The official channel of MAYTREE, THE Korean Acappella group who performed over Asia for concerts and gigs, etc.
Maytree is a professional mixed a cappella group founded in 2000, and has been active ever since, in all sorts of performance, concerts, TV and Radio shows, commercial music, CD recording and education. Our own unique color comes from our refined arrangements, original pieces, the powerful vocal drum and harmony. We have been finding ways to make brand-new beautiful sounds with the human voice.

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  1. muntaha Shaheen

    The voice like real song plsssss makes more keep doing

  2. Hồng Lĩnh Trần

    Tèn ten tén ten tèn tén ten tèn ten tén tèn tén

  3. Manaswi Shah

    It's very same

  4. Sheeran Lam

    I really hope you guys can sing "Cara Mia"

  5. Pblaze

    I am impressed by the one who sings the bass. I saw a cartoon in which Bugs Bunny acts as a music conductor, and in a scene, he instructs the singer to make a very low note. I always think that it is just a cartoon gag and no real human can make such a low voice like that. But after seeing this video, I know that there is.

  6. Panda Pan

    Their voices are amazing, especially the girl holding the tablet

  7. Panda Pan

    I just want to say that the hair extensions or whatever the girl holding the tablet is wearing are amazing

  8. Art Interest

    Those who would love this to be in their Ringtone like 👇

  9. Flaviu Bajerean

    0:24 my new computer 0:18 costs 50k $

  10. Fylon

    zjebani są jacyś po dropsach chyba

  11. ARUSH

    Ahh S1 is nostalgic .

  12. Nadia Jenek


  13. Eshaan Sumesh

    disney was the best!

  14. 23 Ajaybir Singh

    I watch this every time it comes on my recommendation

  15. Nisanur Demir


  16. 1C (12) KAUR ASHMEET

    The sound they were making *TANG* means *to annoy someone in Punjabi.*

  17. Anshuman Dewangan

    Excuse me guys i guess Samsung stole your songs

  18. Hairie Harris

    That's a lip roll, it's really hard

  19. Júš༒łη Ebenazar

    Imagine Davie504's1 reaction 😂

  20. Ranadeep Das


  21. NameIsTareq

    What am i watching

  22. YeongHyeon Lim

    The hand movements are essential.

  23. Hussain Mohamad

    Holly s*** this is the best

  24. Nam Joo -hyuk

    Omg❤️❤️❤️we love you may tree

  25. Heni Meilani


  26. Rio Ann

    'Do you hear that?' 'We must be getting close' "Hold on... ' *Train horns* *looks behind* *THOMAS TRAIN THEME INTENSIFIES*


    적용해서 쓰고 싶은데요? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  28. Shining Stars

    I'm hooked up on this video 👁 👁 Who else 👇

  29. G i x c i e s

    i pray for 10k people who dislike this(ب_ب)

  30. G i x c i e s

    i pray for 10k people who dislike this(ب_ب)

  31. Huge Music Lover

    Chills!! 💗💗

  32. Ng K

    Message: 🤣😂

  33. Abdul Salaam

    cool , crazy

  34. Silver Melon

    I really like that they not only are very talented but also seem like really nice guys. Many musicians have a cold aura in their music videos, so I dont enjoy watching those, but you somehow give me a warm and good feeling :)

  35. Atarkia MC

    Do minecraft pls

  36. Yahya Shaikh

    This better get 100 million views because this is actually talent.

  37. Imaad Chougle



    나는 첫 번째가 좋아

  39. Bunyamin Andreatama

    The only thing that missing in this video is Morning Flower alarm tone

  40. Αντώνης Χατζημάρκος

    κινεζοι κανουν κινεζικα πραγματα

  41. Gabrielle Hyacinth NAVALES


  42. kitty yoongi

    Samsung alarm: ♪wake up sweetheart. It's time to wake up.♪🧚🧚🧚 Apple alarm: BITCH WAKE UP! fUCK! wAKE UP! 💣💣💥💥💥💥💥

  43. Mala Agarwal

    Soon this channel will have millions of subscribers

  44. HoneyLemonYT

    Will they go to Got Talent?

  45. Joe Smith

    They are all beautiful songs in their own right but this is unbelievable.

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  47. В гостях У Мастера121

    макс магнитофон до того как стал известен

  48. samsung tablet

    I don't know why but this tune gives me goosebumps and take me to another planet this hits me different

  49. Emily Martin

    The bass loves yelling PUM in their vids and i love it

  50. callalily fairy

    only 5 but it sounds like a whole ochestra😍

  51. Prezes

    ogromne xD

  52. 임상현

    충전기 꼽을때 나는소리 완똑 ㅋㅋㅋ

  53. Crassus Der Echte

    do dior or make it rain plsss

  54. ld dark shadow darkside

    Wow this is so much relaxing

  55. Lion levi Praise


  56. koala

    kinda disappointed that it was too short

  57. animasyoncu Apo

    good very good

  58. Abhijata Mondal


  59. abik _95

    That woman in white dress are so funny😆

  60. Sohyun Park


  61. Sasha Coelho

    Everyone is wearing skeleton masks Do u see the imposter Its the panda mask Lol

  62. Leonard Celum

    Please do Pirates of the Caribbean or Games of Thrones!

  63. -Clowny-

    The error be like: c*m

  64. RJ Gamer adventure

    All best

  65. ahmed ramiez

    can u all plz not say there voices are better on the comments when samsung sees it it will hurt there feeelings

  66. ReamElf

    Let me guess. You are scrolling down the comments to see what other people say of the eyebrows or uplifts or even the tablet man, its good!!

  67. Josua Tobing

    I love the soprano's pure voice

  68. humberto inguanzo

    I never knew i would like this kind of thing. Subscribing and binge. 👍

  69. Daniel Ribeiro

    OMG this is perfect! You're so great, guys!

  70. 포터헤드POTTERHEAD


  71. Madhav D. Vk

    When there is the Triwizard Tournament and Maytree is against Pentatonix.

  72. Panchami P

    Please do the ringtones of Xiaomi

  73. PG

    The middle guy looks like Asian Sirius

  74. yorozuya gin

    Ketauan bgt gk pernah makan tempe yg digoreng pke minyak bekas ikan asin.

  75. Giada Scattini

    I wanna see them do the Hymn to the Sea from Titanic

  76. meep alas

    Please do candy crush

  77. MyLifeAs Abhirami

    It's all nice until when u mute the sound and play it in 2x..✌🏻

  78. Miss . Foodie

    the girl holding the ipad always reminds me of MeJiwoo(JHOPE big sis)

  79. ㄓ

    That F⁷>B♭ at 00:30 was perfect.

  80. Carlos Perez

    Soy el único que estoy aquí por xpress tv ?