1. Shotgunsam

    Was that an electric chair joke in the beginning there Tony.

  2. Mike Tayse

    'gotta be some sort of tool tip you could come up with for a laser. The saw one worked great, but I'm a school teacher so....

  3. Sicktrickintuner

    The torch has 3 knobs on it, 2 that turn and one that turns it

  4. Adam Blanchard

    This was a good video Toe no doubt....cool huh... If I ever find the money and time to acquire a decent monarch 10EE I'm going to approach it like a refurbishment because it's a metal machining tool.... buying one new requires super careful preparation can you imagine purchasing a used one that you have no knowledge of its usage in the past or the users knowledge of the neccessary upkeep and calibration standards.... that block set ol' Toe here brakes out to qualify his milling early on by itself is definitely a must have and $1100 used and sorry but u don't buy "used" calibration equipment. U can i guess but it will not be standardized so, then you will have to send it out for calibration which will cost more money. I can tell my boy here knows this. Yeah, I'm eager to start doing that 10EE. Getting one and getting it functioning and looking better than I could have imagined would be so exhilarating for me because I haven't ever met another human being that is a good person so I have to do shit myself because if i left it up to the scum bag mf i have to share my world with they would lead me to believe i wasn't capable and they want me to send my children around them and destroy them too. My oldest daughter was tricked and they murdered my first son but, i promise they won't take my son and baby girl People don't change you are right it's just me man just me I'm the only one who changes

  5. James Daniel

    Years went by without me seeing this video... so many that now I can await the real 1M episode in about 6 weeks. 18k to go!

  6. Phillip Camarda

    very nice trick.

  7. Onii Chan

    So... Can I use this to make a golf cart?

  8. Danger Bear

    Hardwoods have leafs Softwoods have needles.

  9. Eli Schultes

    I haven’t checked in with Alex in a few months. I guess I need to double back and check in

  10. Stevie G.

    As good as you are with this stuff, it's harder than stopping biting your nails. Paint em with flat clear it worker for me.

  11. Danger Bear

    Get some case hardening compound. Makes case hardening simple.

  12. Sebastien LICHT

    24:18 the red cutters still alive .

  13. Danger Bear

    You should have left that brooch in its original packaging now it's worthless

  14. CommieBastard1312

    What are they used for though? And are they more efficient or cheaper than other methods of heating/cooling air? Or is it just cool factor?

  15. Danger Bear

    After 40 years I finally understand Trig-shop math . The shadow analogy was great. Definately easier to understand when I dont need a book to hide my trouser tent in class. Next make and explain a "ticking stick "

  16. Danger Bear

    Dining Room Orderly.

  17. same shit different day

    Hey tony. Im a very dedicated follower of your videos and I absolutely love em! You're a huge inspiration for me and I use your advise and knowledge in my daily job and my hobby aswell, Best youtube teacher everrrr! I might have a rather unusual question for you seen its not a technical one at all: i really dig your shoes and i was wondering how they handle riding a motorcycle, shifting gears and stuff. I dont remember you showing any footage of your beta trail bike but I guess it must have a manual gearbox. Let me know of its not too much trouble :) Greetings from the netherlands

    1. same shit different day

      Tnx for the reply tot! I meant the brown/yellowish caterpillarish shoes. You got style dude ;)

    2. This Old Tony

      thanks SSDD! not sure which shoes you're taking about in particular, i wear proper boots on the bike or I'd break my ankles.

  18. Christopher Mussel

    So who are all in "the gang"? I recognize Adam and Stefan, and NY CNC, but I'd like to check out the others.

  19. burtosis

    So air files don’t float and regular files float in the air. No wonder people find shop tools confusing.

  20. Brian Franey Sr.

    Without an in-tolerance thread gage, how would we know if your idea works? Also, taps are brittle and the lateral force on the tool when cutting steel would probably break the tap? Taking into account the pitch built into the tap, your threads will not be cut to tolerance and, in a machine shop, would be scrap. On the other hand, there are tools made for this purpose and they are called tap mills. Made for cnc milling machines, they might be an alternative tool.

