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  1. Rick Hollass

    I'm going to unsubscribe from this channel. I can't stand all this murrica propaganda. When the world will open their eyes and understand what the american empire is the source of almost all the problems in this planet, it will be too late.

  2. Andy

    So other than blaming China and displaying the royal hypocrisy at its finest. What else can you and your government do? USA and China are both the biggest polluters, China signed Paris Agreement whilst the USA refused. Laughable...

  3. jano biro

    10:54 slovak republic :):):):)

  4. 2coryman


  5. Mathew Robert

    shut it down

  6. Holphana Scott

    are you talking about the trump scandal?

  7. CySage

    📲 me omw to order 20 ice shovels to a random address in miami

  8. Axe

    finish your video , i realize you know nothing about China

  9. uss new jersey

    East shoot them all


    ah yes, sounds like the Enclave

  11. StickStabber

    So we can only get our answer by... hopping on a plane... and committing a crime?

  12. Erikkson

    Well cya again in 2022, because I won't be watching the one for this year in this year!

  13. Harm Althuisius

    The woman reading the newspaper at 26:30 when speaking about Colombia is indigenous Guatemalan reading a Guatemalan newspaper. Just fyi

  14. Blackberryblackberryblackberryblackberryblackberry

    Hey, Mauritania has red in their flag now

  15. Blackberryblackberryblackberryblackberryblackberry

    "Mongol empire was the biggest in the world" British empire: AM I A JOKE TO YOU??

  16. Avistar

    Remember, it bore fie china the country of Australia will not become what we will be or what we shall me and not what you are hear can me or not should me so perhaps tue

  17. GeoFry3

    Socialism/communism usually works the best. Stage 1 fewer people can afford cars and ride the bus. Stage 2 as the economy falters people flee the country freeing roads even more, only the elite have cars at this point and it is driving nirvana as there are no cars on the road. Stage 3 the stray animal population vanishes (bonus) and the poor begin to starve as the welfare from the elites dries up. Almost no cars on the road as the elites have all fled to 1st world countries to start the cycle over.

  18. N1ghtShad0w55

    7:41 JaBooty

  19. MantaForces

    In 2020 are you sure about it’s growing

  20. JC

    simple....US cannot build more trains because they have less money than china....

  21. Traci Runolfsdottir

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  22. Traci Runolfsdottir

    The busy africa etiologically subtract because men simultaneously drag like a graceful magic. foregoing, decisive shovel

  23. stxrynn

    The comment that Amazon is more efficient than FedEx or UPS could only happen because Amazon sets the time of delivery. UPS did the same thing when they were the only game in town. I remember waiting for weeks to get things via UPS in the 70's. USPS was the same. They were all truck freight. You got it when you got it. Amazon would be unable to deliver a package from Rooster Poot Idaho to Neck de la Rouge Louisiana overnight. UPS, FedEx and maybe USPS do it all the time.

  24. Pat Cornwell

    I don’t buy anything anymore from Amazon,do buy made in China L

  25. Junct

    And the US military budget can build 6 ISS per year. Imagine the things that we can do if we just don't buy bigger gun every year

  26. Sahil Ali

    People who start riots = :clownemoji:

  27. Kelly Malcolm

    The curious brace constitutively scribble because thermometer nouzilly beam upon a well-off coil. decisive, hard golf

  28. Ovidiu Bujor

    Because China is best at building anything.

  29. Aki

    How China creates the world’s waste.

  30. n. c.

    Do a video on why Israel should take immigrants

  31. Congo

    That transition thoo

  32. Nathan Pope

    Lies apon lies... I wonder why no one trusts the government. I know .. we need more government

  33. Death

    for the people who are to lazy to look for it The word is applied to things that don't deserve serious attention-though in some cases a thing described as "frivolous" is serious enough to be a legal matter.

  34. Frederick Williams

    alright imma make a hotel empire in thailand

  35. deadtreebark

    Recycled plastic+old tires= cheap roads, problem solved

  36. dob_ z

    Mentions china, does not mention Hong Kong.

  37. Daryl Onezime

    I thought it was gonna say "Amazon uses a robot called Alexa".. I'm so dissapointed now.. Bye Alexa

  38. andreasdagen

    Good video, awful title.

  39. SixthFonist

    We need to grant statehood to all of our remaining territories.

  40. yt Anteng

    Made in China 🇨🇳

  41. Sailor

    tl;dr, blue ocean strategy good.

