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  1. The Cannabis Foundation Library


  2. liakosjam

    That happens when you mix together Pantera , Gojira and Soundgarden music together!!

  3. Anthony Belliveau

    Leaving some love for drums.. my lord I just shit myself.

  4. Justin L

    Gojira. More metal than the Eiffel Tower.

  5. Kushtopha

    Why does no one ever talk about the drums on this one? They are so insane.

  6. Raidboss Kenshiro

    I don't feel this music

  7. Sylvain Moreau

    Tellement fière d'être Français quand j'entends ca... <3

  8. Gemi Mini

    Makes me want to smash things and throw lamps. I love it

  9. Carson Hindle

    That settles it, Gojira has never even made a bad INDIVIDUAL SONG

  10. Christine Danis

    omg.....exactly.... says this 53 yr ol....hahaha... i wish i would have learned it...bu man i can play a mean air guitar... it just reminded me so much of the 80s rock toatlly... love from canada

  11. converdb

    Putain! Gojira c'est du patrimoine national, les français doivent leur conserver et sentir fier d'eux! ps. D'un étranger qui aime bien la France

  12. Mate Szalay-Dimitrov

    3:14 made me re-check the year of this show... 2018. That mask was there only because of the dust. F#cked up. I miss our old life.

  13. Renan Mota

    19:40 what does that means? Is it "Thank You"?

  14. Black .Seb

    Le chant me rappelle un peu Killing Joke...

  15. MoveWise Chiropractic

    Who would have thought saying "plastic bag in the sea" would be so funding brutal

  16. Krood3 AnarchisT GenTlemaN

    I feel whoever did the editing/mixing should have turned the drum volume down a tad and everything else up a tad

  17. Ron Marcinski

    Ok, Iove this song, and the boys in Gojira, but am I the only person who thinks the vocals are too low in the mix?

  18. Pavel T

    Don't understand a single word he is saying, but good riffs, ill stick with orbit culture 🤷🏼‍♂️

  19. Алёша Йоша

    Thnx guys! Its sounds like true creative!

  20. cheesypeanuts

    Anyone else hear the riff from seasons in the abyss in there?

  21. another Bigfoot with internet access

    They finna drop the best metal album of the century.

  22. Hard Core

    Жаль, что в России нет таких групп

  23. Hard Core

    Пожилая gojira. Если помирать, то с ними. Лучшая группа

  24. Droidian Slip

    gojira predicted the finding of that way of space time travel

  25. videovoodoo1


  26. Nanami Nonsense

    * *heavy metal twerking* *

  27. JALISweb

    Can we at least acknowledge how great Sean Penn‘s singing is?

  28. Derevo

    This Album is gonna be lit!!!

  29. Ramael Theriault

    Song is incredible on acid

  30. Ramael Theriault

    S ong hits way different when your on acid u see stuff u originally couldn't

  31. Ray Rodriguez

    That was something special.

  32. Ivan Jacquin

    Très belle vidéo et bien sûr, morceau de folie !!! J'ai adoré, vivement l'album !!! :)

  33. Yellow Yellow

    does being born in february count as winter?

  34. vintage_hart

    I just became a metalhead last January and I must say Gojira is unarguably one of the best Metal bands ever🤟

  35. AK6

    IT ROCKS!!! If only Nasa used this song for its booster rockets. We wouldve BEEN on Mars.

  36. PlumpBird 200

    I love the art style

  37. Slaughtcount 22


  38. Oswaldo Singulani

    Are u fucking kidding me? Wowwww !!! This is Awesome!

  39. Danny Snow

    This band has gotten so massive since their early days. Terra Incognita was such a unique album and they just keep slapping.

  40. Jon Mader

    Pantera better watch out

  41. Ben Cordasco

    This song it too short. I had to watch it three times to compensate.

  42. QUEOS

    Anyone knows whats the guitar model the singer is playing?

    1. Silvera

      It's a Charvel

  43. JUCASO

    X1.5 speed

  44. Alan Geiger

    Best band in existence!

  45. Ziv Sahar

    good moves gojira keep it up

  46. Boba Fett

    Did Toho make this?

  47. Alfredo García Balderas

    The more I know this game, the more I fear The easiest ways are gone, I'm Just wondering how I will survive I wish I have I job for shoes and food without leaving this game But I think living like an animal is what this game needs

  48. Samuel Warden

    This absolutely Slaps!

  49. JD


  50. BigBrotherBear

    the duplantiers (sorry if i spelled the name wrong) just age like fine wine don't they

  51. fangedladybug

    Anyone recognize where this was filmed?

  52. Alexandre Belloni

    Stop with the stupid and old shirt jokes. Idiotas!

    1. Matthew Ockey

      Shut up

  53. Tyler Montalvo

    French Metal Kurt Cobain.

  54. WildCatKuro

    Jean-Michel....!!! God Damn GOD Of THUNDER!!! Greater Than Gene S. Himself!!!

  55. Joao Harding

    Just Brilliant!!!!!

  56. Szymon Kosowski

    I love Dingwall basses but I kinda miss that p bass punch in gojira, it just feels diffrent

    1. Johann Meyer

      it's not because you see a Dingwall in the video, that this is the one they used in studio, -)

  57. Lourens B

    A gentle reminder that you are a ghost animating a meat suit and that fear is the mind killer. <3

  58. Vinícius

    Wating "Amazonia" and the whole fucking album... This intro has the vibe of Straighthate by Sepultura.

  59. Greg M-H


  60. Vase Stojanov

    this song is speaking to us on a another level

  61. Jay Morra


  62. Aybee Sea

    It's got an old school Sepultura feel in bits 👍

  63. 2 bBrains

    This is just groovy groovy yee

  64. Kaiju_ Virus

    That fucking outro is the most menacing thing ever

  65. mullistannen

    We should start to change the world!

  66. PateyMuddaFudda

    4:24 - Me in the pit when that shit hits

  67. Tonton trasheur 007

    C'est cool d'avoir un bon son pour un live. Top. Merci

  68. sabrina coria

    c'est marrant,j'entend du pantera

  69. Gavin Haynes

    Look up vola you won't regret it

  70. Terminares

    2021 Gojira redevient Godzilla...Fortitude...

  71. Sumeet J


  72. Javikas

    This band is fitter than ever, each album is better than the last and they have never lost the essence of the first. Great video

  73. HomeHalfway

    Not sure if these guys are actually French. Not once did they say "Oui oui" or eat a ton of cheese.

  74. Charles Larson

    dull. boring. unoriginal

  75. Torvald Ask


  76. Laetitia Milleliri

    il ya un rif que je connais bien../; C'est un hommage aux smashing pumpkins? Chanson super par ailleurs

    1. Ozymandias

      Je viens de me faire exactement la même réflexion

  77. Alex aguirre Lopez


  78. Humasetu Xavier

    La rythmique du refrain ressemble terriblement à Carcass "incarnated Solvent Abuse"

  79. Pedro Henrique de Moraes Coutinho

    Such an amazing song, dudes. Holy Shit. GREAT METAL SONG

  80. Ethel Ruthven

    song is great. video is interesting.