1. Math Go

    you should replace this 2L plastic bottle to a 500ml steel one to get more pressure and less air friction. what is the greatest pressure 3D print can hold?

  2. Yard Sale Dale

    My yard is full of golf balls.

  3. Yard Sale Dale

    A softball pitcher has flywheels and a motor

  4. Yard Sale Dale

    Put rubbing alcohol in the air bottle

  5. Yard Sale Dale

    The motors are great but the glider seems awful.

  6. tEkNoLuGy

    Im getting one tomorrow im so excited!!! Also this is the best unboxing video i have found on the internet, great job.

  7. Yard Sale Dale

    It sounds really good

  8. Yard Sale Dale

    A smaller and steeper prop might help stretch economy of the pressurized air.

  9. Phil PBOY

    I just feel smarter watching your videos Tom, its great haha

  10. Christopher Ellis

    Coandă, not co-ander! Look it up on wikipedia 🇹🇩 kwan deo 린 '긔 coandă

  11. Jonathan Orlando

    Fun fact: those "seeds" are called samara!

  12. Neil Sotheby

    Loved the integza cameo

  13. Christopher Ellis

    Henri Coandă has a street named after him in Timişoara 🇹🇩 |two syllables, not three. | Kwan dõ| 콴

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    what did he say?

  15. Upfortrauma _1

    Just shift the wings backwards so it doesn’t nose up

  16. Saumya Adhyaru

    I wanna buy this cost ??

  17. Graham Totte

    I would not want to hit the ground with high speed blades spinning over my head.

  18. ButterBall

    When you're washing dishes and rinse off a spoon. 1:35

  19. ButterBall

    You basically built an Airhog bro. defasts.info/title/video/oZOkeq2SjoCcorc.html

  20. Vibhav Bharti

    Very curious to know what happens if you use an electric air compressor vs using equivalent power consuming motor.

  21. BREN2009

    Well that's that idea out of the window ha thanks for the video brilliant Next you should design your own hydrogen battery using multiple layers of a photon exchange membrane and a little refillable pressure chamber holding liquid hydrogen for long lasting battery power now that would be cool sure a man of your caliber could design and build that 👍

  22. Aaliya Ahsan

    Now that's Halloween style. Im gonna try making that

  23. Stephen Gough

    this an solar panels and a comprehensive system and you might get a aircraft that has a long life of flight. One more micro air compressor at the end and you have unlimited flight.😀

    1. Stephen Gough

      That is amazing your working.paying off ha ha great gadget to sell, that you it has given me load of ideas and inspiration that might be of interest. PM for detail.

  24. bobbymac1947

    wonder how it would do on mars?

  25. ElmMakers

    How dare you hit Integza like that......

  26. Scoobis

    I fucking Jimmy neutroned

  27. Илья Иванов


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  29. Aaliya Ahsan

    Im not an Engineer. Im a 13 year old human

  30. Scott S

    OK! Time for the first test! *Pulls rope* *Machine falls over* 😐

  31. Marc Humphreys

    10' 0ut of 10 ! Buddy for being creative and new - you reminded me of Colin Furze highly recommend you watch his content - mind blowing inventive next level skills he's got . Great video bud & ... Love what you Do & Do what you Love ! Cycling is a life long passion / hobby of manny others that i Enjoy on the regular , peace ☮️ and all the Best .

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    Tiddy plane😫

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    You’re a fucking legend, keep it up man!

  34. Cantankerous

    So the issue there was air flow. I think if you were to make the impellers larger so they could draw mora air you may have an easier time getting it up

  35. RageViking

    1:17 turns to the side, gets shot.

  36. Carmine Bastevole

    what if u made a vortex blade insted of that boble shape

  37. snowisthebestweather

    Neat, I used to work at 80/20 (where I assume you got those T-slot aluminum pieces).

  38. Cantankerous

    I'm not positive about this, but I do have a guess as to why the turbine would be more effective than just the nossel. Hear me out. "An object in motion tends to stay in motion." This is a scientific principle which mentions the conservation of momentum. The air is able to spin the blade, and the centrifugal momentum will carry it to keep going while the air only adds to the speed of the rotor. The rotor can then move more air downwards to produce thrust upwards.

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  40. Ojas Maywade

    This was really awesome, can you please tell how to have such great engineering concept and build such cool thing. you can also make a detail video about it.

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    My dude can't pronounce words with R at the end, but he nails that r on COANDAR.

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  43. A W

    HI there, this was a great video - I'm really interested in what kind of CNC mill/router you have that cut out your aluminum?

  44. derek starkjr

    Use 2 blades ? 1 propeller and 1 Impeller ? 2Q 4 U. Aloha :o

  45. Benjamin Hall

    I wonder if putting some baking soda and vinegar in the bottle would supply enough pressure to power it for a longer duration?

  46. ZaVir

    If you just used the existing drivetrain of your bike it would have been easier and you could shift gears.

  47. Givadanger

    You strike me as the EXACT type of guy to carry a Velcro wallet.

  48. Jessica Griffin

    I would suggest the squirrel blades but putting a cone with a hole in the center to put over it. Which will push more air down words

  49. Grimshaw Grummage

    yeah better to have a few soldiers with in injured legs than a few who are dead from failed chute.

  50. Eve

    An intelligent man you are

  51. Fernando Hernandez Bolio

    Hi Tom, Do you have been trying to print any engine in a resine printer???? thanks for sharing

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    i cant even guess how many times he would have to go all the way where boomerang landed to pick it up

  55. Rouzbeh Shahamat Naderi

    I guess the reaction wheels are too big. It seems to have an over correction effect which spirals out of control

  56. SeriouSarius

    god I wish I understood any of these. Cool plane go brr

  57. Fuse

    Nice engineering, but the trebuchet has not got the advantage of the spring of the raquet strings or the natural resistance of the ball itself.

  58. Sandro Finette

    Can you sent me a Motor

  59. Dra Dikketrip

    Spoiler alert.. The further the plane will fly, the bigger the chance you will lose it;)

  60. Dra Dikketrip

    Never use the sentence: We could use this technic in cars. You might get murderd, poisoned or just disapear...

  61. Mi 28

    You can quickly test for gearing ratios by building a bike gearing system with multiple idlers and a derailer.

  62. Dra Dikketrip

    Hand sleeve cleaning:) Nice

  63. Dra Dikketrip

    So.. end of the line. You bought an airhawk.

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    The final goal of this project is questionable to me, if I would have so many spare time to do such, but at best and in absence of such resources I would just test all with A.I. and close the case.

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    Just send your idea to China. Then you can buy it next year for cheap;)

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    The Small size of the gears.. Watchmaker: hold my coffee.

  67. Rob N

    I paused the video at 0:25, my best guess is that the spinning provides stability ---> that leads to the wing like part of the seed maintaining a good angle of attack. so spinning is basically doing the job of tail section of standard aircraft...

  68. Ernesto Terrazas

    Have you realize that your device do not need the round structure , just the balanced arm.

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    I played Halo ODST, it works.

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    Damn sell to air hogs

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    Nice video man very well explained.

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    Your projects, content, description and presentations are great. Thanks for your sharings. I wish you success in your work.

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    it's really interesting to see the flywheel immediately slow down after releasing the ball

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    Does anyone see a star wars vehicle in four turbine jet hover craft

  76. Maria Dolores

    That looks difficult

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    Make one with switchable gears!

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