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  1. Deezie


  2. AntiAntiAntiAntiAntiAntiAntiAntiAntiAntiAnti Fa

    Have You ever wondered why Apple's first notebook processor is called "M1" (forget for a minute, that it is also built in a Mac mini). It would make kind of sense, if the first chip in a iMac would be called "D1" ("desktop" instead of "mobile"). Or is this idea total BS?

  3. Mahmut Sözen

    9:58 now your think like apple

  4. Ken Ninane

    Big fan of your channel and the funny skits in between are hilarious Luke! Keep it up!

  5. Nem Nemtsov

    You also should connect iMac’s speakers to headphone jack and FaceTime camera to unused USB port

  6. TheCompyshop

    I think you should make an update video improving this design. There has to be an extender for the ports that can be rigged up lol. Awesome video

  7. Alex Smikle

    WRONG, SOOOO WRONG, Look at the Mac Repairman on DEfasts, He did his Imac M1 back In January 2021

  8. Chinmay Ghule

    This video is useless.

  9. John Crowhurst

    Look at Mac Repairman's G5 conversion video for pointers. If you 3D print a bracket that holds USB ports and an Ethernet port, you could reuse the existing I/O board holes to connect external devices and you can make a board so the power switch on the iMac can be used to power the M1 Mac Mini so you don't need to take the screen apart. A 3D printed power adapter would enable the power connector to fit snugly in the case and prevent creepy crawlies from entering the case. If you can get the camera working, it would be a fully functional iMac.

  10. Andrew Wilkinson

    The venomous tortellini resultspreviously plant because motion originally unlock among a quiet okra. eatable, aloof united kingdom

  11. Brandon Johnstone

    Hi Luke, I have a question if I can purchase a Macbook Pro 16" Intel version for a good price(£800 - £1100 - for an I9 with 16GB - 32GB Ram), should I go for it instead of waiting later this year for a possible M1X Macbook Pro? I am seeing the Intel based 16" Pro's are naturally dropping in price as expected. I currently have a Mid 2015 Pro retina display, so this would be a dramatic improvement for me. I don't do video editing, but use Excel for Mac extensively, together with Powerpoint and Outlook.

  12. uliwitness

    I would be curious to hear the backstory. Was this a company MacBook kept on hand as a replacement when needed? You say it was "FedEx Home" delivered, so maybe a Mac bought by a person before they died, and found in the attic years later? Is there any way you can try to determine its history? Also, given my first Mac came with two inch-thick ~A5 sized ring binder manuals, it sounds funny to me that you say "wow these CD-sized reduced manuals are so thick" ... it's all relative, isn't it? And yeah, the 17" was gorgeous. I was just about to buy a new one when Apple discontinued the line, and I miss them.

  13. Chrumczyk

    I'm pretty hyped to see the M1 Imac, which will be pretty thin, but it will lack a lot of feature for sure. Like you mentioned ports, they should add a lot of them.

  14. Robert Snyder

    I like watching your videos. Just resonates with the inner me. Would love to do what you are doing. Great Vid!

  15. theNimboo

    I bought a 16 inch macbook pro for 2700 that I can still return to Costco. I really want the 14 inch Macbook, but if I return this laptop I will have nothing but a 10 year old Windows laptop to use :( I don't know what to do, any suggestions? Maybe return it, buy a M1 macbook pro, and then sell it when the 14 inch comes out? Would the M1 hold its value better than this 16 inch Macbook pro? I have the model without butterfly keys and with the tiny bezels, so better than yours in a couple ways, also better graphics. But I can only find this one on Ebay for between $2,000 and $2,100. So if I keep it to have something to use until the 14 inch comes out, I'm going to lose $600 :(

  16. Christopher Lowe

    Hi Luke, I believe your the best in everything Apple, My IMac 2021 was recently smashed to pieces... Please can you recommend a good second hand unibody MacBook, solely because of my budget, size of screen and because it can be upgraded, I think. A student, in need of advice. Many thanks, sir. Christopher

  17. Daniel Ullrich

    Pretty amazing. 6 cores and a nice graka.

  18. Daniel Ullrich

    Funny I have two imac late 2009 standing here to refurbish. Too bad that its not compatible to big Sur anymore. Interesting Tipp removing the optical drive to improve the airflow and using the application to control the fans, although I think of you let the sensors plugged in it should be fine.

  19. CanDull

    You could a USB4/thunderbolt hub to access the ports and probably resolder the power button to iMac's external power button(if it has one) or use a an external click switch outside the Mac.

