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  1. PowderedToastMan!!! Chester

    This has to be his brother.....he’s so calm and collected!!! Not punching refrigerators!!!

  2. roger army

    Why are you like this?

  3. Ganoobies

    What a trip

  4. Jordan Gajadhar

    No need to judge but in my family that's considered raw.

  5. catJAM :3

    Ok but overall he did amazing being criticized by Gordon. The only issue was that the carrots were lacking, so yea good job! :)


    This video insperde by nick

  7. Dreww Pepple

    Guy: *taked a bite Fridge: * starts to scoot the other way

  8. Ch4mppp91

    Forbidden burger bun

  9. tHe PoWeR wItHiN

    I never even eaten scallops but you make great content

  10. Dania Arana

    This is so awesome. Love it

  11. Teetank TV


  12. Jevon Chen

    Beat that fridge hard next time

  13. JahmBProducts

    Those ain't scrambled eggs. That look like cheese paste.

  14. Mike Dollar

    Sous vide then the finish in cast iron...easiest/best way

    1. Mike Dollar

      Wait... there was a thing you saved what and why?!?

  15. Katelin Keller

    Was so excited for this but I don’t have a mixer :(

  16. French Chickens

    Poor fridge. It will rest in pie one day :)

  17. LaVander Williams

    Subscribed and liked. I wish I knew you when I worked for Best Buys. I could be retired by now.

  18. kylie taliaoa


  19. Ashley Hernandez

    Why did I think he had we3d in a Bowl...

  20. Ima Snaake


  21. Hanna Nicole Grimpola

    I wanna know how the fridge is still alive

  22. Wan Nor Azah

    This guy:Crispy calamari Malaysian:Sotong goreng tepung

  23. GHUA TS

    Don’t let Gordon Ramsay see you’re using frozen seafood.

  24. Sam Morgan

    definition of how white people cook lmao fry at 350 let cool for an hour and fry again at 450 like wtf

  25. beer please

    I like my eggs actually cooked if i wanted runny eggs id eat them straight from the shell

  26. Q Mohammadi

    Its bleeding

  27. maverick mcsherry

    Why the Sandal throw?! Haha

  28. Croc7opus

    So fire

  29. Tim Garemore

    Is this guy related to toon desk

  30. land5860 land5860

    Me and you have the same fridge lol

  31. Raisin Branson

    This on top of a bed of wasabi risotto and a hoisin glaze drizzled on top. Thank me later

    1. Raisin Branson

      Minus the lemon

  32. Random Stuffs fish tanks

    Your food sucks

  33. SoloRiotz

    No Louisiana Hot Sauce? Ok

  34. SBGAMES 1

    this nigha try so hard

  35. Aj Roig

    Imma keep it real. Couldnt stand your smug look and fridge abusing habits, but you've grown on me after seeing you in my shorts 10k times. You sir have earned 1 subscriber

  36. Jason Windsor

    Yes, more toned down & serious here. This is a channel I would watch


    The second u said yeast I didn’t have the ingredients

  38. Alastor Dust Lucifer Behemont III

    This in México is chicharrón de pezcado

  39. Quinton Andrews

    Parsley has no flavor, tell me I’m wrong

  40. Misael Torres

    This dude is extra and cringe with his fake reactions. Just for the video 🙄

  41. Hollobone

    i had some red snapper in cuba once and it was the best fish i’ve ever had

  42. lil Wizard Bro

    Undercooked eggs, ye shalt have thine runs.

  43. Channel Patrick


  44. Wijdan Ahmed


  45. Chloe

    I cant think of scallops without thinking of Andrews dad from big mouth

  46. Mahiru Koizumi

    “Kill the heat” Me: Im sorry man.. Heat: PLEASE! I HAVE A FAMILY Me: It has to be this way... Heat: NO! I PROMISE l’LL GIVE YOU MONEY! FAME! ANYTHING Me: You’ve Heated your last Dish compadre...

  47. Marc Rapaccuiolo

    Looks like a blob of grossness 🙄

  48. Daniel LaFavor

    I don’t have dry yeast

  49. SpectraLuna

    So... This was before he was into cocaine... Interesting what drugs do to people.

  50. hermajesty52

    Sorry dude. I come from the birthplace of Buffalo wings and these ain’t them. I’m sure they’re good but....they ain’t Buffalo wings. Neither is the blue cheese dressing.... ☠️

  51. Channel Patrick


  52. Legends Never Die

    I'm not gonna lie, I really enjoy you being the crap out of your fridge LOL

  53. Daniel Dunn

    Eating like a crackhead

  54. Daniel LaFavor

    The fridge

  55. ツK I E L

    5 tbs of butter continued to put 4

  56. Maynevent27

    Did anyone notice that he was so non energetic

  57. Supernova

    He looks like a gay

  58. William Bosik

    How high is your cholesterol bro

  59. Shaquille Lightbourne

    Flying knee lol

  60. iDunnoMyGuys

    Dude the first second and I see a hedge

  61. Deven rivard

    I like filet mignon better

  62. Volf

    It's called shnitzel

  63. Spectre

    Dryer than british humour sorry luv but isnt your country the one that built a wall because some orange mop head told ya to??

  64. Coconut Cream

    I swear one day he's gonna pull a whole ass haduken on his fridge

  65. sdasdawsta


  66. Sweet Aoi


  67. Joanne P

    I struggle in never affording them, does that count ?

  68. Vibezz17

    this guy’s dream must’ve been a martial artist but went the wrong way and ended up in his kitchen

  69. Kane Spangler

    This dudes feeding his dog my weekly grocery bill for a family of 3 😂

  70. Brayden Otten

    Me sees him eat like a seagull me unsubscribes

  71. Kane Spangler

    Thumbnail looks like a Mullet 😅

  72. Mario Espinosa

    “Go to your chiropractor appointment”

  73. Bella novia

    Mayo all the way it gets that nice crispy salty goodness

  74. Alonso Dixon

    :fridge oh no he’s cooking again :him Kicks fridge :fridge call 911 rn This IS ABUSE HELP ME Him:keeps kicking the fridge Me:😩wrong emoji 🥺

  75. Sakura Pog

    Sorry bro my socks were loose

  76. ZeMarion Finnell


  77. Miguel Moniz

    Mayo sounded like a bad ideia from the start. Heated mayo is just gross and this is coming from someone who loves mayo

  78. StripedBassKing 22

    Can you use this recipe for other fish?

  79. Aoyama Sparkles

    The fridge: 👁💧👄💧👁

  80. Fil Am