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  1. The Watcher

    Remember the disruptor can disrupt guns also

  2. Nathan Thomson

    Oh and there's been many other hot wheels games Trevor

  3. Ghosthunter1477

    Also use the shock gloves more they punch through shield guys and the guys with shock batons and do double the damage on any enemy and you won’t have to stun the armored guys because it puts you straight into the beat down

  4. manontherun

    omg that rage tho

  5. Air _hilly

    Pls upload the ranch part 2

  6. cheryl horsham

    By far the best batman seris with the sick jocker desin

    1. cheryl horsham


  7. gg b Madden

    Batman super Cooper sunday

  8. Kyler Evertsen

    Fun fact the actor of the joker also plays Sam drake from uncharted

    1. Lord Revan

      also voiced two face and robin in arkham city too as well as even playing batman in the lego games and i believe the tell tale games too

  9. Stop Motion Stupidity

    Hey Trev! I've started the new game plus recently, and I'm having a little trouble with fighting. Do you have any tips?

  10. chad kenty

    Reanch simm

  11. The Doreman

    Am I deaf or did he just say 9+10=21? 5:00

  12. Cole Is Sad

    I dont know why i was just now recommended this series its been a very long time

  13. Paul Devlin

    Tev you charge your gloves by hitting the bad guys

  14. own boss tray

    Need the series asap‼️

  15. the nigga on the clone station

    Does anyone know the guy on the left at 1:27?

  16. Jiselle

    18:40 btw that’s a dude

  17. Julian Ra'Sean

    Trev you can cut the body down once you do an inverted takedown with the batarangs and you can also use the jammer on the guys with the disruptor backpack on if you not able to take them out stealthily just yet

  18. Another Happy Landing

    Trev you will made a lot of enemies with this being you favourite joker acting considering Mark Hamil voices the joker in the other arkham games and the animated series haha, this version is troy baker who voices joel

  19. Ajonie' Glinsey

    Tmartn can you please play the cold cold cold heart dlc of batman Arkham origins

  20. Braden Fontaine

    You can cut guys down with a Batarang after you do an inverted takedown so you can do another takedown from that gargoyle

  21. Cyberverse117

    Next up "Batman: Arkham Origins- part 9- Bane Boss fight"

    1. Cyberverse117

      @Kelly 22 true and I can see him raging in that fight some or the first one.

    2. Kelly 22

      That’s true but the real bane boss fight is at the end

  22. JWUniverse

    Bruh you think playing with players makes it easy nope. I rather play with AI I usually play all this by myself and then call for back up and let the AI Help other players sometimes ugh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  23. Guy Perfect

    I cant wait for The Show series to come back this years gonna be awesome

  24. Jorge Orozco

    Play the dlc cold cold heart


    I kinda new it was going to die Channels like these mainly focus on what's trending and their variety of game choice A survival game like this was never going to be finished It's just the hard truth

  26. Daniel MTV

    Love your vids

  27. Daniel MTV

    Yo Trevor when will u be playing the new batman game

  28. Catherine PelletierBrown

    I'm here 8 minutes after

  29. drewskizzle

    sorry but i can’t stand the voice actors for batman and joker in this game

  30. Mel Wish

    Got a question what should I name my dogs puppies got 4 little ladies and 3 boys need names please comment I can’t choose 1 girl-black with blonde paws)2 girl-brown with a bit a white on her face)3 girl-full black)4 girl-white with brown splashed on her body)1 boy-brown with white on his tail)2boy-brown with a weird black spot on his neck)3 boy-full brown please tell me they are German Shepard and husky mix cute names only pls lol

  31. Brian Malinoski

    Can you play find yourself. Its a horror game

  32. FBI

    who wants to see ranch simulator?? I sure do

  33. Random Panthers

    love you trev no homo you've made me get through quarantine

  34. TCgaming

    Damn Trevor I wish you would upload a little sooner because I work night shifts and this Batman series have been really good I've been watching you since like when you played Infamous way back in the day I always waiting for the next batman video to drop right after I finish the one that just came out lol keep up the good work man mabey I can be as big as you one day hope you see this

  35. Micheal Weir

    Do more of the crew 2

  36. maria torres

    Are yo tomhollad

  37. ibraheem latif

    Heath ledger joker will always be the best joker ever

    1. Lord Revan

      to me it's actually mark hamil, but then again i personally don't like nolans take on batman so... but ledger did a good job at the character he was given, just wasn't joker to me

  38. Arthur Morgan

    Trev you need to play the TellTale game of Batman

  39. Andrew Halverson

    I’m not too impressed with this game when does that Harry Potter game come out? Because that looks incredible it looks like a movie very interactive open world I want to see that

    1. Andrew Halverson

      @Johnmackie 23 I could not get into this game it didn’t interest me very much to be a long year

    2. Johnmackie 23

      next year and this game is good what you talking about lol

  40. Chase Playz

    Trevor I love watching your arkham series uploads!! Keep it up man!