  20. zfalcon1

    Whether how accurate this leak is, i think we already know that apple got their cpu game on point now. Even though there is more left to see in the pc/mac department, i think it’s safe to say their cpu performance will be on point with low power consumption. The real question is their gpu performance. Yes it’ll be amazing for integrated graphics and blow the competition when it comes to that but people who use high graphics use dedicated graphics. How apple will deal with that is the real question. Apple computers weren’t really known for high graphic performance in the first place so maybe they’ll just get away with it with high optimization through software. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see

  21. andri404

    You tube makes me anxious i have fear will i make mistake buying something

  22. Mckenzy GH

    Thank you

  23. Jiwan Rekha

    Editing has become substantially great 😎👍

  24. Tom Long

    I’m surprised your title wasn’t “Luke, my Apples off the rails”... It’s almost 6:00am and I need to go to sleep. lolz

  25. Kalia Bashir

    Shit I came on this vid cause I taught u got scammed for a cheese grater

  26. Johnnyboy5520

    I remember seeing and reading all the hype about the M1 only to see it get decimated by even low end Ryzen processors. The M1X will be more of the same. It's going to be quicker than the M1 but fall short of even midrange Ryzen processors. Single thread is impressive, but it's only a small part of the story. The M1 is great for people who need the best battery life and good performance, that's about it. Is that bad? Nope. However, for someone looking for top-of-the-line performance, the Ryzen is king.

  27. Finder

    coolest thing ever!

  28. Skoopyy

    nice airpods name

  29. VoXoR

    M1X touchscreen confirmed? 🤔

  30. Marc H

    can you use the power button if you just use it with the monitor converter ? i have an old 27 inch imac that i could use as a donor

  31. Scott Yamamoto

    Apple is going to wipe out the competition.

  32. Oskar Markowicz

    My iMac 27' from 2009 is dead.. graphics is broken :c

  33. Skip741 x

    crazy cool project and I was about to throw raves ur way until you said u gotta open the screen to turn it on and off! theres gotta be a way to wire the mini power switch to the original imac power on switch... overall though, insanely wild imac u got there bro!

  34. David Tonge

    I would get rid of Intel !!!

  35. 1 0


  36. andri404

    For one MacBook air in europe i can buy MacBook pro with 16 gb ram in USA thats problem

  37. Fortnite Focus _

    Hey Luke do u use Linux

  38. Petero

    And you can also connect a gaming console to this.

  39. Ktryn Dschrs

    This video deserves way more hype and views haha

  40. Foreign Filmaker

    Great work Luke!

  41. Cuzzin Coo

    I’ve been waiting for someone to do this

  42. Karls Klangers

    Who would care what people in a cafe think 😂🤣

  43. PandorasCrate

    Just had to pause the video and comment (just after the mac mini hunter bit) and say just how much it saddens me that typewriters have become set pieces for DEfastsr's. I still use my typewriter, a 1941 Royal Quiet De Luxe. Anyway, aaaaaand space bar.

  44. Rapha

    If I go this route (mini pc setup due to space limits) will i be able to download/ play MSFS 2020??

  45. Dean Krouse

    Great videos.

  46. Kellie Hunt

    I’ve still got my first Mac - an early 2012 MacBook Pro 13”. Runs fine using Catalina and I’ve never had any work done to it. It’s outlasted 3 PCs. Eyeing up a new air (but only because my current MacBook weighs quite a bit and it’s a bit uncomfortable to keep on my lap).

  47. Kyaw Thu

    Do it to 5k iMac

  48. Divija Katakam

    so the only deal-breaker is that the pro has face id and it has a bigger screen size? I honestly don't think face id is a huge issue for me because I wouldn't be using a keyboard with it but just as a tablet. Other than that idk why the pro is better.

  49. Michael Hoying

    I’m actually rocking an iPhone 12 mini, iPad 8th Gen, a base model MacBook Air 2020 and some AirPod Pros. Gotta say it’s a nice setup. (Plus the buds and phone stand up nicely to the abuse of construction)

  50. Charlie Lorenzo

    I wish to have Cher

  51. Deepak Sharma

    Me watching on my 13yrs old laptop still running on Intel core 2 duo. 😂😂

  52. UrMumGey

    You can remove the delaminating issue with a micro fibre cloth soaked in mouthwash. Make sure it’s NOT soaked. But it worked perfect for me and I no longer have the lamination issue.

  53. Bryan Lankston

    My first Mac was the 2012 15 inch MacBook Pro. Aka the last model before the retina ones and the last one with the CD slot. I got it when I started high school to do my work on. Loved it to death and I still have it but I don’t use it anymore

  54. ZeNo SpEEd

    Apple looking at this video like 👁👄👁 _Make muhre iMaks fors usz_

  55. Ravnish Gandhi

    These were amazing. I had the 17 and had the battery catch 🔥 fire twice 😂

  56. Gabby Tino

    This was my very first laptop

  57. David Empire

    I think you should try this with the internals of the M1 MacBook Air inside the body of the iPad Pro to create the "MacPad".

