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    My loudest scream: *HIGH PITCHED SCREAM*

  3. Rijad Batku The Gameplayer

    Idk why u look like PewDiePie in my eyes

  4. kc kathryn

    It I do t get a free car I’m gonna give away karls


    eZ lets see how much subs i can get from this current 10-423098

  6. Leonidas

    Oh now we’re giving a crud ton of money away for nothing...sorry pal we have the Government your not special.

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  9. daniel Far

    🐜 ie muskets

  10. daniel Far

    Wow 300 dollars in 1$ nothingings did U Think of this all by ur self or the gooles in ur productions the script writing is amazing the creative process can U explain it to us please just wow gr8 content #pigs sti home

  11. 2A3_13_Khilfi

    I actually lost.Now I need to like every video

  12. Cool

    Sad 😢👀 watching

  13. • SAMUEL •

    Bruh i live in europe how am i supposed to get money

  14. JadielIsHappy

    I won all the time

  15. CNC Malone

    Wow Mr beast already has 50 million. This was when he had 40 million and this video was only like 4 months ago. He can gain 10 million subs in 4 months

  16. LEGO JK

    I love it

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    1. Hentai Dude

      No sub for you Ging

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    Iam subscriber ca n you give me monay ?🌹

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    So ridiculous I subbed.

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    16 hours ago 2.2M views 10k Comments 162K likes Man, Mrbeast is insane

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    Pin this !!

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    Mr. Beast secret Bitcoin investor.... Congratulations sir...More success upcoming.... <3

  23. Shadow Dawn L

    Can I have just a few of those bro?? Lol

  24. Elemender

    Jimmy: *picks scissors* Me who picked rock because I was too lazy to choose paper or scissor: ha my laziness is far beyond your skills

  25. daniel Far

    Indoctrination of children how sad the natizis did the same thing in 1930 s as well giv some money to the poor U lowest form of thought construction U must bee fuckn board as hell

  26. Empower yourself

    can i presss it tooo plsss

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  28. Sergio Gaming and stuff

    And also I live in North Carolina

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    I’m subed

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    I thought he was selling Karl

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    love how Karl is always smiling 😂

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    You can't get love

  34. Zachary Rex

    Roses are red vilots are blue i thought this was a real video and so did you

  35. Dustin Ilagan

    Imagine winning a car internationally

  36. Emmanuelle Salvatore

    he is rich but still gives away his partners car

  37. Mätäkuravellinakki 12

    Imagine that this video could make more momey than you in a few month

  38. Emma Fitzpatrick

    But the m on the other side of the earth 😿😭😭😭😭

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    who else thought this video was long?

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    why you dont hurt jimmys feelings

  42. F1Ze reacts

    Stop bulling Carl