ER Tech turned MuFKR

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  1. Molly Silverman

    English okease

  2. Klony

    The wall had it coming.

  3. Mohan Krishnan

    I didn't understand a single work someone pls translate

  4. Ana Marquez

    Why does he sound so polite in Spanish? he has way more words to curse

  5. Brent Chapman

    I broke my neck when I was 9. Or more explicitly I fractured the sixth vertabre of my neck. If the break was an inch lower I may have paralyzed, or dead. But when we went to the hospital I dont remeber waiting long before I was given a room and sat watching attack of the clones while waiting for the results. The nurse came in and asked my mom for the helmet I was racing in and said that the doctor at children's would want to see it. Apparently they didnt tell us I broke my neck or that we were being moved, by ambulance, to the children's hospital not far away. I was given a blanket that I still have to this day and was escorted to children's. It was like 11pm when we went to the E.R. cause I was a stubborn motehrfucker and I wanted to race my bike some more and played football for half an hour before leaving, and it was midnight before I was transferred. The entire night I was being moved from gurney to gurney and one time even to what seemed like a metal table with wheels. I have adhd and am a very active child and when I tell you that was the msot still I've ever been you better believe because for 12 hours I couldnt move. So when i finally stopped being moved everywhere I was given a neck brace and sent home with plenty of stuff to explain to show wanted to know. And since my moms car was at the memorial hospital 45 minutes away and the metro train wasn't working my aunt picked me and my mom up at like 1 pm the next day. And you better beleive I had a hell of a story to tell people at school on Monday. Mind you I was in the 4rth grade and i was known for notoriously injuring myself but this took the cake.

  6. An G

    They were already on the decline before the vaccine was started

  7. zeroblackdeath 13

    Wait till the end, it looks more like your throwing up gang sign

  8. CxramelChuu

    This is why in karate they taught us to use the darn index and middle finger knuckle.

  9. Bwoee._.k Offical

    Ahhh so thats why when i punched my front door everytime i would turn my hand that spot specifically was hurting like helll😭😭 i never got it checked thats propably why from time to time it still hurt😅😅😅🥲

  10. Zinedine Rodriguez

    LOL oh my gawd Bien hecho

  11. Andrew Murray

    This type of energy is what makes people not want the covid vaccine, bro acts like he’s so high and mighty. Take a chill pill bud, clearly vaccines work. Anyone who says otherwise is a moron. 99% of the so called “anti-Vaxers” aren’t anti-vax at all and think like me. I’m definitely not opposed and will get the covid one but I sure as hell ain’t gonna be one the first or hold it to such a high standard like it’s something to flaunt? Few reasons I’m waiting- one being that I’m not at risk nor do I work in a profession such as healthcare, second being that never before has a vaccine come out this quick. I mean look at what happened with Johnson & Johnson, this probably won’t be an issue again but can you say for sure? I can’t. I’m not at risk so I’ll be one of the last ty very much.

  12. Lauren Bromet

    I have extra iron in my body so call me Iron Woman!

  13. Freya Fern

    I found u on YT. .. didn't even follow you on TikTok. I will now.

  14. sxftsitii ッ

    What if the patient wakes up in the middle of the surgery? What will you guys do? Stop the surgery or give more anesthesia?

  15. 19AG457 Priyanka Yadav

    This is me But with pepsi or ice-cream 😂ieat ice-cream and then catch cold and I eat even more ice-cream to cure it😂😂😂

  16. Tyler Da Person

    Lmao. Only true beings understand

  17. Anastashia Cruz

    Well, those MFs need to go to the ER so they can get a shot with the biggest needle. For real, your stuff is so hilarious and informative.

  18. MissingNo876 Uknown


  19. Ghost in the box productions

    Ima start walking in emergency rooms and say it quiet in here and walk out

  20. Instinct

    i had no regrets

  21. r4a2g0

    Wanna fix it, ignore it and use a different platform There, problem solved

  22. Wreckz Alottovdatime

    Yup, that's called "debridement". Not so funny story: had a g/f who went motorcycle riding without me, and didn't wear her gear. When she crashed, I met up with her at the hospital, where I helped the nurses hold down this 93 lb woman while they debrided her legs. Yea... no. I hope I NEVER have to do that again.

  23. Amr Medhat

    I have a broken leg and btw i was in socer traning so like not so much a docter told me to keep traning like wtf i have broken bone he friken made walk on it to my mom i dont now how i walked on it i cant now but im traying

  24. Syko

    Yeah I hate those constraints. Used to have grand maw (sp?) seizures and when I almost bit off my tongue they used binds AND straps.

  25. Majulyrete

    I did call ahead once but that was just to let them know that I had Covid so they could be ready for that mess involved.

  26. Femboy


  27. Christopher Ritschel

    Well tiktok is for 5 year olds welcome to the real platform!

  28. Heather Ransom

    Noooo your hilarious..and the advice is pretty legit...going to follow u now

  29. Adrian Gonzalez

    Tik Tok wack stay on youtube

  30. Brent Chapman

    I once 0ut some cotton in my ears to stop all the different strange sounds I heard so I could sleep. The next morning I could only get one of the peices of cotton out. After a while my mom took me to someone and they washed it out with a weird medical pump thing. Now I'm just used to the strange sounds, something I'm gonna have to live with thx to ma damn third ass eye.

  31. Apple Cider Gang

    I wanna C a doctor and a anti vaxxer have a debate

  32. Hayden York

    Take a tip from MrBallin switch to DEfasts it's a much better platform.

