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  1. Beatbox for Life


  2. Meshell Cohn


  3. No-

    Me: Gets a girlfriend in October. Also me: Breaks up with her cause I’m scared.- Then I listen to this song- Well, I fucked up.-

  4. SilentMadi


  5. SilentMadi


  6. Mimmi Ines

    POV: U searhed "When never u tell me im pretty song"....

  7. [МяТа]


  8. gaby


  9. Jared Wimbish

    can i friend this kid pls he has some beats more like nice beats

  10. Florisel Perez


  11. Reeva

    This song makes me wanna play the Wii without the safety straps

  12. Austin Itoya

    It took me so long to find out what this song is called in english and so sad we dont know the words yet

  13. Bella C

    I hope this kids pillow has two cold sides

  14. Cooper Kidwell

    This is cringe

    1. powerpell

      That's what your mom said when you were born

  15. Shoto Todoroki

    I don’t play fortnite anymore but this is *✨exquisite✨*

  16. Destroyertank 1

    I dont get why ppl like it slowed, it sounds worse

  17. Emily_Gacha 843

    I hate fortnite but this is a bop

  18. Str Climaco

    0:30 daisuke kanbe when he was little

  19. Naintham

    Frist time i heard this song i legitm tought this voice was from skeppy

  20. Ur Stupid

    Me searching: Badabadabada song on tiktok

  21. RyloKen67

    The fact that this kid has to catch up to the beat makes this song 100x better

  22. dumbrat juice


  23. Åňğėłüs

    Wat? (Que)

  24. Jude Yoffy


  25. El compa AMLO

    legend says thiago alcántara played this song when he arrived at liverpool

  26. Alanah R

    I looked up lightning ina bottle

  27. MungaBunga

    Ok boomer

  28. giuliettaa

    elites will think about vinnie and nailea😩

  29. Zeo Daddy

    I didint know she gay

  30. Μαρία Πιτροπάκη

    Omg i used to listen this song at the beach under the stars at 2020 summer✨😍 This song hits different at night

  31. k r i k t a

    Joder Valla Rolón🤙😎

  32. Ivan Zelasko

    Another round here show me how you read that book and tell me your number then delete this corner of the then we are going to defeat the corona hope you have a great day be safe make sure you hit that like button this was my remix of bringing around town hope you enjoy it bring it around yeah show me how you move how you get down yeah going do you think I'm going to break it down bring it around yeah show me how you move how you down hi my name is Jimmy what's your name my name is name you can't just name yourself name right I didn't name myself my mom named myself okay are you dumb or something did you know I'm kidnapping you oh you're kidding you're oh I didn't know you were kidding no I said I'm kidnapping you oh you're kidding okay no I said I'm kidnapping you I think you are dumb but my mom said I'm not dumb then I just got to exposed okay get on my car I'm not kidnapping you okay well thank you for I'm talking to me you have any Starbucks no I do not have any Starbucks get out of my car why I want Starbucks read for more I'm blinded by the light what do you mean you're blinded by light there isn't really no life in here straight dark thank you for reading that have a great day funny when I when I am coming

  33. Luiz Felipe Simplicio Dos Santos


  34. wowjames


  35. Travis Cochran

    Who's from tiktok and who is 💨

  36. ImDuck

    I searched up "i love my head big"

  37. Ivan Zelasko

    Hi today I I will be telling you a story so let's get right into it once upon a time a little girl lived in the woods with her puppy mom and her dad once there was a little book that she likes to read one day her mom took that book away and the girl cried everyday because that was my favorite book had her favorite food in it and she was really sad so her mom didn't know that she threw the book away for the daughter didn't want to tell her mom because my mom would be really upset cuz the grandma got that for the daughter and so was the grandma be upset so one day the daughter knew something that she could do so he went to a store that sell the book and then the girl decided to get a book that looked like the old book that her mom threw away then one day there was a girl in school that would always bully her for one day her life got better she was a teenager now and she started to learn that he will never give up one day her mother brought her new cupcakes and she decided to share with her roommate next to her so she gave him the cupcake and then they became friends two years later they were in a relationship and they started dating and five years later they got married described to this video for more information make sure you hit that like button and have a great day

  38. Darius Davidson

    The beat 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  39. vrvrv vrvrrv

    I didn't think you'd want to drop that "gangsta" crap.

