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  1. Padmanabhan Rajesh

    I don't have an oscilloscope.Having one will really help me while doing projects

  2. Harsha tech videos

    i completed my graduation two years before, i am still interested in doing projects so if i will get that oscilloscope i will try to improve my skills, Thank you .

  3. Impromptu DTour

    Im an embedded systems engineering student wanting to develop innovative technologies to enhance the quality of life and rehabilitation for people who suffer from various disabilities. There’ll be a lot of from-the-ground-up work involved, an oscilloscope would sure be helpful!

  4. Mel Plishka

    Omg that’s frikin amazing. I see you maybe not get in much sleep for the next while lmfao.

  5. John Maree

    Just graduated and can’t afford one of these amazing pieces of test equipment. Would help a lot

  6. Gerald Filimonov

    I need one to figure out why my cat won't poop in the litter box.


    I am studing electrotechnical college, for one year I haven't touched lab equipment like osciloscopeor wave generatos. Everything we learn is only through online classes. I am sick of theoretical studying and simulating in a garbaje simulator. If this all continues i want to take some relax from the college. I don't like throwing away stuff, when something breaks i asked to my parents to give me the electric parts I try to repair it, sometimes I can't. Then I desolder parts so maybe i could use them once. I have a power supply that i created from the other video you submit, is very good design thought, also im from Mexico so my economy isn´t the best, if i work as a 17 years person i will buy a $300 USD oscilocope like in 3 months due to the salary, i also want to repair some radio controlled cars that i have, the osciloscope will perctfly let me see the signal out and in, so i will be very thankfoul if i can win this osciloscope, cause i have like 0 experience with good lab equipment. Also in my school we did a sinoudal wave generator as a project but without an osciloscope it is wothless, also would like it to check school projects like BJT amplifiers or FM decoder

  8. James Detenbeck

    cause using two fingers didnt work....i need a scope!

  9. ProBang 2

    At the core I need an oscilloscope for simply one reason: My DMM is just not fast enough to show me waveforms... That´s it. Anything more to say?

  10. Mel Plishka

    Plz ,plz,plz I would really love and desperately need one. I’m on disability from a bad accident at work and on disability my pay is cut too less than half. What’s worse is I’ll never be able too go back too the job I loved doing. Because I’ve always been a huge fan of electronics I’ve decided too go all in and go back to school to get my degree in electronics. My home lab has only tools I can make and I’m not quite good enough too make a decent oscilloscope lol. Would be super in your debt if I could be honoured with the prize. I will some day hopefully soon be able too be a patron subscriber but can’t quite afford it yet. Ty for your time and knowledge . It helped inspire me too go back too my other great love lol. Besides my wife of course lol.

  11. Tim Wang

    I am a Power Electronics engineer student and due to COVID, research has slowed down significantly for me. A scope would really help me to debug circuits.

  12. Mel Plishka


  13. ogi takasi

    I am studying photonics and oscilloscope is a must-have to do experiments!

  14. Jroyd

    As an EE student in quarantine we have to do labs remotely and an oscilloscope would allow me to diagnose my labs and projects

  15. Swapnil Dhobale

    The movement you realise


    I am in the 4th semester of a technical middle school (Electric systems and comunications). of 5 years long, due to the pandemic i never learn how to use an osciloscope and signal generator, my fisical knowledge is very poor, i hate doing simulations in a free simulator that closes like every 1 hour, is very stressful i already have a power supply and i really want that oscilocope to see the signal of the bjt amplifier to get some extra points and fisical experience, see my project of am decofier in a oscilocope to love more the electronic. Im from Mexico, sorry for bad english. I will put the text in spañish below in case someone needed (has better gramatic). Note 1, didn´t notice thought, im in my institucional account. Estoy en el 4to semestre de una carrera técnica de preparatoria la cuál al ser técnica es alargada de 3 a 5 años, mi carrera se llama Sistemas Electrónicos y Telecomunicaciones, en primer semestre lo curse presencial pero me consideraban chico, solo me permitían usar mi propio multímetro y solo el profesor podía usar el osciloscopio, al entrar a segundo semestre la materia sobre el manejo de osciloscopio y generador de señales la lleve de manera virtual, de forma que no tengo NINGÚN tipo de experiencia con equipo de laboratorio real, honestamente siempre veo tus videos y me imagino todas las cosas que haría si pudiere tener tu equipo, tengo varias cosas desarmadas actualmente que no sé cuál sea su problema, el osciloscopio me ayudaría a saberlo, a parte que en mi escuela curso Comunicaciones Analógicas y Circuitos Amplificadores, el osciloscopio me serviría muchísimo para ambas materias al analizar las señales de entrada y salida tanto de bjt, mosfet, jfetc, decodificador AM, etc. El osciloscopio me ayudaría mucho a tener más experiencia real y reparar juguetes a radio control de mi casa, tengo varios cargadores que les cambio componentes quemados y le cobro a mis amigos por hacerlo, amo lo que hago, y ese osciloscopio me ayudaría mucho, tus videos son geniales.

