Electric cars, giant batteries and solar. Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

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  1. Ice Frost

    is tesla energy the same stock as tesla?

  2. Ozan Yorguner

    Amazing production process. Cool.

  3. Ingrid

    Is this on april fools?

  4. Arschterminator 67

    ok cool didnt hear it tho

  5. Mystro

    Can u buy it to me tesla?

  6. Michael Merten

    So in Switzerland tickets are issued electronically. How will it avoid that.

  7. danio es

    Alright you win this round electric cars

  8. beastofalucard

    What's the point in learning how to drive anymore

  9. Ayko

    Well, people still might busy the window

  10. marsHm311oW

    I drive self too with my own hands.

  11. Al P

    Call it the "Penis Charge"

  12. KMC Las Vegas

    I got an idea... what about uhh... wireless charging like phones do? Yeah, and then you can build them in the road.. to like... drive on and stuff.

  13. im fat

    Doggo :D

  14. Jibroneous

    ya im sure the police will let this go through

  15. The Jet Sparrows


  16. Walter Black

    I guess that’s why they refer to cars as “she”

  17. Kris

    Are you still there? Sentry mode activating.

  18. Jinx Panda

    I love this. Elon musk has it all planned

  19. Syon Thapa

    Happy john wick noises

  20. Stu Str

    Then had to recharge car for 10hrs after each take off 😂

  21. Kris George

    The befitting vacation statistically cover because sandwich serologically race save a safe cross. closed, sordid linda

  22. Some dude

    Is this leagal?

  23. Shadow

    One day this will be accessible to everyone! :3

  24. Alrighty Then

    So now Tesla’s can smell bacon huh

  25. Ryan N


  26. Kitap GT


  27. Saugat Pal

    So much for dogs, cats be like screw Tesla!

  28. xd_trickshorz

    i feel like this is a meme channel now

  29. Con Mane

    *can afford a tesla and two purebreds* Ahahaaa.......

  30. Yeezy 2024

    When is "Discover: Girlfriend" coming out?

  31. Magos Auxilliarus Artemis

    So how much do these folk make a year a gain?

  32. Itz Byrax

    i prefer joe mode

  33. Magos Auxilliarus Artemis

    Davey "Unlock the driver side doors, Tesla." Tesla: "I'm sorry Davey, I'm afraid I can't do that."

  34. Serkan Uludağ

    I love you Elon musk

  35. Magos Auxilliarus Artemis

    "I spent all of my money on my Tesla so I live on a renovated barn and silo on my parent's farm" ~ The women probably 2021

  36. Lebaneser Scrooge

    I'm a babysitter and this function will help me out tremendously when I'm buying my meth.

  37. Transgenderific

    They can just mail it to you


    tesla what about other animals tho

  39. HDTomo

    None: My spine over my 18 hour gaming session: 0:08

  40. Mr Facts

    So If I was pulled over for using my phone...does it really count ?

  41. Mister Skakhund_22

    Holy misterness, look at all of those Teslas in the beginning!

  42. Xavier


  43. D a i t h i

    When I’m in a job interview I be like...

  44. Les Whynin

    This is a good prank

  45. Mr Will

    Maybe it could just take your spoiled as to a legal spot before you get out and you could walk your happy ass. It’ll only help you from getting fat and draining that battery even more.

  46. Oğuzhan

    so you wouldn't need a licence to drive a tesla in the future?

  47. Buck Fiden

    Already got your plate number, you will get the ticket in the mail, maybe even a little extra added on for the inconvenience.

  48. Michał Kowaleczko

    Yt reccomended is at it again

  49. Michael Casino

    Can u do scheduled climate control si when i wake up my car is warm and ready to drive to work

  50. ReconicFN

    i think the driver went to get some subway

  51. ReconicFN

    your imaginations be like

  52. yunaFlarf

    Everybody gangster until the car locks you in at night and tells you "Your owner will be back soon"

  53. PilotVBall

    That exterior is getting ugly really fast.

  54. Tech Maestro


  55. im fat

    Bro triggering the local police lmao

  56. dubakur gamer1

    Hey Elon why mars why not titan within the next five billion years sun is gonna get more bigger and it will swallow the earth and mars would be in the situation of mercury Jupiter's moon titan will be in the habitable zone then

  57. Dhruv Sharma

    And here watching this INCREDIBLE thing while lying on the bed, I feel so useless.

  58. Dhruv Sharma


  59. beijingpete

    That ain't going to stop you getting a ticket, unless Tesla can move your mailbox by remote control!

  60. Sam Gray

    I find the lack of portal comments disturbing

  61. J Villain

    What the hell is this Elon? I was expecting dogs driving cars. I don't want a computer to drive my car, I want my dog to drive it. Get off your ass and make a dog mode that lets my dog drive me around.

  62. Thatguyman gaming


  63. A Hershey bar that has a phone

    Tesla should add a mode where the driver sleeps while the car drives on itself

  64. Tabbers

    Whats the noise they make when it smashes into something?

  65. Forever gamer

    I bet it was Elon musk sitting in there.

  66. Dipak Talpada


  67. J L

    I'm so fed up of this tesla bullcrap

  68. Greg Crimmins

    Elon, one day we'll be buds. You can bet on that!

  69. cloud san

    Can't wait to try it in my African 3rd world country

  70. Luca Bosi

    This looks like an overreaction to something.

  71. Dimitrije Milovanovic

    *Brutality* *100*

  72. Richard Head

    Tesla hiring unemployed Onion writers now?

  73. Volkan Altug

    There is a God😁


    Top !

  75. Brandon Bombard

    I’d never let big dogs like that in my new Tesla. This guys crazy!

  76. ZAY Gaming and more

    wats so good about a square car (im not a teen or an adult)

  77. Hussein Osama

    Hey tesla can u please open up more superchargers specially in other countries in the middle East because thats were i live and I was thinking of buying a tesla but where I live there is 0 chargers anywhere.

  78. Skilometer

    Comments: 1% ok things 99% *TESLA REPRODUCTION*

  79. lilstump55

    For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that who ever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life 😇