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  1. Rachel Fine

    There’s an app to find your AirPods

  2. Nova with a K

    I'm to high for this shiet Naomi🤣😁🤣🤣

  3. Nova with a K

    The rock out

  4. Hamesha Gonzalez

    She reminds me of Francine from American dad

  5. Momma D And Little Lu

    Crusty 🤣🤣🤣

  6. IR Fuentes

    if you're nails are thin, try out nail strengthener

  7. Zalina Ygv


  8. Adrianna Moralez

    Such babies!!! I miss Naomi's hair and make up 💙😭

  9. Ngeee.jamule & hellnolurz Folgt mir auf Instagram

    Hä als ob die deutsch kann hahah

  10. Linda Waider

    So übertrieben gestört, aber so dermaßen witzig und cool hahahah

  11. Abi

    peach does have her own game, it's called super princess peach or something, used to play it on my ds

  12. lumpy knuckle

    "I asked everyone I know with a cat if I could... Have their cats hair."

  13. Always Alex

    Omg same

  14. MakeupMegz7

    Lol this video made me laugh so much! Love you !! 💕💕💕

  15. cmcvey mcvey

    My name is Chelsea and I've decided this is iconic

  16. kittylixx

    ichigo kurosaki is my husband but sadly, he is not real, haha

  17. Poupette

    Love it!

  18. Shelby Johnson

    I was SURE that I would have been the one girl Sasuke actually liked 😩

  19. baylsan nasra


  20. Lina

    Naomi the rabbit (10:32)

  21. Justine Berthonneau

    6:47 i thought she was talking sims

  22. カワボエロ谷子


  23. Kiki

    Naomi we would literally watch anything you post.

  24. K Missoni

    Aber wo hat sie die Takis bzw hot Cheetos gefunden? Ich bin mir sicher, dass man die online bestellen kann, aber dann kommen sie sicher wegen des Transports als Staub an. Ich würde die schon gerne mal probieren wollen tbh

  25. カワボエロ谷子


  26. Lala Lisa

    This is an advice :u should use a plate to feed your cats cus they can get whiskers stress 😁

  27. Lina

    she didn't add milk to the mashed potätöz (I spelled it wrong on purpose lol) and it just kills me TwT

  28. Dorythefish

    Aw man I just love cats. I just finished an internship in an animal shelter with mostly cats. My love for cats got even bigger than it already was

  29. Gabriel frost

    You're so funny I'm totally subbing ❤️💋

  30. Caz 240

    Watching this back during lockdown and omg Taco was so smol 🥺😭

  31. Marisa de Stefanow-Plegge

    Your voice-over reminds me so much of Micarah Tewers! Looks really cute with sharpie-colors on your hair though! Nice voice!!!

  32. رغد عبد الله

    sooo i just found your channel and i like it so much i was crying in bed and as soon as i watch it i was smiling love uuuu

  33. MandyDeadite

    9:31 The BONK noise is my phone notif and I thought my phone went off lmao

  34. Kristy Marie Smith

    I’m dying at Vincent wearing that wig 😂😂😂 I love him and Naomi

  35. Hams Aldosari

    I laughed so hard when you ate the egg that my period started😭

  36. luv dogs

    no the saying is widen my horizon lmao

  37. Angel

    This is my favorite video on your channel 😭

  38. Finding Faith

    One I ❤️U Naomi Jon, Two R.I.P. 🎧 users

  39. Abi Molloy

    if it burns that means that you got a heat spike and if you get one just take your hand out for a second or two and then put it back in

  40. Pajtesa Paloma

    Tipp zum Knoblauchschälen: die Zehen in ein Glas mit Deckel oder Ähnliches packen, verschließen, schütteln. Fertig Thank me later 🌻

  41. emily harrison

    I love this i love this i love this I love this

  42. Angelina hk

    Can you even love your Cats/Pets More than you should??!!!!

  43. Tatiana Lemon

    They are not the longest nails. One man wasn't cutting the nails so they were loooooooooooooooooong

  44. Fghjkk Fyujlkb

    هل من عربي يشاهد🙈

  45. Siriusly

    Naomi's make up skills!!!

  46. Christina Valdez

    Man...I had a cat that would produce probably 50 times that amount of cat hair in one grooming session (me brushing her for maybe 10mins)....how is it your cats barely produced anything?! lol

  47. Ben’s Edits

    The effort for the 3 second greedy cover was very appreciated

  48. Ricetart Tomasina

    tbh I think she might have an anterior pelvic tilt going on, I'm trying to fix mine, makes my lower stomach stick out and lower back arch too much. x just a thought x

  49. Angelika lol

    This is so wierd I love it

  50. emeli Oliveskog

    "btw I really sucks at arts and crafts" meanwhile she has a MASTERPIECE going on, on her FUCKING FACE WTF

  51. Krystal And Tony


  52. Tereza Kučerová

    This video gives me such a Jenna Marbles vibes but add a little bit of ✨spice✨ Naomi in it❤️❤️

  53. Julia Neff

    the fact that you also enjoy moriah elizabeth makes me feel very happy

  54. Kendall Jewell

    does anyone know what Naomi's tattoo says on her shoulder/chest? i can't tell which exact language it's written in but appears asian! i'm so curiousssss

  55. Kendall Jewell

    does anyone know what Naomi's tattoo says on her shoulder/chest? i can't tell which exact language it's written in but appears asian! i'm so curiousssss

  56. Kendall Jewell

    does anyone know what Naomi's tattoo says on her shoulder/chest? i can't tell which exact language it's written in but appears asian! i'm so curiousssss

  57. Nicole Neyer

    Marvyn und seine heißgeliebte Erdnusssoße 😂❤

  58. Alina Knöß

    Hahahaha ich hab das nicht hinbekommen und wenn dann auch mit den komischen Blasen und Huppel😅 Hab’s dann gelassen weil es so komisch aussah 😂 Du hast halt auch genau das gleiche gekauft wie ich 😅

  59. Faze Fan

    You don’t cut your face do you know what you must do I know you’re gonna be like oh you need I’m really sad to say this do you need it’s going to hurt your eyes so you need lemon and a Cotton pad

  60. Aya zon

    جميل جدا😂