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  1. Natalie Sanchez

    The way her eyes rolled back when she gagged 💀😂😂😂

  2. Lim JJ

    The first cup noodles were matcha flavoured.

  3. Stephanie Thijsseling

    First rule of alieexpress : always read the reviews first😂

  4. gaia otaku-chan

    i paused to see the date on the parmesian.... gurl that has been oer due for like 5 months from posting this vid that should not have been eaten XD

  5. Silje Bakken Mikalsen

    You should send them some german snacks and react to them trying the snacks!

  6. Ana Zdolec

    I will have nightmares after this

  7. sidxneyy

    “so short and so small!....like levi-“ jsjsjsjs 😭😭😭 i love aot omf

  8. Laiba Annaya

    your voice is so so good

  9. l

    So sad teens don‘t go through the weird ugly phase anymore where everyone would just take these weird photos thinking they‘re super cool

  10. Sahara Lyle

    I have a German sailor moon manga and I’m not German sooo do u want it ? Lol 😂

  11. Skenjin

    Ramen, egg yolk, flavor packet then cook in waffle iron.

  12. Rosie Espinoza Ruiz

    I haven’t laughed this hard in a while I’m subscribing immediately

  13. Uendi Kulici

    Dynananan ejj dynananananao light it up dynamite.... love this song . Love bts😊😊

  14. Amal Khan

    Can we just appreaciate her makeup. like-

  15. Artistic Escape

    I love how she shows all the bloopers in the starting only😂

  16. MacFion

    Spent my whole life covered in freckles, never thought I would see someone try and give them self freckles.

  17. gaia otaku-chan

    we have the same store here in the netherlands, and when you picked that gross drink, we did the same before o saw this vid and it taste like tabaco xD but the one next to ot with the hat tasted so nice that i thought they both had to be... how wrong we were xD

  18. Laiba Annaya

    love your vid so much

  19. Azra Gurung

    Wrist band clock mwahh

  20. The Hour of Witchery

    "great first item, really love wasting my money" really hit because we all know that should be AliExpresses slogan 😂😂

  21. 不適合在地球生活的地球人

    Your makeup😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍LOOOOOOOVEEE IT👁👁💖💖💗💗

  22. Jamison Beggs

    I love how she’s soo effortlessly funny with all of her videos. This was beyond entertaining queen keep doing your thing. Love love love you!!!!

  23. ‘!Rainy!’

    As a Mexican American, elote ramen angers me. *a lot.*

  24. Ally M Davis

    Lebron Jameees Lmmfao!!!!

  25. Linda Mayle

    Can you please 1 german Video do???

  26. diza

    Durian is not jackfruit 😭

  27. Chocolate Milko


  28. Allyson

    13:04 i lost it hahaha

  29. نور احمد

    8:02 the way he looking at her ❤️🇮🇶

  30. Villa V.

    The demon slayer movie was great btw. I almost cried. So good. (The movie was basically my introduction & I ended up watching seasons 1 afterwards)

    1. Villa V.

      I almost cried from laughter👀😂 my bad Iol

  31. [ minkkon ]

    id kill for that vivienne westwood necklace wow

  32. Mira Majed

    You look like perrie edward

  33. Donna Hollinger

    I really just 💖 U!

  34. Nezuko Kamado

    I am a bit offended by your poutine :/

  35. jocelyn padilla


  36. Ειρήνη Γιάνναρου

    12:12 I'm gonna tell my kids this was Midsommar 🤣

  37. smothdod

    My dad eats milk pasta all the time!!!

  38. Amanda Rodriguez

    Girl you are amazing how the heck am I just discovering your channel?!?!?!

  39. Andi1422

    I can’t believe she showed her 🥦!! OMG!! 🤪🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I need a TRESH Shirt!! 🥺

  40. E

    How did the toilet work?

  41. Alexander Unanue

    Pages like Uwowo are awesome.

