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  1. S I

    When will this be available to the public? Hopefully not decades from now.

  2. Ocean

    People really only want apple because someone told them that it was "the best thing out there" You dont need an apple product to fit into society

  3. Dez james jr

    I will be the first black person to own a aerospace company.

  4. Dontae J

    when ur buddy piloting the ship looks at you and tells you he took a left when he should of turned right

  5. Ken MacAllister

    A critical aspect of the medical approval of carbon nanotubes will be demonstrating the mechanism by which they are eliminated from the body. If it turns out that the kidneys or liver are not capable of removing nanotubes from the body, it means they will build up and possibly create serious health problems down the road. There is also research showing that arterial plaques contain the same bacteria, gingivitis, that cause dental plaques. The theory is that oral health or the lack of it (proper flossing and brushing) allows these bacteria to enter the bloodstream through gaps in the gums. There is also a ton of research showing that fasting can also make the immune system recognize arterial plaques as a target and destroy them. Regular cardiovascular exercise dilates veins and arteries, which also dislodges plaques from arterial walls. Using xylitol toothpaste and chewing xylitol gum can also greatly decrease gingivitis populations in the mouth.

  6. Pana Mia

    Intel should hire Dr Lisa su things will turn around for Intel 👍

  7. Roland Ozolins

    Take apart their phone and find out how shit they are. There's just bunch of crap put together. It's like putting a piece of poop in luxury packaging.

  8. Seth Rono

    Bitcoin was created by the C.I.A. They invented the internet and GPS too. They created a software to mimic gold (i.e anonymous, mined, accepted by anyone) to reduce pressure on US dollar. Gold is the only commodity that can replace the US dollar, so they created bitcoin (software Gold) to attack Gold. The CIA invented Bitcoin, who else do you think has the resources to pump it that high!!!

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  11. What's Up?

    Dear FBI I'm just exploring my curiosity

  12. Lasko Laq

    Honestly it wasn't Bob Swann's fault. He became CEO after Krzanich and took the L while reforming.

  13. Draw My Thing

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  14. Alex

    Check out Amfeix too!!!!

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  16. Atvars Grinins

    M1 (Mac mini 16Gb/512Gb) is amazing small machine. Just created in Python + MySQL test, basically what it does, it compares 2 table data, one has 18.5K records (23 columns), another 10M records (11 columns) and updates record set with 18.5K (saves result). Meaning we have 18.5K x 10M record comparisons (each comparison 10 x 20 fields) and 18.5K MySQL updates. M1 Mac mini did this job in 27h (that is around 1.85M comparisons + MySQL updates per second) I got this result, using all the 8 cores, tried (for 30min only to get speed estimation only) it on 1 core (140h) and on 4 performance cores (36h). Also tried the same job on 2020 iMac 5K i7-10700K/64Gb RAM. Results was as follows: 1 core - 170h, 8 cores - 26.5h and 16 threads - 27h. iMac hit cpu 105W usages in 8 core test in first seconds and fans was blowing full speed. I run test for 30min to get good speed estimate. So M1 in real life multicore performance is on par with Intel i7-10700K performance wise, but with the 10th of energy consumed. Not to mention, M1 was completely silent all the 27h test was running.

  17. Draw My Thing

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  18. MP

    Is the thumbnail real ? I legit thought this was Mark the Zuck photoshopped on some woman’s face

  19. Medical Doctor

    Serbia give to the world THIS MIND, THIS GENIUS...nobody ever deserve him....

  20. Liam Canty

    Marvel, how big are they?

  21. Draw My Thing

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  22. Claude Roux

    Hello, great video as always. However, as always, people put the focus on the 80s and 90s, but things started to become very interesting back in the 70s as well. As someone born in the 60s, I remember that my first encounter with programming was with programmable calculators such as the one that Texas Instrument and HP were making. These were the early stages to democratize computing and how I got interested in programming. This is often a missing link in how the story is recounted.