  40. Ivan Zelasko

    There was a little girl and the little girl lived in a cabin once there was a monster then then her mom came by and she stopped by to give her some food and then when she went to her friend's house he said where's the switch at and then her friend was like hold on I just need to find my switch then 10 minutes later she couldn't find her switch and she locked her friend in her room should I have a switch but it had a party and the end

  41. jhenyfer doidinha

    Thank you

  42. Star_Wars_Nerd_2021

    "I Wanna See Ur Cheeks glow red, red, red." Best part Like if you agree

  43. Ivan Zelasko

    That was my remix of bringing around town

  44. crisp_dew_drops


  45. Ivan Zelasko

    Bring it around show me how you look how you get down now go on to your thing called break it down

  46. Aeden Sta Barbara

    The song and beat is so pop vibes good vibes and then we have the lyrics

  47. anum rose

    All I can see when I listen to this Is freddy Krueger sexually dancing Tik tok is wild

  48. spk ale nikt nie pytał

    pov: weebs are here

  49. Xaves August

    Coolpro- fort- nite- game-

  50. Octavio Goncalves


  51. Levi_Ackerman YT

    Only legends know this

  52. Niehxy lul


  53. Mykael Cromwell


  54. Gavrielle Alexander

    I thought she was trapbunnybubles

  55. Damien Patterson

    We miss tomato town

  56. Arch-vile

    Honestly this shit slaps

  57. brave10 now12

    If u came from tik tok smh 😑

  58. X_24 Projt4

    I searched I love my head big

  59. Spoopy Man877

    When you don't know the songs name, just use google and say what song is this called, you'll thank me later

  60. Totally_notadteamsimp

    ⚠️TW: SUICIDE ⚠️ (Go to 1:26) POV: your friend commit suicide and you were heartbroken so you decided to take it as your job to help people who were suicidal, you see someone on standing on the edge of the bridge holding onto the rails looking down at a long drop that ends at thrashing water, you run over to them because you don’t want the same thing that happened to you and your friend to happen to them and their family. However you were too late and they jumped. You sit on the bridge looking over from where they were just standing before falling and crying. (1:58) The ghost of your friend that commit suicide appears and sings to you telling you it’s okay and that it wasn’t your fault as they pat your shoulder. (2:34) The ghost of the person who just jumped now appears next to the ghost of your friend and also sings to you telling you it’s okay, only now it sounds very distorted. (2:51) they keep singing to you and comforting you until they slowly start fading away, and your left on the bridge crying.

  61. Lukáš Dušek

    fortnite is trash

  62. Renikeji Ogundipe

    I was today years old when I found out that this song samples Snoop Dogg's Gin And Juice

  63. albybot

    Nessuno: Letteralmente nessuno Ma proprio nessuno Aleclasher in live

  64. [Liar Liar]

    I searched up "no need to swear to God" And I found it

  65. Shiloh Clarke

    And this song goes to aussie eggs in Adopt me :(

  66. Caro


  67. sad boy

    You know the girls always give us a pain

  68. Bus Rider 225 Playz or more

    This is from American boy by Kanye west

    1. TheAstroCat

      I think so

  69. Kristina

    I came here from hp boys react videos because in almost every one is this song.

  70. Muhammad Najmuddin

    This boy take our national song "Malaysian boy" as background music and i dont know if you have other song like similar background music like this. Im not claiming it. My 2 cent. But i really enjoy this kids song. Sorry about my english so bad. La la la la la pro fornite gamer🤣

  71. NightArcher55

    I love how this blew up 2 years after it was made

  72. Godify


  73. Journey with Aritra

    I searched "no bhai no" 😐

  74. Habib Putra


  75. Jazmine Vega

    Um you a "rare weed" im pretty sure its "rare breed"... Cya

  76. fatima abbod

    Idgf im Russian now

  77. Orengi

    I was lowkey trying to find this for months and i kept asking people their answer was "suffer with me" as in i thought they didnt know either but then one person said no thats the name of the song. I am so stupid!

  78. ᴀsᴏᴄɪᴀʟᴇ _

    but the original of this is slower

    1. ᴀsᴏᴄɪᴀʟᴇ _

      no nulla sono io scema che avevo il x1.25

  79. Johnny Darko

    Russian $uicideboy$ 😂🔥

  80. That's tuff Simple

    I'm Russian and lyrics doesn't much to song