  17. prathamesh vaidya

    I am a volunteer at the makers' space laboratory. It is open to everyone for experimentation, tinkering. Students from school, colleges come here to do their projects. We also provide them guidance. To understand the basics of electronics, troubleshoot circuits; having an oscilloscope is a necessity. It would be a great help to us if we can have one of these in our lab.

  18. B Kriegsman

    I had a house fire and lost all of my instruments and gear. This would be a great start to rebuilding the lab.

  19. Edward Criscuolo

    I'm an EE and Computer Science grad, doing independent consulting. More and more of my work is on small embedded systems using small Single-board computers with tons of I/O, and this scope would be perfect for monitoring and troublshooting.

  20. Andrew Robinson

    I just graduated university and no longer have access to lab equipment. Having an oscope again would make the projects I do so much easier!

  21. Lalo Garcia

    I need it for my work bench an oscilloscope would help me a lot in my job

  22. Rahul Sharma

    I need an oscilloscope so that i can create simple science videos for non science people

  23. Ryan Wu

    i would be absolutely awesome to have one as I am in the process of setting up a home lab!

  24. Heroine Creeves

    I would like one of these oscilloscopes for using with many, many things. I am actually looking forward into using one of these in a home-made headphone amplifier, consisting of an opa2134 and a few jelly bean parts. With this scope, I would be able to do an fft function analysis, in order to see some distortion in my audio output signal, and make adjustments to prevent annoying oscillations which would ruin the audio quality. This would also be helpful in making some serious power supply filters, which would be a nice switch from just putting in some voltage regulators and hoping that it would remove the annoying switching noise ( in an SMPS, for example ). It would also be helpful for giving an idea as to what a "black box" might be doing in a circuit. Maybe, a circuit with ICs that have their markings scrubbed off. 😂 I would really love to win one of these, it's just the government and import tax that really kills me. They take at least 20% of the overall cost of the unit. For example, that scope would be 10 grand, I would have to pay two grand for the privilege of getting the scope into my hands. It's nuts. Good luck for everyone, though.

  25. Mark Bonenfant

    Making this comment because I want a free oscilloscope. I'll donate my CRT based one to pay back karma if I win. :)

  26. Cliff Estinville

    I'am Electrical Engineering student and can't afford expensive equipment especially during these hectic times due to COVID-19

  27. Chris McKernan

    The scope is the perfect tool for projects, projects and more projects. So of course I could use one... <wink> <wink> <nudge> <nudge>

  28. DeepWater

    A new DSO is a cool giveway :)

  29. bella20131

    I am an electrical engineering student and would really love to win the giveaway . Since I can access my school lab this would really help me with my online virtual labs . Please :)

  30. Vincent Chabot

    Troubleshooting my hobby projects would be much easier with an oscilloscope! I am currently working on an ESP32 based CANbus wireless transceiver.

  31. EE19B1012 - Rakesh

    I just need it..

  32. Samuel'stuff

    I cant seem to get the recalbox os running on my pi zero... what version did he/you use?

  33. diggleboy

    I'd love the chance to win a new Keysight oscilloscope because T&M equipment are a valuable tool to my ability to make a living as a technology consultant during this challenging time. I built my lab with working used analog equipment I bought of Kijiji but would love a new oscilloscope to measure the flow of electrons and perform other measurements with a new digital Keysight oscilloscope. I enjoy your channel content for its valuable educational content and keep on continuing to produce quality content for your DEfasts followers.

  34. Xiovox

    I'm setting up my workstation and would very much appreciate quality tools.

  35. Ansar Ahmed

    An electronics and communication engineering student, from India. Oscillascope will really help me lot in troubleshooting my circuits.

  36. Lucask

    I m looking for one to test, build, create and know that I m doing things right! This would be a huge help

  37. nicolas morales

    I could very much use one of these for setting my small home lab. Virtuality and laboratory classes are not a good combination :/

  38. Chris Pycior

    I'm currently designing a tube amp and would love an oscope. Thanks for the opportunity.

  39. Shriyog Jambekar

    I am student of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering and I wanted to be a good grip on oscilloscope that's why if I have a oscilloscope it'll easy for me

  40. Kersplat

    I don't currently have an oscilloscope, and would love to use it to perform more troubleshooting of my circuits. Specifically, the communication packets and PWM signals.


    I am an electronics hobist and a diploma in electronics student. My problem is I cannot understand theoretical concepts but I will understand if it has a graph or waveform. Since couple of moths ago I comment for a Arduino based oscilloscope video. If I get this oscilloscope it will a great use to me

  42. Ben Urban

    I'm trying to make a startup company (Ewellite Photonics) that creates optical sensors and custom lasers in small form factors. I have a CRT oscilloscope from the 1970s that is way out of calibration. I need a new oscilloscope to power this (currently) one-person startup company.