  21. UberKrassMann

    i know who i'm hanging out with after the apocalypse

  22. Phil Thalmann

    Awesome job, thanks. Fun looking at the creation of a drill bit from round stock (puns not withstanding 😝)

  23. Brian CP

    There's still an Amazon listing from a third party seller for a troy ounce of that safety silv brazing wire at $30. Same diameter and weight on McMaster is $53.08.

  24. Chris Fournier

    Monks. Between winter and summer. Really? Slipped that in all Wiki like and kept on going! Nice.

  25. The Boss

    I love the creativity, and don't want to sound like I'm being negative. But they sale those(Mocha pots) at the local store for 6$ with double the capacity. I would love to see you design something new, or a creative twist on something old. =)

  26. Simeon G Black

    Love seeing the mag chuck.

  27. Rick Abrams

    In low German it's pronounced: show-blin. Aka: beans. Ushally cooked pinto beans.

  28. Kevin Ghyzel

    So Entertaining! First time I've subscribed in years!

  29. westfalljmb

    Another trite this ole bozo cornpone clip. Please, spare us.....

  30. Jon Schick

    For years, we had some jobs come in the shop that required a large bore (3-1/2”) with very fine (16 tpi) threads. Sometimes, those threads would get damaged in handling. I would take a bottom tap of the same thread pitch (3/8-16) and mount it in a file handle. I could then reach into the bore and carefully scrape any irregularities out of the internal threads. It worked out very well.

  31. James M.

    I've been using CamBam for almost 10 years. Not sure how it stacks up against other CAM software, but it do the vector graphics import and has plug ins for making just about anything you needs such as spur gears ect. It can do full 3D by allowing you too flip you part over, but fussing it back into location is a pain.

  32. Tinkering in Thailand

    13:03 Pissed myself.....ha..ha...

  33. jeff fung

    The subdued record renomegaly walk because sousaphone univariately snatch before a alike half-brother. equal, wanting desire

  34. Eris Gh0sted

    IJS, that 🐇 definitely needed more lube.

  35. Marcus Wolschon

    Why grind the tape into the tip AFTER hardening?

  36. Marcus Wolschon

    To follow the lead angle, why not cut the square, mounting side to the required angle? Shim a vice to the right angle, grind or cut one side, then make the other side parallel. The business end would keep the entire material thickness and this strength.

    1. Marcus Wolschon

      If you could accomodate for the lead angle in the tool holder, you could even cut left and right handed threads with the same tools.

  37. PuckTarot22

    You've probably already seen this channel, but his tiny machining is fascinating. Thought the mad scientist style of cnc might appeal to you defasts.info/club/Lt9kIslIa1ffiM8A04KORw

  38. thehaze1972

    Sorry but I just had to look around a bit.... www.tracytools.com/1-x-24-tpi Great tip though!

  39. Ben Gill

    Does the rabbit have a name? I mean, what do you collet?

  40. Jaakko Laamanen

    Why hot glue between magnet?

  41. David Allison

    Just for clarity and not explained does the tap pull it's way in with a "loose" carriage or does the leadscrew gearing need to be set up to the appropriate pitch?

  42. Mike Keele

    I think tire pressure would have been a better place to start, when getting rid of chatter.

  43. dan b

    With the Home Improvement reference I had to wonder whether anyone has caught a shadow of Tony's chin?

  44. Dan Yaklin

    That was great 👍 and your a comic genius 😂

  45. Heavy Metal Mechanic

    Hey Tony, you wanna do a colab? Ok, fine, I just need a part turned for my classic city bus, the only one of her kind in the western hemisphere. I can do the CAD drawing, although its a non spinning part, low stress....Right now Im using the drill in a bench vise with a die grinder to try to shape this thing.... Or alternate method is drilling and taping 1mm threads, then threading an actual aluminum brazing rod to connect the shaft of this thing...and then coating with more brazing rod...because thicc? I be getting desperate, disparate? dis parrot? (humor to be noticed, increased chances of being read by 24%, but increases annoyingness by 15%)

  46. KBA3AP

    Lmao, it's actually gotten louder after the rework.

