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  1. Your Uncle Larry


  2. Mugabe M'Dik

    She is riding that swim suit

  3. Techformative

    Yo they made a tooth brush for whales

  4. Richard Feliciano

    my first time knowing about the existence of this technology

  5. constantinos schinas

    *sassiest intro in history of youtube.* laughed hard.

  6. Pat Pat

    Why..? Well, who paid for that?

  7. UN-common Sense AUS

    Isn't it funny how nasa -baloons- rockets don't launch like that

  8. Water Sheep

    Imagine flying that thing

  9. Solomon Kimball

    There have been"unexplainable" failures on many military technologies throughout history. This falls under the same category.

  10. Jordan Tusant

    It truly comes down to a nation's doctrine and the nation's capabilities

  11. Uncle Johnie plays

    Also used to be three ejections would ground u for life for medical

  12. TheSunken

    14 shackles of anchor.

  13. Kanadali Azeri

    The best way to survive shark attacks,staying away from the waters where is a lots of them

  14. Lisa Kirkham

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  15. R W

    "NOT WHAT I THINK"... Is it to do with war? Does it some lead to the more efficient killing of your fellow man? .. yeah it does! not interested

  16. Theotis Jenkins

    As an Aviation Electronics Technician (AT) when I was in the Navy I hated having to work on any gear that came from this before they upgraded it from E-2C to E-2D. The WRAs were so huge, bulky, and heavy which would require a 2 person lift to get it around anywhere on the ship. I was an I-level AT so trying to get the part that came in for repair hooked up to the test bench was a process in itself with all the damn cables it required. I hope sailors that work on it now don't have as much of an issue.

  17. Shenol Rdezhebov

    When it goes for disaster our taxes spended well when it is about any good we're senseless.

  18. Anders Eriksson

    You're supposed to stay on the ocean floor and head to the beach.. if scuba diving

  19. George L

    It’s not “literal”. It’s littoral. The emphasis is on the “o”.

  20. Vihurah

    Informative, and a surprise booty cameo. 10/10

  21. Gabii

    Where the fuck are the Ace Combat players dude?

  22. Sir Bader

    Dude...that thing is a BEAST.

  23. Brandon Wagner


  24. geforced beasttt

    lunch box

  25. Don Vito Corleone

    I heard that half of the ship is filled with food Source: Library of Alexandria

  26. LandenNation

    1. How does it not tip the wrong way and 2. Did anybody else’s jaw open when they saw how long it was

  27. BadWolf77

    14-16 G’s which can definitely injure the pilot... So ejection injury... or possible death in crashing? Hmmm... I think the ejection option is preferred by most pilots.

  28. SaintSynapses

    Could these ships use exoskeleton

  29. mikea hiooi

    “Enemy Counter Spy Plane Inbound!”

  30. MrMisterDerp

    If we assume each chain is 1’ long, that’s 195,840 lbs of chain. Almost 98 tons. Of chain. Makes the 15 ton anchor seem like a joke

  31. L-Engine Official


  32. Thunder_Mouse_2014

    The pool is kept an near freezing so they don't get homesick.

  33. James Wegman

    An Admiral called the Littoral Combat Ships (LCR) " Little Crappy Ships"! 'nuff said!! Put them out of their misery!

  34. Thunder_Mouse_2014

    If I was born Russian the Authorities would have had eliminated me at puberty. Instead I live with my "envies..."

  35. shopnok S.

    The plane:y u bully me

  36. TheSmiths Morrisey

    So AWESOME!!!!

  37. Badass BobY

    Imagine you're casually vibin' on the beach and this Thing approaches you out of nowhere

  38. Dill Dowd

    That boat is hot trash 😂 🗑️🤣

    1. I am nothing

      Not knowing that hey have the modt armed ships and the best CIWS in the world

    2. I am nothing

      Your brain is hot trash

  39. EMCEE Kaoz

    One day a war will break out where we will use those fighters... one day dog fights will be a thing again

  40. Siris The Dragon

    Man, its a good thing we built three of these instead of maintaining our infrastructure or creating a proper healthcare system! Sure, I might have a bridge collapse out from under me and go bankrupt from the ambulance ride alone, but at least the Iranians will think a destroyer is fishing boat for 12 minutes before it fires a cruse missile to illegally assassinate someone... God bless America!

  41. Andman8210

    Seems extremely pointless

  42. Jake Johnson

    Impressive. That's all I got to say.

