just unwritten rule and good common. Here in Czechia many O2 ADSL modems with Wi-Fi router tend to have default gateway IP in /24 subnet and it is still valid IP and fact IP addresss is unused makes possible to use this IP by for example PC, or other equipment :)

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    Or just buy an eero...

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    why would you touch the prongy things? are u a fricking infant?

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    Yo you people are so cableist..

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    Linux and Linus, nice

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    Makes a video om re using old routers. Talks about modern router feature. Boi my old router is 100mbps and barely even has a ui let alone fancy settings like this

  30. nil0bject

    don't do WDS. just setup different wifi routers. your phone will auto connect to the strongest. WDS is not a standard

  31. Jochen Morent

    Btw mit use 255 as the last number of the IP address. Like 0 255 is a special address (broadcast). At least in common 192.168 networks.

  32. LimblessOne

    I Would love it if Google and Facebook left our Aussie interwebs . Imaging all of the money they would loose by not having our data to sell.

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    Cables everywhere... lovin it.

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    this video shouldn't have come from a person who still runs his ISP's router

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    3:55 Riley that segway was smooooooooth asf

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    Bro now its 2021

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    Who writes this scripts is a real one! A nice little edge to them..

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    Imagine not having ethernet to connect access points to

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    I am happy with my 100 metre ethernet cable running through my house.

  40. DB-47

    2:42 There is exception if secondary router supports "Access point" or "Bridged" mode. Then WAN port is assigned to bridge with other LAN ports + WLAN interfaces and therefore can be used in same fashion as LAN ports :) This basically converts Wi-Fi router to "Wi-Fi switch". Also some 3rd party and advanced firmwares like DD-WRT, OpenWRT and RouterOS let you edit bridge settings and add WAN port to bridge.

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    Make a vid about Linus his wireless asswhipes.

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    "I walk in the dark, so others could see the light" - Internet Explorer (1995-2020)

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    Lots of talk and no action. Why don't you show on actual routers how this works. Maybe because you will find out this is harder to do then t o talk about it.

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    How do i do any of this lol what program is that

  45. SejrosXD

    A.K.A. How to convert Wi-Fi to Ethernet

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    My in-game voice chat did not work until I changed my dns to static and entered address manually in network properties

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    2:47 in other words everything you do, including breathing..

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    2:04 you mean between 1 and 254.. 255 is reserved for a broadcast address. #schoolboyerror

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    Wait a sec why tf it says pakistan it should have been canada

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    At 2:12, is that a random screenshot, the region doesn't add up.

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    3:53 dystopian cyberpunk? I call it anywhere in Japan.

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    3080 starting at 3000$ in my area. Currently for 8000$

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    This is impressive to give those a second life.

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    I used a tp-link wifi range extender instead :P Sorry crappy old isp router that I threw in the garbage

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    No WAN port?! But what if I want to watch the WAN Show, Riley?!

  58. Natan

    Got the HS70, Fix the charging Corsair... Not recommending buying until they do... forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=178504 TL;DR: You charge it overnight, you get less than 50%, cause the green led of "finished charging" killed the headset...

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    But then double NAT :v

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    Damn that ad segway

  61. Jyv Ben

    192.168 can have a network mask of, so 192.168.0.* and 192.168.1.* are then on the same network and all the way up to 192.168.254.*, good for 64516 ip addresses (no 0 or 255 in last number ip address)

    1. DB-47

      However for home network such a large subnet /16 is overkill. I even consider shrinking my existing LAN from /23 (509 IP + gateway) to /26 (61 IPs + gateway)

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    that's why i use Razer Tiamat 7.1 (True 7.1) (Version 1 still, ~10 years old) Headset on my computer rather than any other headset. neat

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      Also if you try a horror game with this headset... good luck

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  68. Pastor Pastor

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  69. Pastor Pastor

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    Someone with a speedport 724 in the audience?

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    i switched back to wired headphones with a 5m long cable to watch my webseries , BT hdphns are a pain for both pairing & reconnecting to pc even after trying so many dongles & EP units.

  72. Null 774

    Linus also forgot the biggest reason, being in middle school and dropping your phone and people with iPhones laughing at you for your battery falling out

  73. Siam Islam

    I have two ISP provided D-link DIR-853 with their custom D-link firmware. I cannot even boot to recovery mode to replace the firmware. What do I do?

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    Lol I wish my family was smart enough to get one growing up, instead we had IP Provider router for cable...

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    I like your video, won't subscribe, but will give you thumbs up and a top - prof actors don't talk with their hands do if you don't hire one, at least mimic. Your vocal delivery was fine. Even the bed in your commercial talks with his hands lol brothas?

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    I don't like how linus stretches 1 mon video into 7 min. It makes me skip/rewind video for 20 seconds of valuable information.

  77. Holloway Kean Ho

    Actually, it's easier to set DHCP's start IP to free up some IP addresses (let's called it 'vacant IPs'), and then set the 2nd router to reserve one of the vacant IPs. That way, the router DHCP will not messed things up with static IP.

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