1. Potatoz Rule

    "Did you milk a skunk and put it in a bottle?" -Brandon Farris 2021

  2. Mahoney222

    My grandfather has a lucky pet rock named Bert. he has had it since before my uncle was born. my uncle is in his 50's. He keeps it in his poker box. He has a mental connection with it. He could be in another room and someone could grab Bert and almost instantly you hear "WHO TOUCHED BERT" from the other room. Or he come running into the room yelling it. I was told this from my family. but didn't believe it. so I tested it. He was watching TV. Looking the other way. I touched it. nothing happened. so i grab it. and he turns around and gave me that look that mothers give there children when they do something wrong. yeah that look. So i put it back and he smiled said "That's what i thought" and went back to watching the TV. I haven't touched it since.

  3. Abby Adams

    911: 911 what's your emergency? Brandon: there is a slide butt somewhere and I don't know if I'm breathing

  4. Andy

    Love how he sticks his finger in it to stop it

  5. Marty 154

    As an offended, im mexican

  6. robiooonte sticky

    for you saying suck it here's a roast for you. small objects are a choking hazard

  7. Zayden unicorn

    "the one single fart that created the universe" Brandon Farris 2021

  8. Denki

    "It's like chewing on a pollow" *Travels to the 4th dimention*

  9. Ran Doom

    I'm weird I don't like vacations because that changes my normal routine ( I'm very busy every week and prefer to be like that than go on vacation).

  10. WettyFap Xd

    Fun fact: bilar is pronounced bee larr in swedish

  11. Weeb101

    3:38 killed me 😂

  12. Aryana Bougor

    Hmm,looks like Micky mouse the happiest place....flan *cracks egg*here comes goofy,ohh that don't look like any Disney carecter iv ever seen

  13. Eh Gay Law Saw Soe

    what he sees in his car:demons what people see in his car:a man on crack

  14. Kay B

    "I think I saw some beauty... Over here." *Brandon takes a dive off the chair* I DIED!!!


    What the fuck my foot is bigger then his and I’m really young

  16. Aryana Bougor

    I swear me and him should be cousins or something now that I watch his vids from the spiders and stuff I get scared😂😂😂the other night I went to grab my boots in a diff room so I grabbed them and run andy says "why were you running? And I said cause I THAUGHT something was behind me stomping and my fam started laughing because I'm a chicken 😂😂😂

  17. Jaimie Ford

    I’m happy you like it because Im a Canadian

  18. Ryder Animations and stuff 2

    I'm cananananananandian and I eat the gum soap like I do cocaine

  19. Blueberry cow Moo Moo

    I was born in 2000

  20. Chlöe Hindman

    She Said " iT WaS KiNd oF CoLd

  21. Gracie Mosko

    how do we send soething>?

  22. Ariella Salinas

    What's the name of the song at 4:49 please help me 😂

  23. code j ret lol

    If you put it at the back of ur throat and swallow it you have no pain

  24. Alexis doveton

    His cleaning lady:bro for real?! Sign!?

  25. Eloise Leibeck

    my dog was so confused on the sound lol

  26. Xx_GachaFrost_xX

    Wait im not even sure if he actually peed Cause thats something he would do for a vid but he got it on him so-

  27. code j ret lol

    I feel sick

  28. Riley Rodriguez

    U are so funny

  29. Kali Campbell

    all urr stuff fell of that shlelf

  30. Deku's_quirk

    "What'reyou eating chocolate strawberrys...scorpion" 😂😂

  31. JJ D

    Everytime I look away from the screen, but then then turn back quickly or watch this from the corner of my eye, I see Kelly just sitting there, and she gives me a heart attack because I think she’s real for a split second

  32. Kendra Felts

    Hurricane hurry up get the mop😂😂😂😂😂

  33. Lottie Boyles

    I love how he literly acted like there was a nuclear reaction or bomb when he opened the coke at 0:26

  34. shadow wolfs

    brendan:"what does about to pass out smell like'' that had me dieing😂😂

  35. oFlax Random

    Pro tip, just take a tiny bite and have it with some coffee.

  36. oFlax Random

    Without cacao, no chocolate... Cacao is basically concentraded chocolate.

  37. Kylie maynard

    You are the liturgist funny person in the whole entire world

  38. Vicky Driscoll

    " hAh Oh mrS POrtAIt" im dying

  39. Shiyanne Mc Donald

    Is it just me or is Brandon a good singer like if you agree

  40. Gwen Forhan

    he is so chaotic

  41. Cannon Bluez

    That made me cry lol

  42. Alibi Studios

    Is he wearing foundation or is his skin really that nice!?

  43. Alibi Studios

    I love these google translate things XD

  44. Deku's_quirk

    I've literally had these before 😂😂

  45. Vicky Driscoll

    "ItS SMuShin Ma BrEaD" oh my gosh brandon ps. i almost called you my crushes name landon

  46. Kendra Felts

    Girls poop?

  47. Step Bro

    Did he say im married 3:06

  48. Shiyanne Mc Donald

    Brandon : bake in oven for puffles and ray ray 15 just some guys I saw Me : Hahahahahahaha *weeze*

  49. Ozzie

    Brandon: where that oven? LOUD NOISE found it


    In the south sir is polite every one is a sir and a ma’am. We even say It to little kids so don’t be to offended 😂😂😂😂

  51. Clvudii_

    Hello welcome back to screaming with Brandon

  52. Alex’s Gaming Hub


  53. EB - 06CT 846780 Mount Pleasant Village PS

    The only thing I care about while watching his videos is how and how long it'll take him to clean up.

  54. Callie Thrasher

    “Bob was lactose intolerant.” I died

  55. Travis Byrum

    Here Kelly hold this!! ....throws and hits face🤣🤣🤣🤣

  56. roblox e

    When ever I see a chair that’s high me like: 3:39

  57. im basically a physcopath

    I love how his subtitles arent messed up

  58. Shiyanne Mc Donald

    Lmao I can't breathe

  59. Cadance Miller

    I allways come here when i need to be cheered up......i allways come here period

  60. Emily

    You found the rest of the chips lol

  61. LadyBlueBox

    The question is did you find out what the poop smell was?😅🤨

  62. Emily Davis

    “Oh it smells like a poor decision won the lottery” *proceeds to put car air fresheners on a fan*

  63. Emily

    I’ve never seen thrills but I live in Canada

  64. oliver

    fun fact i think: putting white on white is to help you blend colors

  65. Bobbythemonkio

    rip his head

  66. Alibi Studios

    Omg he freaked XD

  67. Among us Fan

    My name is Everly too :)

  68. Russell Marsh

    There IS a reason they have been making handcuffs the same way for a long time

  69. frenchfry709

    you dont put bones in the toolbox see

  70. Hannah Hill

    Brandon was a whole different person then

  71. lillian scott

    When he sprayed the febreze at the screen i legit flinched really really hard backwards

  72. Roblx memes Gamer

    Brandon: oh I have chips! Brandon:*pulls out pickle* Brandon: KeViN!

  73. d3vilsgirl 999

    Hi sis

  74. Bobbythemonkio


  75. vsxn

    Hey guys!! Did you know: _16_

  76. One Direction is My Life

    "Yer a wizard 'Arry" Why is no-one talking about that 😂😂


    Nice knife

  78. Tim Hrt

    plllllllsss daily uploads again!?

  79. Dead scythe

    i wish to translate his hoodie jiears deasus asl


    "Imagine the worst wedgie was a smell" Ha ha I'm immune to wedgies