  42. N00BbutSt1LLG4ME

    try getting good in fighting games in 7 days

  43. Lemon Sugar


  44. Masjew •••

    Honestly were good tie-dye

  45. Mae Golds

    They're Korean hotdogs and the cheese goes in the middle of the hotdog

  46. Eleftheria K

    12:09 <3

  47. Fia Roland

    im sorry but - GOO-DUH, its goo-duh my Italian grandparents would kill me if I said it l like in fount of them

  48. Z I

    Why the fuck no one’s talking about their makeup its so beautiful pls do a makeup tutorial. You are so talented!!!!

  49. 8071 kusum G

    What happened with your hand 🤚🏼 tattoo 😶‍🌫️

  50. Jaqueline Janosi

    Aliexpress clothes are great is you are petite, but they are made for Asian East body types in general. If you are tall or plus size, don't bother, it isn't really their fault either. It's just the question is managing expecting and shopping for with retailers for your body type. Aliexpress manufacturers usually carry chinese sizes, it naturally won't fit you.

  51. Deisy Campoverde

    Can the italian one be less picky?

  52. imran danial

    It's like you're reacting to your cooking

  53. Rebecca Chavez

    i hear so many different accents in you voice im too confused lol

  54. GimeOut


  55. Camille

    4:03 oh yeah bc parmesan isn't cheese right

  56. Cricket


  57. Ayana

    i got so hungry seeing this

  58. James Sutton

    If your going to show a piercing--- show the whole thing and not blur it out, otherwise it BS...

  59. ambersquirrel25

    I wonder what flavor the Pringles guy's ashes were

  60. Julia Koj

    You Look so cute with freckleeeees! 😍😍

  61. Elizabeth Coronado Paulino

    Heelo!!! I am from Dominican Republic, you two always make my day so thank you very much for that. I want to know if you have tried dominican food?

  62. MintChoco Meow

    My parents say durian is good for health.. somehow their upbringing lets them manage its effects 👁️👄👁️

  63. ambersquirrel25

    Fashion Nova's New Trash Bag Dress

  64. Beccaey

    Ab 13:42 konnte ich nicht mehr :D Dieser Akzent ich brech ab alter xd

  65. P. G.

    Anti Shoulders... 😂

  66. Coco Weber

    Ach du Kake ich würde das niemals essen, da kriege ich schon Herpes wenn ich sehe wie künstlich das aussieht 🤣 Respekt liebes

  67. Essi Konttinen

    i love vincent

  68. 219 math

    Oh my I used to eat uncooked ramen for snacks when I was child but I stopped

  69. Karina 97

    Hi meine liebe. ich habe eine lecker Empfehlung.. *Rahmen-Nudeln mit Wasser auf kochen,zwei Teelöffel Zucker hinzufügen dann,das wasser bisschen raus nehmen und,dann zwei Gläser Milch,ein bisschen geriebenen Mozzarella hinzugeben und eine Hälfte einer rote Zwiebel hinzufügen und 1 Jalapeno. Danach die Mischung die dabei sind hinzufügen ohne chilli... Statt chilli habe ich Petersilie genommen 🙈🥰 . Mit freundlichen Grüßen,bleibe gesund und wo wie du bist, ich liebe deine Videos😍. Ich verstehe zwar nicht so gut Englisch aber ich gucke sie trotzdem. Bist einfach mega sympathisch und ästhetisch 🥰

  70. l


  71. maia velazquez

    Why is she eating the seaweed like that 🤣

  72. gfjluz gjurfjkkl

    I just want to say thank you because i'm sick and your videos make me laugh☺

  73. Maddi

    im loving the british accent

  74. Abigail aby

    I am a huge fan of Hosoka so I really want to buy the outfit :)) (he is my secret boyfriend) ¶;

  75. DoglaNogla

    Those clothes look really bad O.o how someone can design something so bad

  76. Maryan Alyammahi

    Cheer up you had a natural lipstick after the spicy noodles

  77. Maginki

    Sorry I take offence. Don’t to be mad aboot it eh?

  78. Jay Jay

    Can you Speak German??

  79. kila


  80. Jana Schwürzinger