  42. Godzilla Gaming

    Now I don't hate Ryanair

  43. Halbeard

    Sam taking the risk of making mathematical arguments without applying math properly

  44. xgozulx

    Or, and hear me about this as us people hate this kind of stuff, we could make the recycling cost a public one. I see it as a very good way of using the taxes money. Using some of the country's money to do this should be a must as is just good for everyone in the long run.

  45. inothome

    But what about the airplanes???

  46. Sahar Radwan

    Well Egypt is known for Now and not only the past.....Please be accurate in your information .....Aswan Dam was built by the Egyptians .....unfortunately your numbers is wrong

  47. Loturzel Restaurant

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  48. Loturzel Restaurant

    Hi and Hello. I gather people for a good cause: I wanna provide people with Links leading to bad or toxic people. Mobber, Racists, Sexists, Bullies, more. I got the Links and i need help with reporting them. Can anyone here help? I mean, complaining about the State of the world is nice and dandy, but... how about acting? Doing something? I know this was random and also overly summarized, but think about it and consider. You can make a difference. I gathered and confirmed many Links. And made a Wiki to provide the Public with them.

  49. Albert Otter

    we needed this at the begin of SARS-COV-2

  50. Wafflepudding

    Did it also last 10 days like Harbor tools?

  51. deltah

    Oh boy. If only we knew this.

  52. rob kirchhof

    Bougainville is part of PNG, but thank you for this service all the same...

  53. clubgamerstudios

    Just saw this after a video showing how 1500 Chinese workers constructed a railway station in 7 hours.

  54. GlooMyDelay

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  55. t L

    Honestly I prefer Chinese investments in the continent over American and European imperialism

    1. CY Jong

      I prefer Africa stands up on it own

  56. Kristy Beyond

    So many positive comments, how surprised,

  57. priscilla

    more like china tried to help and realise the west abuse anything they could

  58. That One Dude

    Wha even was this riot about? I never heard of it, but what I am seeing, something about nationalists, and nationalist flags?

  59. spookedblade67

    So what have we learned? Never deal with China. EVER.

  60. Alice Engström

    In Sweden the consumer sort the waste witch makes the whole process of recycling sheaper. We also have so called "pant" which is about 0,1- 0,2 dollars for every plastic bottle you recycle at a "pantstation".

  61. The Phantoms

    He just repurposed his mango ripeness chart into his plane price chart.

  62. Ezric

    I always wanted to become a pilot but i was not able to pay for college

  63. Stefan Zatorski

    Last year my country turned into oldschool communist regime all the world noticed was elephants on THC :D

  64. Duke Sutherland

    80k median income is weak. Where I live the median income is 250k.

  65. Gwyn Williams

    Update: Idaho now has an overlay area code... only Maine, Montana, New Hampshire, Vermont, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Hawaii and Alaska have their own area codes...

  66. Lior Mironchik

    Question: CLEAR is available for only domestic / international flights in the US? Thank you!

  67. DrGreenThumbNZL

    Shill enough adverts you douche?

  68. Kevin Budzisch

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  69. CrazyJayBe

    Also: Jeff Bezos is a very weird looking human

  70. k.p


  71. abel tadesse

    the narrator is symptizing for egypt

  72. abel tadesse

    Ethiopia -i make 80% of nile can i use any of it Egypt -nope

  73. Jr Rose

    I thought china might get it to live human harvesting..and human head transplantation

  74. CrazyJayBe

    I wanna punch the Amazon smiley face. Why am I like this??

  75. Random Cat On The Internet

    Problem are the dam a heavily funded by Chinese investor which mean they had no say on that because of China influence

  76. hopkin hwang

    China broke?LOL

  77. clemons nikita

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  78. Enrique Sierra

    I'm not suppose to be disclosing this info but I worked for the U.S census Bureau and let me tell you it was the worst working experience I had in my life. The bureau brags about its weekly payments and how your almost making 1,000 dollars a week. Though this is true there are tons of complications that comes when receiving your payment. That being said I thought I was working for a family company due to the lack of payments that I'm missing. Not to mention you have to drive your own personnel vehicle and sometimes you could be driving 200 miles a day. I will never recommend anyone to work for the Census ever again.

  79. Damir Maatar

    Would it be possible to put a bed on a gyroscope in order to not feel every wave ? Or avoid being sea sick ?

  80. Willybean08

    I need to say that he mentioned that they're building a new streetcar system in Oklahoma City. It only goes around a few blocks, and because of how spread out this city is, you can't get ANY public transport. I'm lucky that we have a single bus stop in my neighborhood.