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  1. billy silva

    momiplier makin that boy pay

  2. Ava Dempster

    Play Jack Box!

  3. Jérôme Lévesque-Boucher

    Bob: "There's a sw-..." Mark: *puts the ball* Bob: "-ord over there..." *CUTS* Mark: "NOOOOOOOO!!!"

  4. •Yurim The Panda•

    The comments XD

  5. Daniel Block

    So the reason why the phone guy isnt dead its because the order of the games is not 1,2,3,4 i forgot what order but if you want to know more look up andiematronics vid about the storyline it will explain alot

  6. talking meowth

    omg this was made on my bday

  7. Ioannis Morfeas

    my mom is in the next room. So the challenge is very difficult

  8. Ruby Winters

    i love the part where he keeps peaking my speakers

  9. Caleb Brzycki

    You know what Mark in A Hesit With Markiplier I want another musical just like the first time

  10. Archie Stiglitz

    As Great as this is, don't forget about Amnesia and The Forrest. You got us hooked, now you have a responsibility Mark!

  11. Newbier


  12. Shamini Saravanan

    "You know what I do to people that cry? !I CRY WITH THEM! THEN I CRY HARDER AND I BEAT EM AT THEIR OWN GAME" -Mark Fischbach 2016 It's official Markiplier is the best youtuber. :'D

  13. Equinox


  14. Ciara Pryor-Olivas

    smile-actus. :o SMILE-ISH markiplier (either 2019 or 2020)

  15. EBanimations

    Animaniacs intensify

  16. Alen Keric

    13:05 the curse of the stone crafting table...

  17. Alyx

    I support Bob and his aspiring modeling career b

  18. Sir Nene

    23:07 Wade go BOINK

  19. jake_

    i dont know if mark looks at his youtube comments but i have a little game suggestion based on marks other videos about the forest survival, ive been playing this game called survival craft 2 that has the same graphics as minecraft but more realistic as far as surviving goes, anyway i think that he, wade and bob should play it sometime, its alot like the forest survival game. Theres a multiplayer mode but im not sure how it works as i usually play by myself. the survival mode in the game is a bit tough even if its on harmless but its super fun.

  20. Derek Mason

    22:08-22:20 best part

  21. Jaden ZombieSlayer

    And this is going to make William Afton aka the purple guy a killer

  22. Jacquelyn Fernandez

    i have to say this funny thing i was searching up about this markiplier not real stuff and i accidentally went to shopping. when i went there, i saw a cardboard cutout of MARK in a black jacket-

  23. Bob Wachholder

    this is what started it all

  24. Crèu Cat クル猫


  25. Andrew Rossi

    J QRZN

  26. Dakota Woloschuk

    For some odd reason, the level where you try to complete your objective while avoiding Walker reminds me of the sewer level of Arkham Asylum.

  27. Pyrisk

    Why does wade feel the need to scream so damn loud all the time? I'm a fan of his but holy hell I almost never watch videos they do together anymore due to his obnoxious yelling

  28. Andrew Rivera

    Alternate title: Mark making us wanna try bibimbap P.S I also kinda wanna try cheese gimbap and samgyeopsal

  29. Mya Hawks

    31:52 vscoiplier

  30. DougieDoug 7

    Mark is like a ken doll because he isn’t real!?! Makes sense to me! 🤔

  31. cult imagination

    me *sees portals and lazers* "when did this become "now your golfing with portals"

  32. Lil _ Ducc

    I wanna aim the MS18 while it's at 100.000LM outside at 1 AM so bad.

  33. Antikosm

    Edited by: *link to cloak* Me: The clothing has become sentient

  34. BOĆA

    5:53 PUT A 0.5

  35. GiftedLicense35

    Act one: sad Act two:horrifying Act three: Monikamonikamonikamonikamonikamonikamonikamonika Act four: ok sayori. Take monkias place. Ur still best girl

  36. Ian Kohn

    Don't return to monke Return to koala Get smooth brain

  37. Krigarkaj

    @markiplier live the moment ;P

  38. BolognaTheRoach

    Who else got this in recommended

  39. smartboy201

    Yo... that Franziska von Karma, tho.