  23. CanineCamel

    that description of the problem with the oxygen tank seemed very oversyplified, and wasn't the wiring damage inside the tanks instead of besides it?

  24. Jim Templeton

    Anyone with a breakdown of video pls Like does vitamin K help etc??

  25. Rosie_The_Unknown _Gurl

    I just wanted to watch the video :'C BUT THE AD MAN SAID: ATTENTION HOUSEMUSIC FANS! ughh im not a housemusic idk what it is

  26. Rakesh Mallick

    When I was in collage branded computers were expensive. Our friends used to assemble their own computers or get it assembled. Since 2003 my friends used AMD Athlon processor because it was faster and cheaper since price of computers was a big issue most of them got their computers assembled with AMD processors and I would think that it was just a matter of time that AMD takes over Intel , however it's only now about 15 to 18 years later that this is finally happening.

  27. Dzox EightyNine

    It's the music at the end of each video for me.

  28. Jack ZG

    To be honest, Intel does need to adapt to new fabrication technologies faster; however, this over-emphasis on smaller fabrication processes is also questionable. Does it really make such tremendous performance and efficiency leap worth the prices? Or is it just another marketing campaign that helps push the prices of cosumer electronic products over the roof? Only time will tell.

  29. Lexus LC500

    I have a feeling that Intel is going to be the next Nokia.

  30. User

    Fcking 4 adds

  31. Patrick S

    I'll get in on his next pump and dump since it's still early enough to dump later lol

  32. Jollibee

    Do not hire Meg Whitman

  33. Pool Bal

    🌈🇺🇳10:47 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💜 lets thing of Navalny now. 8:11 🔖

  34. autohmae

    12:59 well, they weren't completely wrong.

  35. Des S

    if you only have to pay back the interest, then just set interest rate to 0, or even negative. Then not only you can have infinite amount of debt, but you will make money from that debt. Ultimately, this kind of game is unsustainable and just cheating yourself.

  36. Omkar Shinde

    Came from boss

  37. yashan nayanajith

    I had HTC My touch 4g. Used it for years.

  38. le grand kuli


  39. Crazy Ed's Wonderful World of Song

    This can't come soon enough!

  40. MrLetter

    Wait until you all hear the AirPod story. Y'all have no clue how close those came to not seeing the light.

  41. ArcanePath360

    iphones are proof that you can sell any old crap for a premium price with the right marketing.

  42. Louis Pregun

    Ponzi scheme 😂

  43. Louis Pregun

    Scammers are everywhere be careful

  44. Louis Pregun

    Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is a lot of shit,

  45. Uno Dos

    If humans go to mars and successfully colonize it. It’ll show us that humans are capable species enough to maybe even live on past our home planet’s death.

  46. Maya

    Deepfakes should be against the law unless the original person gives permission. I don't know why it's legal to do a deepfake of a person without their permission

  47. Mia Malibu

    Now I get what Ted and Barney meant with chicks that have the crazy eyes. 👀

  48. contigo121

    From little Acorns to M1ghty Apple trees do grow !

  49. K9 Killer

    Ok, so we have a chip manufacturer who plans to subcontract their manufacturing to another chip manufacturer. That's definitely going to work. RIP Intel.

  50. Dominik Hk

    The crazy thing is: The company had so much money and also a moderate amount of time (years), with some good scientists and engineers they could have made some decent product, of course not the miracle machine they advertised but atleast something that is a valid choice for a professionell med lab. But I am sure they spent most of the money on marketing and the interior design of the offices.

  51. Shayan

    At least Intel doesn't have to deal with chip shortages caused by tsmc, global jackasses, and samshit. Why do you think most major laptops still use intel? because amd doesn't have enough production capacity.

  52. jimbobimboslice

    I wish I worked at Enron during its heyday. *The Smartest Guys in the Room* is an outstanding book if anyone is really interested in reading a very well-written account about the rise and fall of Enron.