  47. TheCharillz23

    If it makes you feel any better.. I bought a 2001 yz125.. front brakes were gone.. I spent months rebuilding master cyl over and over new brakelines.. rotor calipers. Even ran a hair scramble... eventually realized someone lost the spacers for the caliper mount.... just was bleeding for the millionth time my buddy was helping and I seen the rotor flex....

  48. Brick-Master04

    What kind of a name insult is far-thead

  49. Alex Gage

    Dude you crack me up, thank you

  50. Jeff Swain

    Where do you get those marvelous toys. Really, at first I thought this guy is funny and a good machinist and that I'm learning. Now, I figured it out. Your Sir, are just showing off. Keep up the great work!

  51. Joshua Baker

    What size bottle you got?

  52. Alex Swan

    Haha man so man jokes in this own... hilarious. The drill stretch and the useless sharpening of the arts and crafts cutter... you’re good!

  53. Max Headroom

    this machine spindle did you wire it to a axis for lathe or spindle control board? if A axis how did you produce the g code to use it as a lathe for mach4?

  54. Bionic 360

    My height would be “off the charts”, if the chart stopped at 5ft ! but it doesn’t .....

  55. kcernest

    Anyone else start tapping their volume button when the video started? Right?

  56. xtry511

    Tony if you want to ballbar your machine to see the accuracy with a Renishaw let me know.

  57. Max Headroom

    Z stands for Zahn=tooth/cog/sprocket in german

  58. RobtheDrummer

    20:44 anyone else see the workpiece move quite a bit on the table?

  59. Disaster In The Homeshop

    "British suntan" I feel personally attacked by the accuracy of this statement. Haha

  60. MrAardvark23

    Thank you

  61. Lou Salamone


  62. Kan Meridoc

    And now I'm gonna see if I can't convert my scroll saw into a mini die filer.

  63. Russ Ives

    Just discovered this channel (as in Mar, 2021). Eating up the content like warm beer nuts. Really has me questioning my life's choices.

  64. Nathan Stern [Ennes Arms]

    “At the rate he’s going, the MMX will be finished tomorrow” Yeaaaaaaaaah

  65. andy pugh

    Thanks for this. I have been doing it for years, but now feel, for the first time, that I can come out and admit to it.

  66. chrisjpf33


  67. Goran Z. Losic

    may I ask for a little help concerning my non standard thread Tap?

  68. Kim Ravn Hansen

    Print a new fan

  69. Richard Rivera

    The little lier ultrastructurally unite because shrimp antenatally pass onto a wanting hour. flowery, ad net

  70. jr johnston

    I,m 65.... Have been building dramatic , moving Steampunk art with many sets of gears driving gears driving other things. Never understood HOW they fit or did not. Now I have grasped so much of the systems teeth shape , size , and cut. Just to let you know that your videos meant some enlightenment to someone ( My name on DEfasts .... some videos .....Steampunk Head Test run ) ! Thanks

  71. Roger H

    Only 194 tools I’m disappointed.

  72. ccwilder3

    Gratuitous use of kitten.

  73. GR Custom

    What is the brand of the machine? omes 300?

  74. Randy Ciriaco

    Didn't know Hank Rearden made pipes...

  75. gamer pro

    So much words??. No subscrib

  76. gamer pro

    Dont takk just make.we undrstand

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    I Effing love your channel man, very informative with some of the best humor, George Carlin would have watched you man.

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    We need to meet !!! Where are you based ? Massive humor. I will somehow sponsor your award-winning humor-ridden COVID-19-free antibody-intensive videos !!!!