  43. eddyo1993

    Anyone else tried to clean their screen towards the end of the video

  44. JP Valdez

    Both have drift so good luck hitting your

  45. The light Drake

    Carrier: *exists* Missile: i like ya cut g

  46. Big Nick Digger

    its simple just like you would for a bear just Lay Down and Play Dead

  47. king kawng

    I thought by punishment he meant that the government will punish the pilot

  48. jay morris

    It's the same with land mines, if you step on one, jump up and spread yourself in small pieces as far as you can.

  49. Jason Ford


  50. KCBkotastrophie -


  51. Zachary Morrison

    Nah she’s just dummy thicc

  52. Ultra Graal

    Nice ship too bad yall don't have a laser Canon *laughs in us navy

    1. I am nothing

      @Ultra Graal and also thise laser can only jammed electronical system not destroyed the whole ship

    2. Ultra Graal

      @I am nothing one it doesn't miss and two of course its not for massive battles but it want to talk massive we still have the best ships, subs and we still controll the waters sooo....

    3. I am nothing

      Laser is useless in a massive fight

    4. I am nothing

      Laser canon took to long to shot and it will be a total failure if it miss

  53. Epic Gaming

    Sharks rarely attack ppl anyways

  54. Omar Barreto

    Too slow

  55. Ted Tula

    Another vid reinforcing the fear of sharks fml

  56. Luke Thomas

    Fun fact sharks or not attracted to blood as much as you think

  57. Gunther Stottlemyer

    One needs to be stealth the other one doesn’t there you go

  58. Julie Enslow

    1.2 Million dollars each - and cheap at that cost for what it does. Job #1: bring home those the Coast Guard rescues. Job #2 Bring the crew home, no matter the weather.

  59. UrDaddyTeddy

    Fuckd up on that booty shot

  60. Zoom Zoom

    I’d name it “The flying pickaxe”

  61. Kamyle 83

    in front of russian rockets all these ships are of plastic. but hey.

  62. Kamyle 83

    pff.. trash

  63. Stephen Adkins

    Thats gotta be the coolest damn job in the navy.

  64. Jamesoybenes Oybenes

    6:46 realize

  65. Kenneth Johnson

    The US Navy calls the tiles Special Hull Treatment (SHT) and the composition is secret. Some classes of submarines don't have tiles rather the SHT is monolithic. But as you can see on these Virginia Class boats at 3:47 and 5:53 there are adhesion issues due to the extreme environments these vessels encounter. (KLJ USN Ret.)

  66. Cool Swag

    man whatever happened to the good days of cannons, frontline combat, and good old battles instead of just using a missile and the enemy is gone, kind of cowardly

  67. D' Angelo

    So this is why EDD gave everyone so much money .... Just to take it back and spend it on this 🤦🏽‍♂️😂🤣👨🏽‍🦯

  68. S2mple

    Banju, not a sauna. The last time russian went to sauna he fucking died

  69. Max K

    Every fighter get since the F-16 is design to intentionally be aerodynamically unstable and they all use computers to keep the plane flying. This is really run-of-the-mill stuff for fighter jets, nothing special.

  70. Silent Fahimy

    In marks robers video aka a nasa worker well he retired He test that do shark really want to eat us. so he put 3 board that has human blood, Normal water,and fish blood. And sharks straight goes for the fish blood so NO shark are gonna attack u well some are but gonna realese u cuz They dont like our blood and hooman body they like they fishes blood and body Ik im like giving this guy a bad reputation but he did a good job P.s shark eat us but when the shark is like big but when there are small thwy dont want to eat us

  71. Xrick

    VLS had advance since the Arm launcher will take time to reload

  72. Lenin Ughetto

    U can see the guy jumping in the pools balls

  73. Evo _

    There is still a high chance your losing a limb

  74. Chris Carter

    Unmanned asshole taker-outer.

  75. Watermelon will

    wtf is a 10,000hp supercharger just sounds like another way to say fan

  76. I am nothing

    Russian type of equipment 1 small 2 big 3 weird AF 4 Blyat 5 BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  77. AddictedRT _

    This guy spends like 99% of the video talking about submarines and the remaining 1% is just cruise ship LOL

  78. PolloTokes

    I got the guppy pregnant 😈

  79. Francis Rodrigo Ceblano

    Yes. All weather Umbrella plane

  80. Aircoll

    Robbaz approves