    I bet tmartn already beaten the game.

  42. Phantom Burg

    Him spent 10 minutes customizing how character me took 2 minutes!😂😂

  43. Danny Shelton3rd

    I’m on time

  44. Oliver Perez

    Bro Joker is such a crackhead

  45. Reverse OFF

    Can u do an uncharted remastered series

  46. VxL Squad

    Can you please do more rainbow six siege

  47. Thegreatbeast YT

    I used to play this game on my Xbox 360 it was my first batman game that I played

    1. Chase Playz

      Bro legit I did the same

  48. Ghosthunter1477

    Also some of the side missions in Arkham origins are really good and two of the assassins from the story are a pet of the side missions

  49. Swatbcw Bcw


  50. Legendary Tekken

    Are you doing Arkham knight After this original series

  51. Rigoberto Salcedo

    44th... Btw you should be the challenges for arkham asylum and city

  52. Thomas Simon

    Please post more ranch simulator

  53. Thegreatbeast YT

    Hi TmarTn2 I love your videos

  54. Ghosthunter1477

    Great video keep up good work

  55. Bassy RS


  56. Mohamed Nadeem

    I’ve been watching your videos for nine years everyday. Last weekend was one the hardest weekends of my life. My grandfather past away and my uncle also passed the next day. Your videos have been helping so much and thank you for that.

    1. Alex Gaming

      So sorry for you.

    2. D1ctor

      Love 💘 bro

    3. XScouter

      Rip mate, I’m sorry

    4. Mohamed Nadeem

      @adil.ac3 yes I will try my best and it is very hard.

    5. Mohamed Nadeem

      @Jleavs thank you

  57. ibraheem latif

    Every day I look forward to Trev's videos

  58. Gabriel Bennett

    Yessir this game is apart of the Elite but also in the underrated section and I'd like to keep it that way Tha Arkham fam is the best fam to be apart of much love on this trev keep it up!!

  59. Adyson Carnahan

    I love you videos so so so so so much and I love you and your dogs

  60. Lethal Dreadz

    Yeah boy let's doo it been waiting for this trev my dude

  61. thegohst

    It would make a great series

  62. G’s Journey

    Ranch sim again please🥵

  63. Versatile Wolf

    Hopefully soon when I’m done playing a bunch of games that I’m going back to that i can play arkham origins to see what all the hype is about. I don’t watch any videos about origins I’m just here to comment

  64. Ethan Hogan

    Favorite DEfastsr loving this series can’t wait for super cooper Sunday also !!

  65. Nathan Berg

    Great upload of Batman Arkham Origins Trev great job bro I have so much respect for you and keep doing your thing, I can’t wait for part 9!!! This is an amazing series 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  66. Rtv nlmbrico

    Dang I’m early

  67. Aiden Wates-Gee


  68. Qwanzah

    First lol

  69. Enrisa Hysa

    Who else is is just dying to see what they do for super cooper Sunday I am so excited 😆

  70. Aiden Wates-Gee

    Play assassins creed brotherhood

  71. Candice Argent

    I’m early! Yay


    First I'm a huge huge fan of koda and the fam 💕💕💕

  73. thegohst

    Please please play far cry primal it is so so sos good

  74. Ann Kilfeather


  75. Unknown Gamer474

    Are you gonna do side missions or go straight to Arkham Knight

  76. Kyla Flemister


  77. Zilla da God

    Was looking for something to watch while eating this came in clutch

    1. Idk Not trump tho

      Deadass same

    2. Lightning Hawk

      Same here

    3. Blitz Studios


    4. Kvng Savage18


    5. The Doctor

      Noice m8

  78. The Doctor

    I've been waiting for this

  79. SBJaguar

    It’s midnight what am I doing

  80. Ej Ej

    Who else would wanna see tmartn grow a beard

    1. UndeadOutlaw610

      He cant