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  1. ᛋᛒᛖ‍ᚱᚫᛞᚻᛏ

    How did anyone know just by looking at the picture that that wasn't a woman on the cover? Sure looks like one. Guess the only clue would be a woman normally isn't going to name a song after another woman's hips but I doubt anyone who commented about that caught that. So how did people complain when it obviously looks like a (quite unattractive) woman?

  2. Zr0 Kuol

    Talks about prisons in usa and has nothing but rap/hip hop tapes. Pretty racist...and funny

  3. Don Moore

    Sound quality is very good. I saw one of these units once back in the day in school, but I don't know that we heard the prerecorded sound. Great time capsule!

  4. chipethecat

    They turned into smartphones.

  5. Torsten Burkhard

    A little more information about the Sonderspiele function: You actually have to push the Risiko button, to get to the Sonderspiele. If you don't, the automatic gamble will stop at the highest money value, on your machine that would be 2.60 or 1.70 DM. But no one would do that, because its the Sonderspiele that give you the big wins. When you get Sonderspiele, the middle disc is important. Each time it stops at one of the hatched fields, it will pay 3 DM, so if you make it to 50 Sonderspiele, there is a good chance to get over 100 bucks out of it. Also on some of the machines, the Sonderspiele were free games, on other machines, you still had to pay the bet. A little site note: In Germany those machines were regulated by law to pay out at least 60% of the money thrown in and later there was also a time limit of continuous play to fight addiction.

  6. Sean Michelin - DaiAtlus79

    13:16 Michael Rapaport needs to do a new vid with that clip HEY MA!!!!

  7. hey yo

    This wouldn't even be impressive in the 70s, much less the 80s. If it had been 1960s vintage then I could see people thinking it was neat.

  8. Karl Taylor

    In the 80s we even had clear cola lol

  9. Karl Taylor

    Uk Prison have a clear TV by krystal. It's about 19inches 1 usb and usb but usb is not working I think can be solved bit I never did.. also tjey removed speakers and boxed em to make sound louder for music..

  10. Carlos PC

    Sears was the Apple of those years

  11. Joey Baby

    @3:53 Lil' Lady was one of my favorite machines! It was everywhere here in Vegas when it first came out

  12. jayne davies

    i actually thought it would have been some type of heated mechanism that did the larger hole, not a drill type

  13. Exposing scammers

    They've improved since the original. As for the delay.... I too think the problem is if it is a battery powered one. ie Has to turn out, look for the router, connect to the router and then send the ring message. The router then makes a connection with the ring server (in the usa it seems) and starts recording. The server in the usa then sends a request to your phone to tell you someone is at the door and sends you an image. As your phone is not always checking like a powered desktop computer would there is a 1 second delay. I will say that the hardwired version is a lot better and overall the worst delay I've ever got is about 3 seconds between ringing the doorbell and a notification on the phone. The other advantage to the wired is it pre records motion and ringing activity so I hear the motion notification before they actually ring the doorbell which gives me more time to grab my phone. The unit I purchased already had the chime unit included which I think is essential as well. I turn motion off during the day as the neighbour walks past my door frequently but at night it lets me know. I changed the notification sound to something less annoying too.

  14. Banjo

    My god, I love that Alabama shaped record!

  15. chuck1prillaman

    OH, for God's sake!

  16. Shadow Blade

    The bright and colorful animations on the German slot machines are fantastic to stare at blankly when you're drunk

  17. Truth Finder

    0mg that recording was epic it need t0 be in the h0me studi0

  18. Cinnimin

    how did you

  19. Jeremy Cush

    I still own the Nokia N96 which had 16 channels in Holland but it was only from kpn so no use if you had a different mobile network , i do own a small 2 inch tv which in holland only gives ned 1 to 3 and a local tv , other channels are scrambled and require a viewing card something the mini tv does not support , visiting my uk family it picked up all the free uk channels from freeview and it worked a shame back home in holland its useless. , model is the mpman and had a 4 hour battery life and had a small antenna which on good signal areas worked , but the included external areal works perfect in poorer areas.

  20. Gref

    I carried Lemmy's slot machines. I was a stagehand at a Motörhead gig in Berlin in the 90s. They were in a huge case that was not particularly heavy but hard to maneuver in small staircase etc. When we finally had the case in his backstage and the roadie opened it we were totally baffled. Got to do a couple of pinball games with Lemmy that evening - he was super nice.