  58. Berndhardiner

    You can try to solder cables from the mac mini on/off switch and route them to the orginal button on the imac. And for the ports...well...a little thunderbolt docking station on the table and another cable to the inside and there you go. ;) For the rest: nicely done :D

  59. PEAK

    I had this laptop for almost a year then it died but I got it for under a 100$ so it was worth it I put Catalina on it and it was pretty fast I loved the keyboard

  60. GSB vines

    Apple: We have to build worlds first M1 Mac... Luke: Don't worry... Here you go... Tim Cook: 🤯😑( let me fire the others)... Luke you are hired...

  61. Kenrick Driggs Jr

    54 seconds into this video, did anyone see the light on his left flicker?

  62. Gordon Damron

    Man I relate so much to you right now, I have a closet stash of every Apple product I’ve ever owned/have been able to acquire for family members and I’m just waiting for the day when I just feel the urge to actually boot them up again

  63. Gordon Damron

    Don’t say “what’s inside” too loudly, you’re running the risk of getting sued

  64. David Moseley

    Luke, that PSU packs a whollup, doesn't it? Been there, man. lol

  65. The Cake Glutton

    Mmh to combat the resolution problem it might be possible to find a new panel that would fit in that form factor…?

  66. Bill LeDrew

    Can't wait to replace my aging late 201 iMac 27". I accidentally broke the tilt mechanism so I have to brace the iMac at the right angle. I'm hoping for a new enclosure as plugging in cable to ports in the back is complicated by the rounded shape making it awkward (how the tilt mechanism got broken. Would love 30" using thinnesr bezel. A 21" stretched to 23" wouldn't do it for me. I have a 3.4GHz Core i5 with 32G RAM and a 3TB hard drive. I've used less than 1TB (mostly photos). Performance is sluggish and the front facing camera used for FaceTime and PhotoBooth could be much better. I won't buy until I can get an M1. I do confess to also owning a 1917 Mac 12" to take on trips. I find it quite up to the job, but doesn't get much use at home. Thanks for so many wonderful videos. I'm retired DBA from Wizards of the Coast. I worked back in the early days when their entire company ran on a large network of Macs with rack mounted Mac & INtel servers. Those were the days. I'm 75, but still love my new iPhone 12 Pro Max, my 3 AppleTVs, old Time Machine.

  67. The Cake Glutton

    I’ve been dreaming to do this sort of thing for years, to be able to afford a cheaper but relevant Mac. In particular, I’d love to Frankenstein the MBP My dad handed me down… just gutting it and squeeze in a newer board hoping in the larger chassis. Atm that thing is good for using Google docs at best, some online shopping. Even YT drains it.

  68. 1NewMe

    Lol. Should have called the video, how to ruin an apple silicon mac mini.

  69. jan picio

    Mine is the enter key 😭

  70. JC Rodhry

    I have a 2011 iMac 27" 16GB RAM, and I just upgraded to macOS Big Sur, and it works amazingly fine. On youtube, you can see a lot of videos to upgrade from Sierra to Big Sur. I will not give any penny to Apple for its new retarded computers. And by the way, I bought this iMac for $250.00, thank you very much, LOL!

  71. David Hébert

    It is actually the 2nd iMac M1... But the 1st one seen on a nice and funny video! defasts.info/title/video/Z7CTnpLbp6bXya8.html

  72. Kylie -

    I had this up until my Junior year in 2019! It was VERY heavy but I loved it!

  73. hottyson hottyson

    Actually, the first guy made an M1 iMac back in January. defasts.info/title/video/Z7CTnpLbp6bXya8.html

  74. Cameron Hansen

    Watch how long it takes to turn on when you open the screen: *turns on instantly* My Xps: _______________ *doesn't turn on when you open it*

  75. DanAnimate

    at least not a hackintosh lol 😃

  76. Mistro Tech

    Luke Miani: Don't use a $200 computer as a main PC Me: Watching on a $200 main PC

  77. John Anderson

    nope.... defasts.info/title/video/Z7CTnpLbp6bXya8.html he`s first...

  78. Paul Litherland

    Awesome feature to take the screen off to turn it on. I am wondering if you could make a small mini fridge to hold a chocolate bar or something

  79. Fran K

    Wtf butterfly keyboard is awesome and didnt have problems with them ever

  80. Michael Kosmider

    Luke. Do you know if the i9 10900k 3.7ghz will work in a 2020 imac? or the 10900KF?