  40. Zoe Sella

    Oh how I love this game

  41. Bubblegumtrash


  42. Aaron Reese

    did anyone notice that jojo was in the background at 8:54

  43. megan bray

    Mark: i shouldn't find this as humerus as it is Me: nah dude this is funny as hell

  44. Luc Hieratic

    Somethings off... John wick is that you?

  45. Connor Lol

    Does anyone know how he plays Uno on the computer? If you could tell me it would be greatly appreciated :)

  46. Allen Dekrey

    Markey and the Wade, Markey and the Wade. One is a junous the other gets laid. This needs to be an animated series!

  47. Spunky Kids Spa by Aniyah

    To give you more of a understanding springtrap is a guy named william Afton.the children he killed made him go into the spring Bonnie suit which made the springs go off bassicly crushing his body.he stayed in the pizzeria for 40 years but his soul was trapped in the springtrap suit so he’s dead but he’s still on earth

  48. kiefer 2nd Mercado

    Wait i'm so confused rn. So is he really REAL or not??

  49. Leaked Austxn

    I actually never thought in a million years Markiplier knew The Legend of Korra and Dragon Ball

  50. Josip Krmpotić

    Why does mick sound like Mark?

  51. Varun Gupta

    I wonder what this would be like if you played vaporwave in the background on another tab while they play the second map

  52. Bubblegumtrash


  53. Richard Cummings

    This scammer organization is terrible!

  54. Gabrielle Hampton

    I wish I watched this 5 years ago because i know about the aftons (aka the little boy family) his name is Chris

  55. Alexander Breed

    Please do more of forest

  56. Cave Johnson

    I don’t like this editing tbh

  57. Dominick Reyes

    That Ace Attorney reference at 27:58 tho

  58. Richard Cummings

    FAKE NEWS!!!!!

  59. whalebones


  60. Gabe Delaney

    It makes sense how this is Mark’s most popular video

  61. Tywann Bryant

    Bob is a bot thays glitching out and is trying to make you believe markiplier is real. But because he is glitching out the company of markiplier was gonna throw him out. So he convinced them to let him do one more video so he can convince us that markiplier is real so he won't get thrown out. But he failed so in the trash with you. Oh and wade isn't real either he's a bot that grown self consciousness and is aware of everything. He knows that markiplier isn't real but they forced him to make a video to say markiplier is real.

  62. whalebones


  63. Cheese Dorito

    I ain’t buying It

  64. Connor Lol

    Does anyone know how he plays Uno on the computer? If you could tell me it would be greatly appreciated :)

  65. Rivers Parker Castaneda

    9:41 how is he not dead from the blood loss or shock

  66. rockitout night

    Where is chicas confession at

  67. Emmalema

    Even after watching all of unus annus and mark for a couple years, him just sticking his fingers in the ice cream without hesitation still caught me really off guard.

  68. guillermo parra

    bob: says jump* mark: jumps* also mark: why did I jump bob: says jump again* mark: jumps again also mark: WHY DID I JUMP

  69. JJScene

    Oh shit! Literally watched The Cube like three weeks ago and was like, "isn't this like that one video game? Half dead?" I come back here and Mark starts with talking about The Cube.

  70. Jennifer S

    So far the only word i hear is nope

  71. Stormy

    You know, it makes me very happy to see the good ending.

  72. Domsmash 8

    Finally back to normal content

  73. Dylan Schmitz

    We need a game theory on this and the joy of creation story mode

  74. Tyler Smith

    I loved the Pinky and the Brain/Animaniacs reference. It is a fantastic cartoon.

  75. Potatoman

    Mark was sabotaged the entire time... IS WHAT I WOULD SAY IF HE WAS REAL

  76. Louisa Wang

    I guess we gotta add "Father Time" to the deep lore of [REDACTED] lol

  77. Léa Moratello

    27:57 whoever the editor was for this video I love you

  78. Eli Schmidt

    Go to 5:10 2 see what this is

  79. Nigel Brooks

    pls do a part 2 of this it was hilarious