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  1. Jean Carlos

    I think that at the end wanda will put hex vision into white vision and vision will be back, memories and all

  2. Michael Davila

    Wait who was Hayward tracking if vision body was never in the hex

  3. jeremias ramos

    If Agatha showed up randomly why didn't Dr. Strange?

  4. Tarun Mekala

    I have a big question that why didn't Tony stark repair vision during the five years

  5. Tarun Mekala

    I have a big question that why didn't Tony stark repair vision during the five years

  6. Avi JHA

    I feel white vision is ultron

  7. Justin Gaffney Samuels

    There’s also the issue of the US public. You cannot make major heroes Satanic!

  8. NooB JØKÊR YT

    I think if robots kill me in somewhere future it's still better than killed by cars

  9. Melina Gomez

    I love Jessica ❤️

  10. Nachiket Jadhav

    Cmon Eric Voss, You should give time stamps for every question

  11. Kalpesh Patel

    When I heard no way home I immediately thought of Avengers Infinity war. (the one before Endgame) where Spidey is on that Ship with Tony stark.

  12. OVlogs

    This list is so true

  13. Mr. Lego

    Could you do more Godzilla versus Kong videos

  14. Wyatt Klein

    My theory is that west view was like a witness protection program town because all of the residents are sword agents

  15. Zachary Bos

    The name of "Project Cataract" might relate to the symbolism of the waterfalls (cataracts) during the opening scene of the witch trial?

  16. Unedited pops

    Lol. I have the soap he advertised.

  17. enzmondo

    I don't think that's a rune for House of M. Runes have their own individual meanings and translations. That actually looks more like E than M.

  18. Michael Klaus

    I still think that Hayward uses "The Vision" in a sense of dehumanizing Vision.

  19. Michael Klaus

    Sorry Erik, I make my own soap.

  20. Untapped Potenial

    Real talk

  21. Paul B

    Doctor strange is going to create a safe place for Wanda to greive..

  22. Mark Vega

    Do you think Wanda will make White Vision into the Vision (I.e., Vision is able to live outside the hex)?

  23. Philip Glenna Hyni

    I just don’t hope they bring the FOX’s X-men into this universe, those movies are cool and all but there are just wayyyy to many plotholes while the current MCU has very few

  24. Superfly

    Did anybody notice that they De-Aged Kathryn Hahn

  25. Supa Ego

    What if the white vision is ultron?

  26. Fictious Silver


  27. Cooper Fletcher

    I think there might be the scorpion because you see him in home coming at the very end

  28. Rick Gray

    I think Agatha is working with Dr. Strange. Vision will be restored but killed again and Wanda will go off the deep end and create the Multiverse.

  29. henry langsford

    Eric: "Use Blueblock glasses" Me: " Uses night shift mode" 😂

  30. Ceasefire Productions

    That mirror shot still fucks with my brain😱😱

  31. Clockwork Time

    Purple also means thanos


    I would love to watch doctor strange send Agatha into the multiverse Iternal fall into the abyss!

  33. Rowan Blaze

    Vision's performative fear of the banging branch (ep 2) makes way more sense in light of the Dick Vandyke Walnuts episode.

  34. Venku Chikkadi

    What about Godzilla vs king Kong

  35. JadeDragonFilms

    when a rabbit appears in the mcu, call it a raccoon and see how it feels!

  36. Rasmus Nielsen

    3 witches? Like in Valhalla. Runes? Like in Valhalla. 9 circles? Like the 9 realms?

  37. Dunco Bot

    The secret guest at the end of the season might be Ralph or Nicholas Scratch

  38. super-wolf 11

    I have one thing that I think is a little bit confusing...infinity war did not have a full Bar in risk even though it had a villain that wanted too destroy half of the universe.

  39. Elizabeth Ruder Celiz

    Thanks for commentary, I just wanted to make one small point. Tillikum was from Iceland, and was held in Victoria, BC, not Washington state... it’s not a happy thing or something to be proud of, but as much we love you Washingtonians, BC is not Washington.

  40. Yanill Sanabria_NerdyGlam

    I’m confused about Vision and their kids and why Wanda can’t control them🤔Doesn’t that mean they are real??! Also, wouldn’t it be funny if Vision (being an AI and all) just wired himself a boat load of cash😭🤣He has control of anything over the internet. That’s what I would do💻💸🏡🙋🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  41. MARKRebels

    In the post credit scene Haywood says “We took this thing apart and put it back together again a million times. Wanda just came in sadly on one of those times.

