Robbie Williams is a singer-songwriter and entertainer from the United Kingdom.

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  1. Stella M

    Love it Robbie. A real uplifting feel good song

  2. rockrose

    Bittersweet song, very nice Robbie

  3. M S

    Bruh, who knew Robbie Williams was kinda based. This is brilliant. 😂😂😂

  4. Tom Ray

    They have absolutely ruined the best Christmas song ever. Don't mess with a classic. 🤬🤬🤬

  5. Ann White

    This is brilliant makes me smile thanks Robbie

  6. rockrose


  7. Deer4

    What a great collaboration between these two.....Well done!

  8. Deer4

    Very catchy - love it

  9. Star Tao

    Good cover of a classic Christmas song

  10. Star Tao

    Everyone of his songs has a brilliance about them in some way or another. Very talented!

  11. Therese Schramm

    Danke rob. Lieb dich.

  12. Елена Схулухия


  13. Robert Edwards

    Absolute cringe !

  14. Rose Pink

    I heard it on the radio and thought it was the best song I've heard so far for Christmas

  15. dropped in

    Fucking Good song!

  16. Helen Conner

    Should be called "A Covid Christmas "

  17. DPC

    Theres still time to stop christmas..after listening to this turd

  18. nidaleks

    I think this is a cover of this...

  19. Steve Greenly

    What an absolute abomination of a classic Christmas record

  20. secret

    Excellent version

  21. Peter Exton

    I hope Noddy is getting royalties!!

  22. Tiago Matias

    Que música linda!!!

  23. Natasha Green

    Love it. X

  24. Therese Schramm

    Danke Schatz.

  25. ryanplayz

    Yes a fellow burslemer

  26. Black Raine

    WOW Love this...he seems to be so underrated....why

  27. David Barton

    love it now ,socks and sanitiser ,made me laugh.

  28. Xmas Rays

    Great song Robbie, we are also bringing some Christmas Cheer in this horrible year!

  29. N Gauge England -Synthematix-

    Even robbie admits its all a load of bullshit

  30. Dave Jackson

    Robbie you're a legend! Thanks for this.

  31. diane4679

    The most catchy of the Christmas songs at the moment

  32. Gina S

    New favourite Christmas song

  33. Паша Константинов

    Shame on all the russian goverment

  34. Dwyane Lloyd Gubatayao

    почти 2 млн подписчиков вау

  35. DN Siregar

    Awesome ❤️❤️❤️

  36. Tomas Carrizo


  37. Nicht Verfügbar

    Still best Christmas Song for me

  38. Steffen Haas

    „Another day that's everyday Identical in every way A parasite that needs a host Well it's my mind I'll miss the most“ Well.. True Corona-feelings 🤷🏻‍♂️

  39. Caroline Martin

    Song- english Me- Armenian/russian Comments- russian Hotel- Trivago

  40. JONNY M.

    Up Yours Boris Johnson!! :(0)

  41. JONNY M.

    This is The Best Christmas Song of 2020!!!

    1. Dave Jackson

      God bless us everyone!

  42. Liberta Olldashi


  43. Jules

    Thanks Ronnie we need this

  44. Marwati Marwati

    I love this song..😍😍


    what the fuck is this

  46. Angel 74

    The King of Pop and Swing 😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  47. Rollagher

    Here's my Christmas Song: Caution: it May contain Bells!

  48. Kira Robin

    Igitt ... Helene Fischer **wüüüüüürg***

  49. zion sage

    What an anthem for people everywhere

  50. Anima Siberian white Fox

    такой типичный русский человек such a typical Russian person

  51. TheSecretSeason

    Beautifully written and sung. Love it!

  52. hugo castillo madero

    All my respect to Robbie. Magnficent song for christmas. ❤

  53. Bless Life

    Robbie Williams a national treasure

  54. Alessandro Etzi

    This damn virus has taken away the freedom to celebrate #Christmas but, it can never take away the magic. Although this year it will be downsized. #CantStopChristmas

  55. Leon038

    Так много негатива вокруг нас творится... А песни, по моему мнению, на то и были придуманы - чтобы помогать людям жить, не терять радости жизни и счастья!:)

  56. jupiter adante

    How about featuring Take That + Westlife + Boyzone + UK's Artist to be The Music Video Idea

  57. TheKatyc

    Nobody gets truths xxx but ty rob x makes me feel not worthless @robbiewilliams

  58. TheKatyc

    My truthful. Rob xxx

  59. TheKatyc

    For my beautiful rob as the queen fine . Sigh. It’s bashed me this new one really hurt and he’s kicking me because he’s fucking thick . But you know my my heart 💃🏼

  60. paulk1888

    Anybody know how yiu get this version from the album with lyrics?

  61. Rose Booth

    Realise as single please 🙏

  62. ghh712

    Good....but not as good as Greg Lake's original from 1975.

  63. Rob Bates

    I feel like Alan Partridge wrote it during a hostage situation.

  64. Gerbert van Lindenberg

    Love the 1984 reference

  65. Ellie

    I've always loved this singer/songwriter, performer and entertainer

  66. Qilorar V

    Very appreciate

  67. Ellie

    The most appropriate song for 2020 I've heard so far

  68. James Craig

    What a great song ,and so true .MERRY CHRISTMAS ROBBIE.

  69. Loveis Trustinyou

    Yeah Robbie, you're so right! Thank you for this beautiful song in this difficult and sad time ...

  70. Hosana Maria


  71. heavensent179

    Such a beautiful song and what an awesome voice

  72. RonRS2K

    Limmy sent me here 🙈

  73. heavensent179


  74. heavensent179

    Beautiful voice and an awesome xmas song.

  75. heavensent179

    Yours was the best Christmas album I ever bought Rob

  76. phoenix Rheon

    Love it, very uplifting and his sense of humour is splendid as always.

  77. Lena Lloyd

    Incredible song, I love his powerful voice

  78. Hosana Maria


  79. Geoff Owen

    Good song... Bad video.

  80. UncleSerge

    Англичанки - слабаки