  53. Mete Can Karahasan

    I said this before and will say it again - RISC is smarter, RISC enforces scheduling in software and standardizes the hardware which is a better use of hardware resources. You cannot train ineffectively in an environment that will explicitly state its limitations. It just won't bog down. Smarter software beats analog hardware limits, there is no way to recouperate dedicated hardware scheduling resources when the resources don't hold any reservations - RISC does that. That is why it will never slow down since it isn't tied to hardware scheduling. X86 is like a mainframe server trying to balance requests in a DDOS attack while Arm only serves one dedicated client.

  54. Henry Hail

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  55. Jim Catanzaro

    New way for the government to control you

  56. g00gleh8teswh1tem3n A&dChr!st1&ns

    Most people cannot live due to property prices. This is the driver modern inequality. We are all living in the shadow of the last housing boom. Property used to consume about 20% of household wealth. Today it is up to 50-70% of income wealth. Reduce this, and everything goes back to normal.

  57. Raul Thepig

    The story of Enron is eclisped by the Democrats stealing the 2020 election. Now they are stealing about 1.4 trillion dollars of tax payer money with their phoney covid relief stimulas.

  58. Sean Price

    shes in Israel. mystery solved.

  59. Chaim Lee

    dagogo you should revise thus video because you have Vogt initial treatment so wrong

  60. Ram Annepu

    "intel has seen a brain drain. vital executives have left and accountants and business majors became major decision makers" thats the gist of the video....

  61. Gabriel Quintana

    Your next question you should search, how big is the internet :)

  62. Gabriel Quintana

    Thank god theres literally a answer on how big DEfasts is on DEfasts LOL when you search other things about the worlds sometimes there’s no video/answer on DEfasts

  63. John Doe

    This needs a part 2 after 19th of march

  64. Milo Estobar

    Sony meant quality... but they really need to drop their console idea.... ps5, ps6... it is getting old...

  65. David Smith

    These batteries in ev cars are worse for the environment than gas cars


    She's pretty evil. Imagine lying about a product that could end someone's life? Real estate scams are pretty shitty, but it takes a special kind of sociopath to realize how much humans valued life then capitalized on it.

  67. B R

    she "is not a good situation"

  68. A design for life

    6 years later unlucky microsoft u lost the phone market clearly cost alot too, are they falling but slower than nokia did maybe ?

  69. Vikanuck

    Haha I love how the “Full House” house is so synonymous with all of San Francisco now 😂

  70. Izhy

    "blaming the ghost is always the best way to get out of the stage."

  71. Vikanuck

    I still remember the first time I saw the first iPod, I was probably around 15-16, and my mind was just so goddamn blown. I’m pretty sure my first words were “Oh my god you can SEE the music?!?” Lmao 😂 This seriously just blew me away. Now 18 years later I’m sitting here typing this on my iPhone 12 haha. But I’m still thankful for those 14 years of learning the real in’s and out’s of a lot of tech shit before everything just became entirely about ease of access and getting everything you want at the push of a button. (PS - Shoutout to anyone who used the second generation iPods notes folder that teachers had no idea existed yet to cheat your ass off in high school haha... “Juuuust pickin’ a song Miss Bennett!! 🤣)

  72. pr0xZen

    Intel will be back. It will take some years, but they'll be back, and hopefully run a cleaner business. The world needs Intel, the market, consumers need Intel. Without them, AMD will eventually grow complacent, and then there would be nothing around to incentivise that. Unless ARM was to scale _very_ differently for complex instructions at a later time.

  73. White Cat

    my DEfasts recommendation work in mysterious way sometimes

  74. B Yang


  75. Jed Odom

    I feel like they would have actually been successful if they had just focused on improving the current testing equipment instead of making a one thing does all box that doesn't even work. They had way more than enough money to make huge improvements to the medical world, but they blew it all on a lie. I wonder what Theranos would look like if they weren't being run by a moron with a 10 in charisma and a fake voice that just sounds really weird.







  79. C.K. Wells

    M. Yass 😂😂😂😂

  80. JeMaKa

    Fuck anyone with an annoying voice like that lol