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  1. Clyde Russel Axalan

    It’s 470k

  2. Thomas Magro

    holy carp this is the first time ive seen 1 mil likes

  3. Tionna Smith

    You should do a video with Pierson being parents for 24 hours it would be so funny😂😂😂😂

  4. flothegymnast

    4:00 is why caleb left the squad 😂

  5. Nana Einstein

    The twins said mother because the boys said no🤣

  6. Alexandra Gray

    You seem to really love each other, so why not legally get married forever?

  7. _ greened

    8:18 so true!

  8. demi nock

    Do u mean crush ?

  9. Aifha Benitez


  10. urooj zaman

    Speak up brent what happened

  11. Twiza Simukoko


  12. Amorina Zarrabi

    Love u

  13. Lumon Playz

    What Happened To Sofie and Dom?


    470k in one day

  15. Rishita playlists

    The person at 4:59 Sofie dossi seeing this am I a joke to you

  16. Rebekah Sakate


  17. Abby joy

    Thank you for hugging I screenshotted it

  18. sharmila Xavier paul

    wait wait waittt so at the end of the video brent was hesitating to tell us something that happened between Pierson and him do u think they like did the nasty or something ?!!!

  19. Bibi Fatima

    My parents are like Brents parents.

  20. Danial Islam

    i actually like alex's hair

  21. Israt Jahan

    lexi is so short and brents "hey whats up guys"

  22. Matida Mukupe

    It's so convenient that Dim catches the bouquet and everyone is just kind of expecting that

  23. Amxlia

    This is the video I have benn waiting my whole life!!! They were made for each other! #Brierson!

  24. Lamzina Sesay

    This the best video ever

  25. Daydream Clod

    Already at 4K likes made how many he gets in a day

  26. Lydia Munyua

    Brent I love you but I don't think there is a star buck near by so am going to dislike this video but I still like you😘😍😍😇🥰😙😚

  27. Sahib Sultan Shah


  28. Jessica Justine

    3:07 OMG LEXIS LAUGH OMG 🤣🤣🤣



  30. Payton Richley

    I love you I watch you every day:)

  31. Israt Jahan

    lexi's voice is so cute

  32. { Eli the mango }

    What if your the middle child? 😂🤪 I THINK WE ALL KNOW THE MIDDLE HAS THE WORST OUT OF EVERYONE Younger siblings: get away with EVERYTHING and are the favourite older siblings: get believed and are always the one that makes the parents proud Middle siblings: get blamed for everything, don’t get trusted, and the parents are most mean to😭😭😭😭

  33. Matida Mukupe

    Ben: " isn't that the same ring you married Eva with" Everyone: " oooooohhhhh " Peirson and Eva: " we don't need you anyways "

  34. James Carlos Juri

    Alex is good guy

  35. John N'ad

    The six rutabaga exceptionally mug because america laterally approve towards a lacking typhoon. recondite, discreet time

  36. Eva E Wartman

    love yu

  37. Paulina Rosina

    done (; i love Brierson <3

  38. mona bartaria

    6:03 my fav

  39. Eva E Wartman

    does eny one els think mason is a grate freid

  40. bambi girl

    His compliment is ummm Uhh his shoes are tied

  41. homora disic

    Lily done

  42. Srikar

    I like all videos of brent . Brent is very cute guy . He makes efforts since last 8 years then he came to this platform of 15 million family

  43. Lil'sus

    Can we just applaud the shot of the CVS✨

  44. Maëla Gravsholt

    done done done done done

  45. Aliya Rafeeq

    Landrew luxe raida and adrew So cute break up with Ben and take Andrew

  46. Arati Datta

    2 months ago?? It felt like yesterday😂

  47. Nicolas Pyrke


  48. Sharon Imhans

    3:05 I am petrified omg

  49. Deeksha Pradeep


  50. vaishavi zatakia

    This was probably the most awaited video 💫💫💫💛

  51. Christos Alexopoulos

    nice videos

  52. Markeyla Eubanks

    brent and person please date already same for dom and sofie

  53. Mita Kadival

    done like and subscribed to your yt channel

  54. Rhea Kaur

    You got 4k plus likes now please tell us what happened in vegas

  55. Heather van Rhyn


  56. Julie's Channel


  57. bashar alkhaled

    No guy likes his sister to date😂

  58. naledii._.cherries


  59. the boss

    Oh no 🤦‍♂️

  60. Mako Gwete


  61. Morgan Revord

    Dom: catches the bouquet No one: Literally no one: me: soo i'm thinkin you get married to Sofie for 24 hours or yk forever

  62. Kripa Popli

    the girl literally looks like lexi rivera

  63. Aaliyah Spain


  64. Morgan Hardy


  65. Ashel Misquith

    6:27 what is Alan doing behind Pierson when she was saying 'you ruined my wedding '😂😂🤣😆

  66. Akshi Shah

    Pls tell us what happened it's already 400000k likes