  21. Michel de Vries

    A well recorded cassette tape played back on a good quality tapedeck still sounds a lot better a cheap cd player with bad digital to analog converters, which applies to most of them. Not to mention the amount of error correction that takes place in cd players (this is why you can still play a badly scratched cd) that we might not hear, but we do perceive it. And if we compare the average mp3 to cassettes then the cassette wins easily. Lossles files played back on a device with good quality DA converters does obviously sound better than tape, but again : most modern playback devices (phones) have crappy converters, and in that case: tape wins again!

  22. Kooka Munga

    I have a Jack White album Lazaretto that plays from the center out .

  23. Thomas Grönlund

    Would have loved to see more about this. Btw love your videos techmoan

  24. Richie5903

    Just catching up on some of your older videos .. wondering if you ever went through and found more of the advert gems .. and if so do you have a compilation of them that you could upload ?

  25. Pablo Ulloa

    *Mentions CarWow and the "Stick of Truth"* Ahh, I see you are a man of culture as well

  26. Anthony

    Pickup some essentials at the end, good one

  27. Ted Burnand

    If techmoan branded his own record player, I would buy it 100%

  28. Sashalasa

    Was interested until the soap cartridge, neat anyway.

  29. Non /Applicable 69

    Why didn’t you go over those spray air cans like they sell at Staples

  30. kntwing.23

    here in the u.s price is about $168.99 for 16gb ? is it worth buying ? they should make it look like a apple ipod? u can take photo's or play games on the go? how to u put songs into that device?

  31. Hisham

    I hope they send Technology Connections one when they enter the US market

  32. J IJzer

    If you think your cool you have a record player but if your realy cool you have a 10"reel to reel player

  33. Benchmark

    What about fuel consumption ?

  34. Van Zandt

    Who in their right minds would pay £600 for that piece of crap?

  35. DjDomi

    Pioneer used to be the TOP made in japan now it is JUNK made in China

  36. darieee

    i love story time <3

  37. Finished Finnish

    Maybe there’s a secret reset switch or main key turn -hold (switch) or person have to press front button(s) as he closes the service door to reset the machine after filling or removing coins. Bar owner would know right away someone has tampered with the slot machine, try stealing coins. With the orange warning light.

  38. Insidious DrNine

    It's great they teach you guys how to read American in school.

  39. Marc Carran

    "As always, thanks for nudging"

  40. Robert L

    In my universe we have smart phones that are hand held tv's, cameras, music players, make phone calls and are also mini computers. Crazy huh?

  41. eriatarka

    heavy metal? they are motorhead, and they play fucking rock n roll

  42. Cavey Möth

    8:42 Reminds me of 'The Devil Is In The Details' by Boards of Canada.

  43. Double Monkey

    This would have made much more sense if the discs were minidiscs. Being able to walk into a shop, buy a blank disc, and then write a selection of books that you pay for separately would've worked better. Or going to the library and burning a few books that are time-limited and restrict access when over-due or something. Just....anything other than what they did. XD

  44. Brenda Williams

    how many do you need for a car?

  45. jtridexter

    I wonder how much money they lost making this contraption.

  46. Mōṭō

    Another possible reason why they are German machines is because Lemmy collected and appreciated German war time memorabilia! of course it could also be the size as mentioned in the video - But I feel like the reason for it being German has a bit more of a purpose!

  47. ErikS

    My German is a bit rusty, but "Kurzschluss" means short circuit or shorted, and the LEDs on the case of the logic board are lit. I think the German says the LEDs are supposed to be blinking in case of a short circuit, but like I said, my German is rusty, and perhaps they are blinking at a rate that won't show up on camera.

  48. The Atheist Hammer

    @techmoan I'm sure they have a switch in them for anti tamper similar to the tilt function switch on pinball machines, they also have a door open switch which could trigger the tamper mode, it could be stuck or ceased or just broken and need bypassing or replacing hope this helps.

  49. sid3windr

    Only one minute in and I had to chuckle quite hard at the WTF-8 encoding problem in the article title...

  50. checktheevidence

    The emperor's new toaster??? :-) What does this remind of... a fuss about nothing... Yep... exactly what is going on now - watch Dr Andrew Kaufman and Dr Tom Cowen...