  42. DB

    Felt like I was watching *Marvel: A Christmas Carol* Hopefully the next episode will make up for it.

  43. Andrew Hall

    The children aren’t not real in Wanda Vision. But Wanda, will soon accept this fact. The real vision will come soon or version without the stone.

  44. Andrea Marais

    Where was Vision in episode 8?

  45. Colten Drane

    600/month for one bedroom is cheap???? In Pennsylvania u can get a 3 bedroom for that

  46. Naresh Chauhan

    Glitch could be representing multiverse travel as shown in Spiderverse

  47. Nacho Santillan

    When Jessica said “ they should be getting a fortune they’re putting their lives on the line “. Real Soldiers over here like -🤨🤨🤨

  48. Colten Drane

    So Rouge theory: Hayward is Ralph 🤯🤯🤔 he lies and manipulates people to do what he wants and is trying to create a world without "enhanced" individuals 🤔

  49. rmm x

    You know the books we saw in WandaVision in agathas place it kinda reminded me of that book from dr strange when dr strange picked up

  50. RELAXcowboy

    A bit off topic. I’d LOVE to see a ‘What If’ that shows Ultron who beat the Avengers and transferred to Visions body having to deal with Thanos coming for the stones.

  51. Emmanuel newborn

    I have a fan theory what if vision is the same vision you see when you open your eyes ?



  53. Michael Berndt

    love the joe biden

  54. Michael Loftus

    what about the Flux Capacitor in the 01h00 position

  55. Jacob Wilson-miller

    The Chitauri and Outriders shouldn't count as people.

  56. ChekerdMC

    Raplhit rabbit and ralph

  57. Coby Conner

    the nine circles could also be the nine realms

  58. multi-lover

    Clint was like an old brother for Wanda. He NEEDS to come, even if its the post credit scene in the last episode of season 1.

  59. Honor The 15th

    how come all of the family have oval faces but morty's is round?

  60. Simon Pierre

    The first arc was a 6 i i like it The 2 second acr is a 2 it was trash The final acr is a 9 i loved it

  61. Joe Bien

    Wanda is it going to transfer vision into White vision and then we have vision again

  62. multi-lover

    Am i the only one who thinks clint will come in and help wanda?

  63. SnaketheJake27

    If they waste Evan Peters as a normal person just to troll fans in an episode and a half that's the biggest waste of a good actor ever.

  64. Austin Shipman

    So if they had a white vision with like a stark reactor couldn't Ultron come back and hack his body now.

  65. Harry Brewis

    The missing person is Simon Williams who Wanda empowers to be wonderman played by Nathan fillon 🤞

  66. henry langsford

    Am I the only one having OCD over how Eric's headphones are adjusted fully shut on his right but fully open on his left 😂

  67. Mad Science Gaming

    Second prediction the vision that Wanda created and white vision will actually merge together to give the soul that Wanda created a body to inhabit

  68. thomas luhrs

    I assume that Paul Bettany was teasing that he gets to work with himself. An actor he's wanted to work with for a while.

  69. Ongan Uyanik

    Here is my question: What happened thano's spaceship after the endgame ? it was broken apart by carol danvers but we didn't see what happened after the battle ended. did it blipped like thanos and rest of his crew ?

  70. Katelijn Hovestad

    Does anyone know if the second alternate ending was actually shot?

  71. TreNotToxic

    In my opinion vision kinda looked like Super-Adaptoid but now that your saying white vision it makes more sense

  72. Sharkbaitoohhaha

    You get mad props for A) using Biden as a sniffing meme, and B) Dr. Squatch is AWESOME.

  73. t L

    This episode just made age of Ultron a bit more emotional

  74. Braylon Manning

    what about the 9 circles 9 relms?

  75. Jackolus Gamer

    I am starting to think that Jimmy Woo is actually Doctor Strange in disguise, or that the missing person is Doctor Strange's alias in the normal world, whether or not Agent Woo knows it or not. Would be cool if Woo knows he's been working with Doctor Strange. Also explains how he mastered the card trick lol.

  76. paul herdman

    Also who is the luke skywalker level cameo they are talking about. Prob end up being a transdemensional being/villain. STAN LEE!!!

  77. c sandusky

    Could Wanda just form a singularity Hex around The Visions body? That way anywhere Vision goes he'll be in the Hex.

  78. paul herdman

    White vision is ultron.

  79. Hector Figueroa

    Loved how the foundation for Wanda and visions house was on the shape of an M

  80. Abel Andrew