  43. Nguyên Tào

    I am a student learning electronic engineering so an oscilloscope for my own would be amazing.

  44. Tj_ Schultz

    I want to build an 8-bit computer from scratch. The oscilloscope would be a great tool!

  45. WARGA 62

    What apout lithium ion ?

  46. SuperHira

    An oscilloscope would be great for debugging my IoT projects.

  47. mumblety

    too bad I don't need one at the moment, but I want it soo bad.

  48. Alex

    I need an oscilloscope to observe the characteristics of the circuit and want to be a successful electronic designer just like you.

  49. Tom U

    I've been learning more and more about electronics. I've been playing with attiny85s for awhile now, and training my own mini me in the ways of coding and electronics design, both of us learning as we go. I've also been getting into ham radio, repairing and modifying my own equipment. I'd like an oscilloscope so I can learn more about the circuits I'm building, so I can better understand the current designs, and perhaps be better equipped to build and test my own designs.

  50. Pan

    I need an oscilloscope to help me trouble projects. Thank you for this opportunity.

  51. 0854Styrish Rodrigues

    I'm a electrical engineer but I don't have a oscilloscope.. A scope would help me.

  52. DigiMod steve be

    To see the waveforms

  53. Christopher Sutcliffe

    I have been trying to learn how to do some electronics because I would like to make an automated garden and power system on an island I have. An oscilloscope would be an amazing addition to help me with this project. Good luck everyone

  54. sd4dfg2

    I want to take my analysis to the next level.

  55. thomas Kutty

    I am a small youtuber ,It would help if I get an oscilloscope .I love to work on electronics🙂

  56. Mike Matyszczuk

    I'm an electrical engineering student looking to put my education to good use with some fun projects. This oscilloscope would really help

  57. Sudhanshu Vyas

    I'm making educational kits help understand sampling theory and also would like to design a frequency multiplier using an SRD.

  58. psycodoood

    I want the equipment for my hobby but at reading at other's comments it seems they do need the oscilloscope more than me so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  59. Dominique Richer

    you make awsome videos and you are one of the reason why I went back to school in electrical engineering!

  60. Johan Saji

    I am an electronics enthusiast.... I have been working on many electronics projects.... If I got this oscilloscope, it would help me in troubleshoot different issue easily....also would help doing analog projects as well

  61. Khar Wai Tong

    I would love to have one to ease up my own studies in home 🥺

  62. shafin_pk

    i would love to have this to use in my projects and learn about the equipment .Its very expensive so i cant buy it myself so this is my only chance right now

  63. rafael

    I'd love to get one to help with debugging HW. Keep the nice work by the way!

  64. ArrowJ

    I am just a beginner and this level of equipment is outside the realm of feasibility. Bring on the crown jewel of my recliner shop :)

  65. Sefo Iuli


  66. Josh C

    I would use it to discover the mysteries of the universe.

  67. Mel Plishka

    Well after soldering this project you must be a soldering master now lol

  68. Izuan Komori-san

    I would love to have an oscilloscope to better have a look in circuits, instead of helplessly poking around with multimeter (and causing shorts that either are fixable or not (and hoarding their dead body-- ahem boards

  69. oCeAN55

    I would need an oscilloscope for oscilloscoping! Isn't that, after all, what it does??

  70. Seeps Gf

    i would love to own an osciloscope to be able to analyze all kind of electrical signals in my experiments or creations assigned by the lab i belong to at my school, that due covid i havent been able to be there.

  71. Olivier Ueno

    I've always relied on my multimeter and serial monitor in the Arduino IDE to measure my project signals hahaha So it would be nice if had one of these laying around.

  72. Chaitanya G

    Mosfets its because ofthem i neededit, it really headache if it misfire 🤯

  73. pinguiin

    electrical engineer student here! still dont have one yet

  74. Nathan Laha

    Making analog synthesizer modules has been a goal of mine for a while. Having an oscilloscope would help with that a lot!

  75. Mac Gyver

    I’m a highschooler trying to setup a home lab but can’t afford it and this would be the largest piece of lab tech cost wise preventing me from being able to do all the projects I’d like to do

  76. Matheus Wilgen Gonçalves

    I'm studying mechatronics engineering and an oscilloscope going to be an awesome tool, at this time for my final paper and in future i will use to do other projects that i usually do, but without an oscilloscope it's hard to debub and better undestand some behaviors on them. Greetings from Brazil.

  77. geekers

    I really want one for helping students with their projects

  78. SynTax

    I'm an undergraduate of electrical and information engineering and doing various projects. Due to covid -19 all the things are doing online. I'm currently unable to access laboratory facilities. Currently working on sensor projects.

  79. mycathatesme2015

    One of the best DEfastsrs around!

  80. hell_boy420

    I would love an oscilloscope to test/tune my tesla coil I built a few months back! I've had a lot of trouble with capacitors blowing up D: I'd also use the scope for general testin! I have big plans with some piezoelectric crystals and visualizing audio signals would be handy