  51. Magic Plants

    You could do the same with a CDR (record some now, add later) you just couldn't Finalize the disc (which would prevent it from being read in other computers SOMETIMES but it would always be read by the PC you burned it on) and you could add more!

  52. pinkace

    Lemmy supposedly played these games on computer and on iPad, and he even went to bars and played there. I don't think it was just a comforting pastime, it seems he was addicted to these things. A pretty harmless addiction really, considering the world he lived in :-P

  53. frktaunus

    What about the sound quality ?

  54. Chris Long

    This immediately made me think of the bar in Auf Wiedersehen Pet. There's a somewhat similar 'fruity' here: defasts.info/title/video/nqqnoq-zsYHL1rs.html

  55. The Worst

    Yeah, I like fun little machines like this...🤘🏼🤪

  56. k mi

    That comment was rude and uncalled for Imo, I personally think your chit-chat is good, with a clear and acceptable tone, just found you and subbed thanks.

  57. korben butterworth

    We are not just here for the tech we are here for you

  58. Dan Richards

    First heard of Cliff Richard thanks to Rick, the people’s poet, on The Young Ones.

  59. Aaron Braun

    I remember, way way back in the day, there was a solvent called "slip stop".....

  60. fedepede04

    it also look like music cassette tape double in 2020 compared to 2019 :D

  61. Robert Jones

    No Techmoan muppets pic or Techmoan theme uploaded to Bob?!

  62. Nicholas Yost

    My brothers, sister and I used to have the Fisher Price Movie Viewer hand-crank one with Lonesome Ghosts by Disney.

  63. Adam Lipsky

    Dinking problem is still better than drinking problem

  64. TravisFabel

    At no point did you explain why you needed a handheld format in the first place. Surely we could decode regular TV to a handheld.

  65. Samuel Schumacher

    "Yep, we have no Bananas" . . . I've not heard that reference in quite a while ☺️

  66. ropersonline

    28:08: "a story that has a good arc to it" <-- Haha, maybe something arced in the machine. :-P

  67. The Silver Dubber

    Brilliant! Thank you.

  68. Rob

    In 2017/2018 I had a device to receive "Outernet", a satellite service that continuously transmitted data at a very low rate via satellites. It sent weather information, but also a "random" selection of Wikipedia pages. So you could read Wikipedia articles without any internet connection, but only when you had the device powered on all day so it could receive them. It was later renamed "Othernet" and moved on to different satellites and frequencies so my device could no longer receive it, and I abandoned it.

  69. ispi uk

    This will be used for a couple of days, then end up under the sink along with the bread maker and air fryer.

  70. Kenneth Nielsen

    It plays fine on at pioneer p-ll 1000 turntable.

  71. William Sanborn

    "Institutions thought CDs could be broken and be turned into a sharp weapon of some kind." Believe it or not, yes they can. Those CDs when they're broken are pretty sharp. I've broken one myself. I actually cut myself with it.

  72. Tom Jacobs

    iv been using the same €5 toaster for 11 years now.

  73. Frank McGowan

    I had this and had been looking to see the Herbie reel again. Fond memories in my kitchen aged 3 years old LOL 😂 Thankyou so much!

  74. Jörg Wessels

    I imagine him to use it for drinking games (like, who loses has to take a shot. And of course you lose and thus get drunk quickly) with band mates and groupies.

  75. GumdroplandFilms

    Please do a review of the ROKR 3D puzzle phonogram. Looks very interesting.

  76. nuggistrike

    Eisesr will be reflectiv folie over the scratch plastick instead of glass ! Also ! You diddent cleant the screen to good sins you want it to be foggy

  77. Johannes Viljoen


  78. Trevor Taylor

    I can remember some of my grandma's old records had centres that could be popped out, now I know why.! I remember some really old ones she had were made from a really REALLY brittle material like glass (that I do know the name of but can't for the life of me recall just now)... I know this because I once dropped one & it shattered like a plate.!

  79. film79

    Great video but I'm curious, why couldn't you just cut your own hair with the clippers?

  80. Artur Masło

    13:28 The cup has a volume of 5cc (cubic centimeter) which equals 5ml which is equal to a small teaspoon. P.S. AmericanTestKichen once did a solid analysis of toasters. It's worth looking and getting to know.