  33. sheepie _draws

    I get chest pains from anxiety and phycosis induced panic attacks, it hurts like hell but laying down usually helps Especially if its panic attacks. Had an aunt who died from a heart attack. Perfectly healthy just collapsed.

  34. Alisia Murray

    I love this guy 😆

  35. Heather Neese

    Your to fucking awesome to be banned 😜😋🤪

  36. Gamezilla 56


  37. Carrie Vitor

    Hey dont swear my brother is watching shorts vids

  38. Alhuren Bereza

    Hearing him say, "sláinte" just hurts my soul, and I'm Native American...

  39. Clyde Laurence Victorioso

    Why does he swear weirdly

  40. Memer mann

    Yeah, I was strolled in. Ambulances rock mother fuckers. It's like a private car, but it's very. Very. Very bloody. Sometimes. Well it was when I left it.

  41. uck You

    I'm not gonna get the vaccine because my momma said it's made from the devil


    This would be meeeee bro. If I worked at an ER and saw this I’d do the same thing bruh. Nah. I do it already in school bruhhh cause people are dumb as shiii

  43. BolanBark

    My brother literally ONLY FUCKING EATS HOT CHEETOS unless my mom makes his favorite souo

  44. LeonetteGo

    This probably does more harm than good. Let's stick with chest compressions. 👍🏻😆

  45. Diamond Venom

    Uuhhhhh can anyone comment what he said in Emglish

  46. Ana Kelly

    I use warm water and peroxide in a bulb to flush my ears out. But, even impacted, I have sensitive hearing. When completely cleaned, I have very sensitive hearing. I can hear whispers as plain as day. But, unfortunately, I also have misophonia.

  47. ScizorX

    I’m so sorry 😞 I can’t believe TikTok did that😖😭😭😭😭

  48. Hoi

    Lemme go stoned into the ER to get some free food

  49. Dane Hartsough

    Well, at least you can continue tips from the er on youtube

  50. Lily F

    Am I the only person who can legit smell the cheetos?

  51. John O'Neill

    You forgot to mention how the patient is usually fully awake for for the placement of the chest tube. That's some interesting shit to watch happen to yourself.

  52. Tristan Toole

    What is "popcorn lung" for 1000, Al- ...oh, I already miss Mr. Trebek.

  53. Veronica Foxx

    This was so fun Last Night

  54. BroCrazy3501

    That thing he did with his tongue 👅

  55. Constantin Robert Ionuț

    The problem with tha vaccine is that it doesn’t work like a normal vaccine where they insert a dead part of the virus so that the body get’s imune to it. Instead it makes the body to make a protein(i’ll call it protein s) that has spikes like Coronavirus, and to hope that if you get infected the imune system to fight covid. But what u might not know is that the body doesn’t fight with covid as if you already got covid once. The vaccine makes the body attack the protein s and sometimes the bosy attack’s covid and sometimes the vaccine is useles. And if you already got covid and u get a vaccine there is a higher chance to die that the chance if you do it but you didn’t had it. And if let’s say you didn’t had covid, but if you would you would be a critical pacient, there is a considerabile chance if you do the vaccine the body would react just like if you had covid. If you want to vaccinate i don’t say not to do it, this comment is to know more about the vaccine and about the risks.

  56. Im Me

    I love this dude🤣🤣🤣 he makes learning things about hospitals fun.... Just like my man clawboss, he makes learning about school buses fun.... We need more of this

  57. John Backen

    I left really nice sized blood stain on the waiting room floor. After an hour I started to lose color. So I got bumped.

  58. Ahto J

    My grandpa broke his foot and he knew he wouldn't be able to drive back from his local hospital. So the madlad just drives a 120km with a broken foot to the town my familiy lives to go to our hospital so we can pick him up. Nothing can stop him despite his age. Love you grandpa

  59. Cici Sol

    Legendary 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  60. Ethan Silva

    Can we say silent?

  61. Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin

    He spelled chest like cheat

  62. WICKEDGaming

    Now do It in German

  63. Duston Hampe

    Cancel culture runs the world I'm sorry that you got canceled bro stay on DEfasts you most likely won't get canceled here

  64. Cecily Cook

    Fck tiktok.... stick with the best.... us youtubers 🤣🤣🤣🙌🙌 we love you here and many of us dont even do tiktok, insta, or whatever tf is out there. Rebels 🤪🤪😆😆

  65. Hailey Adkins

    Why would they go to jail

  66. Femboy

    “Take your damn pants off” that’s e first time that was said to me 🥵

  67. dazed and confused


  68. Downpour

    My mom when I had a broken shoulder: oooor we can just not go, because the camp nurses said you're fine, and just need exercise.

  69. Hope Ya

    Stress and anxiety is super real 😂

  70. Peepo The Frog

    Ez he says

  71. Stephanie Barrett


  72. HeavyFeather45

    Ur a dumbass

  73. Daniel C

    What if the action caused it? 🤔🤔🤔

  74. -Sʜᴏᴏᴋᴏᴏᴋɪᴇ Wᴀɴsᴜᴇ-

    Where do you live? I want you to be my doctor😂😂

  75. Ashlyn Hooton


  76. Madelyn Buzek

    I’m sorry they banned you. That’s unfair. Keep posting on DEfasts and maybe try making another account on tik tok

  77. Afreen Azam

    Plot twist: He made this video as an excuse to eat hot cheetoes

  78. Kyle Chapman

    JOEY WE NEED A BED sir this is a Wendy’s

  79. Stephanie Barrett

    So sincere question MuFKR. My gynocologist just cost me my life insurance policy cause they released some bullshit info to them that I didn't sign for or know about. Is that illegal?