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  1. Yee Yee Gaming

    It was josh

  2. taco_owl15

    I can solve this, most desserts end in the letters that on the screen have the color blue, he said that you must think of a fruit that ends in that COLOR, so blue, people will most likely say blueberry, BOOM

  3. ProjectEvanYT

    when he said i sell crack i died laughing

  4. min gin


  5. Alok Ojha

    2 of ♤.... Looser 😜

  6. Anime Diamond Cat

    My number was nine lol 😆

  7. Anushka Shastry

    It worked!?!!?!!!!

  8. Neve Summer

    Omg I did

  9. AJ.

    I picked da number two then he said add ur number to 10 which is 12 then I did 12×5=60 then did 60-5 and I got 55 and that's how I got 5.

  10. Rasa Grybe

    He's wrong

  11. Tactical Rants

    Wait That's not coo- Wha- How- Why- Teach me- Wha- Explain

  12. Hermes V

    Love the vids but man you gotta change that background music, it's starting to get old quickly

  13. Braedyn Farrow

    I got avvani

  14. Ekkos

    K so the magic is cool. But on Omegle you can see yourself in the screen. So he already knows what card he is showing cause it’s on the screen...???

  15. Divo Mortenson


  16. Karen Deleter

    It’s a bunch of bullshit

  17. Pax Diddy

    No it was josh

  18. AlexwhitewolfYT

    Bro I got really colorblind after staring at the dot , i looked on real life it was so weird I did a test and it said I'm colorblind you got me colorblind man

  19. Rosa Garcia

    Zhusbfwuwjveuskebhb do ehbev it read my mune

  20. Train Lover 2000!!!

    Mine was Banana

  21. Jomar Lubin

    Cheapest trick I’ve ever seen

  22. Ruben Breum


  23. Jessie Terpstra

    Um. It's not hypnosis. It's science.


    Yap I'm not sleeping tonight

  25. aesthet!c Alexa


  26. jenna baker


  27. SapphireBro


  28. Adan Rodriguez


  29. jolly ýœþųbę desmond

    It didn't work

  30. Brianna The •Energetic•

    Ur mom is the real magician here

  31. Al Catraz

    That's not magic, it's a chick trick 😁

  32. unknown g

    Heh 69k coments

  33. Naruto Uzumaki


  34. Loli Bunny

    The first one Is pretty dumb ngl


    Sean pls heart this comment

  36. Alfie Thompson

    This is so creepy

  37. ThatLilGamerBoy

    Everyone talking about how he lay on the table but we cant add the fact he miss a layup ;/

  38. Pixxie Playz

    🙅🏻 nope go it wrong uwuz

  39. masked_creature RE-born

    I looked away from the black and white image then it faded

  40. time sniper


  41. OverFox

    Llllllllllll mine was the 2 of hearts

  42. J0j0

    How is he a nerd tho :0

  43. Matthew Lynn


  44. Diamond Keyon

    It worked IT WORKED my eyes 🔥

  45. •corse•

    I wanna see you turn a 1 doller into 100 dollers

  46. L wolf

    Lol nope. Mine was 9

  47. ꧁Zero two꧂

    Sean:what's poppin Me:don't mind me just watchin

  48. Althea Margarette Manibog

    It was pastel😂

  49. Fancy Fairytale

    I see both

  50. Andjelija Milosevic

    OMGGG!!! YOU GET IT!!!! 😱😱😱😱

  51. Blue and Red mix

    You was so cute when you was little boy

  52. ciscokid gaming

    Yes I bib

  53. Klipz coderr


  54. Block Delta!

    What the hell

  55. Ibro 101 Rzm

    I was color blond on the screen but not on Real life

  56. Shanay Dawg


  57. Banu Yüksel

    OMG im gonna follow u

  58. Purple Pig

    Um...in the beginning i chose chase but in the end ny letters was 5 yo addison


    I was Actually thinking of the number for omggggg 😱

  60. Samuel Barrington

    I got Anthony

  61. Al Catraz

    Her voice ... simping

  62. Sophia Lansdown

    My was 3

  63. Mexico

    I got nick

  64. Sushant Shrestha

    L mine was 2 of hearts

  65. Katie Stanfield

    It worked

  66. Nimmi Sherin

    it wasn’t Addison

  67. Flash Dust

    No I'm kinda confused but I was thinking of jaden and first was david 😭😂



  69. Robroblox


  70. Al Catraz

    It could be an electronic index card. Somebody's typed in her name 😁

  71. ThAt RaNdOm WeEb

    Everyone: Dose the math. Me: no clue what number I got bc I can’t do math 😔

  72. Craig Jones

    Get refund lol

  73. yandere- kun

    Lies mine was 3 but I got 4

  74. Drip Knight

    The ring one is extra cool because it sounds like you just cracked all the bones in your finger at the same time

  75. My Hero

    Bro.... haven't even open the card yet and they already start screaming.

  76. Uchiha Itachi

    L I picked 2

  77. swok


  78. Matz Hoven