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  1. Inky kracken

    Part 2: how to actually build these things

  2. Rv igloso

    Skip can u make 100 days of survival vid pls 😀😀😀

  3. Felix

    i unsub and sub again with the toes

  4. Mini Clouds

    I really want to a have tour in this guy's singleplayer world. Like damn hes creative!

  5. Noah Farthing

    You know WadZee has had a full legit Netherite beacon for a year he has a video on his channel

  6. Mysteristic

    I didn’t even realize the creeper hair part was a spinster until I looked at the corner

  7. Naman Singh

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  8. Lil☆Rat

    While trying to sub with my wrist I hit the dislike button lmfao

  9. Reed Glisson

    I broke my wrist so subscribing with my wrist is hard 😅😅😅

  10. Geovanni Bernabe

    This channel would be 100X better if he actually showed us how to make the redstone machines

  11. paper blushy

    Well I actually subbed with my wrist

  12. Xekeyo



    you:"im the redstone master." the redstone master from minecraft in netflix:are u challengging me?!

  14. Noriega Delena

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  15. ToxicUmbreon

    I tried to do the subscribe challenge and hit the report button 😐

  16. Cody Nhan Pham

    Skip the Tutorial: The clock is boring Dream: ...

  17. Emani Justavino

    I did it with my wrists

  18. Emani Justavino

    I didn't with my elbow

  19. gamergod

    bruh celling clock cost les then a clock

  20. nath9041 nath9041

    You see, this is how you know skip googles his info

  21. Maxwell Gulyas

    I built a working redstone powered grandfather clock before you did

  22. Minh Nguyen

    The shulker box glitch where you can fall through the floor works on Java only :'(

  23. Eadie Leija

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  24. Trooper 66 god

    I did it

  25. Doncraft

    Thank you so much you really inspired me so much I created my channel after you💙💙

  26. Andrew Turdo

    Wait a minute... what If you replaced magma blocks under the carpets and filled the house with cobwebs? Then they would basically be stuck for a while, and thanking a lot of damage

  27. x-form1

    Now the longest name of a block is one of the coppers

  28. Minh Nguyen

    I won't abuse cats or any mobs :(

  29. Overdrive Countdown

    “...inside of Steve and Alex’s bathtub...” what?

  30. Evan V

    Hehe I actually subbed with my wrist

  31. Light viper

    Diamond wasn’t the best emeralds are lol

  32. Gaming WEEB

    Can you help my realm get better again?

  33. Minh Nguyen

    Why are you suggesting that I trap villagers in a secret room and I make them come out to trade when I want to? ABUSE!

  34. ThEmeraldDoggoGamer

    Bold of you to assume we have friends

  35. Andrew Cordova

    "It takes up recourses.". Goes on to use something even less cost efficient.

  36. Isaac Anderson

    i did it with me wrist XD

  37. Cooper Williams

    ‘The clock uses valuable resources...’ wait so the lamp doesn’t?

  38. RapidKraken


  39. Jithin Johnson

    Item destroyer and the pop up book shelves for the enchantment table sounds nice.

  40. Gian Antonio Danga

    Why don't you show us how to build the builds?

  41. Carter R

    Stoppy Stop!

  42. xSkadush

    Starting background music always gives me mad nostalgia to super mario galaxy 2 ☺ Edit: that pokemon d/p/pt music @ 4:18 as well 😍

  43. aLampGod

    ᵀʰˣ ᶠᵒʳ ⁷¹🙂🙂 ᴺᵒʷ ᵖˡᵉᵃˢᵉ ᵐᵃᵏᵉ ᶦᵗ ¹⁰⁰😭😭 ᴮᵉ ˢᵃᶠᵉ ᵇᵉ ʰᵉᵃˡᵗʰʸ🤗🤗 ᴮʸᵉ😊😊

  44. joseph nelson

    I got the wrist!!!

  45. The minecrafter

    What can a sea lantern be used for?

  46. Mollie Burleson

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  47. Janelle Tsai

    Bro, it closed now

  48. Parth Patel

    This guys is honestly such a good speaker

  49. Awsome Gamer

    There are litterly 2 famous DEfastsr comments on this video

  50. Netherite Golem

    I actually subscribed with my wrist

  51. Netherite Golem

    I actually subscribed with my wrist

  52. Axel Xander Endozo

    jokes on you we have laptops HAHAHAHA

  53. Melissa Gong

    oo kay now im gonna raid all the end cities so my muliplayer teammate can't get an elytra and she'll just have to ask me for a when pigs fly ride

  54. Jacen Hider

    I act like I'm gonna use one of these knowing damn well I don't even know how a piston works

  55. xXdream_ girlxX

    how u made it ntw app of them i wanna make it :|

  56. Marcia Teeples


  57. Sarah Chapman McNab

    I liked using my wrist

  58. Pia Relente

    I commented on this comment with my wrist

  59. Faded

    can i have the world download to this base?

  60. Parsa

    I did it with my wrist first try

  61. Carbonater-brawl stars

    You can make electric fences with puffer fish as well I saw it from grian

  62. Bryan Aira

    He does not show us how to do this

    1. Bryan Aira


  63. Marcia Teeples


  64. Jaybug 58

    There. I subbed with my wrist.

  65. A.S.K The Boss

    I subscribed miss my wrist no cap

    1. A.S.K The Boss


  66. Lizards Chanel

    Omg I did the reast thing

  67. Dark Galaxy

    Them: Subscribe with your wrist Me: Sweats nervously in bracelets

  68. smashmallow101

    Kneecaps are a privilege, not a right

  69. Araxa's Gfx's!

    Hi! Amazing video! Thanks for always making my day and telling me amazing facts and tips! :3

  70. Woon Gaming

    There’s another body part no ones subscribed with >:) Your knee

  71. John Joshua Salayo

    You can have a bunch of these to light up the house, and when you walk in, it lights up like a Christmas tree. I think it's also gonna light a few creepers for being so dark when you're not there.

  72. Arnaldo Secor

    Skip the tourial's mind is mine what i mean is i know some things that i already know like taking out water while walking to make it faster

  73. Akil Hero Agnapan

    I subed skip

  74. King Drowned

    All that for a sponsor like why

  75. Mason Auletta

    5:42 That would be my sister

  76. Elodie Pett

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  77. Nicholas Morgan

    2:53: *hol’ up* what do you mean Pretty well?

  78. PaintedRed

    Who else actually does the subscribe challenges? Just me?

  79. Joaquin Marcus

    well.. YES i agree, but i need the steps to make this redstone stuffs

  80. Lindsay Rider

    Who in the world is the British guy