1. Jayden Doyle

    I watch most of these video's multiple times! His accent, and the voices that he does make everything so goddamn funny, and really entertaining! Amazing channel!

  2. Thomas McElroy

    I would love to see wireless buds with touch controls on a physical button: WAY more customizability for actions by adding another layer, and it could be turned off. Having press, press-hold, double press, tap, tap-hold, and double tap (with the ability to assign any action to any command) would be just lovely.

  3. Atomix

    It’s so baddddd

  4. Trav Pots

    Good job

  5. Alan 1 Castillo 4

    15:48 *uzB*


    They said be there or be square and the raycon e85s didn't show up

  7. Killertruth186

    This video just shows, how people don't know what is a good deal and what isn't when it comes to headphones. But can you compare that $32 headphone to Corsair Void Elite?

  8. Tibonge Kaonga

    When companies assume that people didn't pay attention in science class...

  9. Quinn Lessard

    Lewis Hamilton pit stop eh? 😉😂 you gotta go for Max Verstappen if you really wanna go quick

  10. Tested

    1 million sub special: drinking the 10 year old beer

  11. Félix Plante

    I have the Superlux. I agree they are amazing for the price (and even overall).

  12. Diggerman70

    I'd love to see an updated review of the ~$50 over ears, I'd like to see if my new Samson 860s (New version of the 850) hold up

  13. Games, Coffee & Collecting

    Surprised you didn't try the firewire method!


    He kinda sounds like korg from thor ragnarok

  15. Pratham Kaul

    Thx for wasting my time :)

  16. Goodnameforgame

    Which Ipod is the best for price and quality?

  17. Nicholas B.

    Not sure why he's hating on the Samsung earbuds. I loved mine.

  18. ImRainPlays

    The Max sound gud, but ya know they cost MONEY and they are made for APPLE and im TWELVE

  19. Apollo

    Gotta love my dirty buds

  20. Matt Williams

    I found one of these in a thrift store today! 🤣 I left it there. 😁

  21. Rrek

    24:41 sick remix

  22. ImRainPlays

    Le go mp3, player

  23. Singe Slayer

    that oneodio cable business would mess with me, the cable has to be on the left ear so I can orient the headphones correctly

  24. Aiji

    I actually have the exact same model of that oneodio headphones. Didn't expect to see it on your video.

  25. Jayden Doyle

    Thankfully AKG (Samsung) still sells their wonderful headphone's, unchanged. So you can still get beautiful sounding headphones! For now....

  26. Jayden Doyle

    I think you should look at the 1more Quad driver IEM's. I heard they are fantastic, a tad bit pricy but I would love to hear what you think!

  27. Joey Moore

    Me, studying physics as a hobby: "time to make some 3D audio IEMs"

  28. ghoulgutss

    the rio kinda looks like a cross between a stopwatch and a digimon digivice

  29. Seyit Ceyran

    The dip on the hyperx there for a for a specific frequency that resonate in the ear canal, it's still present on the cloud alpha but less huge dip and it is almost the same as the airpod max

  30. TheGloriousPotato

    This was 1 year ago.

  31. Brian Donovan

    It’s cool, the finger prints on my phone are sunscreen and not Taco Bell grease. Fully relate to you bro!

  32. QuantumCow

    I imagin him as a iPod with hands

  33. 1Cmanny1

    This video is super cringey and is for 5 year olds

  34. EmenyanCD

    Can you use 600 grit sandpaper to clean it?

  35. FPS _Gaming

    Review the jbl boom box 2

  36. Black Locust

    Could you make them wireless with the first airpods

  37. Noobblox CAT

    @DankPods i acctually bought the HyperX Cloud II in Black, two weeks ago and i really like them too andi got them for like 60-80 Euro

  38. LixZ

    That’s strange, your “creative” nugget has the same name as an old web cam I found in my attic

  39. rastas _

    Getting one that is still in good shape and removing the battery could make it a decently valuable collectors item in the far future.

  40. king taky

    I'm not a professional or an audiophile or anything, but I cringe when you put the dirty bud embigenners on. The oneodio sounds amazing on my earphones. The dirty bud shit just sounds like well... Shit.

  41. jad morad

    Make a vid about the jabra elite 75t plz

  42. HZ Cano

    iPod nano na no ipod

  43. zʐʑžźż

    this is like those "virtual reality headset using your phone" things but for headphones

  44. LouilliGM

    I haven’t finished the video but I hope he talks about how it literally says it has N-Power right in the cover.

  45. 23ethan23

    does it work with AirPods? since they are the same size im guessing it would work

  46. vorpi

    wonder if you can fit AirPods in it

  47. HZ Cano

    I Love your videos

  48. cipherzx1

    They should have just call it headphone accessories instead cause that's exactly what they are.

  49. Geovanni Ramos

    Can you do a review on the zune hd if you find one

  50. g w

    i owned an m7 touch as a kid. i regret nothing

  51. Chris Vee

    commenting for algorithm purposes

  52. 氷の

    this but with air pods

  53. Johnny Tsunami

    Maybe you should be a consultant or even just work with companies that make audio products. Linsoul seems like a good start

  54. ThePacman001001

    Annnnnnnddd now I know why they're called Egg Bags!!

  55. Ryan

    You need to try those head phones/dirtybuds cagephones with the Mojo! More power=Better

  56. rudy_mas ter

    *They didn't knew that package was to popular iPod guy*

  57. ratemo17

    those gifs are killing me at 5:45 and 5:58

  58. Batto Is Outto!

    40 USD!?!? 40 FLIPPING BLEEDING DOLLARS!!! Wha-huh-how!? HOW!?

  59. JonnyInfinite

    Zune 💩 Zune XP Theme 😎

  60. Rentlee

    Eventually, it stopped thinking.

  61. miyamoto mushashi

    what is his test song? i need it in my library.

  62. Gökhan

    Idk it looks kinda sus



  64. Nino Joel

    Man common you crushed my hopes and dreams of even further improving the balaced sound of my 300$ Sony In ears....

  65. Homer simpson Driftin'

    this was my first dank pods video glad it was.


    Tey it with airpods

  67. linhaxz

    Put airpods airpods in these and you have a wireless headphone...

  68. Wertipe Batix

    Try xiaomi mi earbuds pls

  69. Techforms' Master

    are turtle beach headphones any good? ( mine's a recon 70 )

  70. Keith Chalk

    You need the combo Apple iPod FireWire+USB cable, save you all the messing around with Lewis Hamilton pit stop, I use mine all time resuscitating old iPods works every time.

  71. ZLAurora

    Can you review sudio vasa blå? I have them and they're pretty nice Bluetooth buds (both sides connected by a wire)

  72. TacticalBigBoss

    dude i had this MP3 player when i was in high school lol

  73. murfad

    australia still gets headphones in the phones box? good for you mate, noʎ ɹoɟ pooƃ...

  74. William Reardon Videos

    Bongo man

  75. Brian R


  76. An ro

    Song* "You're gonna be humming that for weeks mate". Fuuuuuuuck you man.

  77. kuba bob

    please, make a soundcloud, that drumming is just sooo good

  78. Daniel Pan

    They're 4/5 rated on amazon which should tell you how to trust amazon reviews.

  79. Suicide Ghost

    lol you never heared 7.1 before?

  80. Tom Rawlings