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  1. Jakob Owens

    Tyceno just ain’t himself man not playing like he used to.

  2. Russianmafia

    Until we found out that they were fake! Lol

  3. Gdsson Green


  4. Kemal Asanovic

    Ty this is not ur game, just stop

  5. Runitup Nas

    Did Wizard channel die or something ?

  6. urza

    omgggggggg almost gave me blue balls

  7. Jitu Pandit

    Very nice

  8. Syketimis

    The man bro chur!

  9. Slim Brady

    I haven’t watch a 2K21 video in months

  10. Devin Qualls


  11. Istackz IC

    how many ads???

    1. ꜱᴘɪʀɪᴛᴜᴀʟ

      He gotta pay his bills

  12. Yxng II

    Let’s go tyceno 🔥✊

  13. Nando

    This gameplay is so fucking ugly compared to 2k19, 17, and 16 lmao. Happy too have you back tho Ty 😍

  14. Harvey The Goat

    31:13 damn🤣🤣🤣

  15. Omar Montanez

    Y aren’t they speed glitching

  16. Ironic

    Yes sirrr first video back

  17. Tony_zn

    1 Million ❤️ congrats

  18. Mr Quez

    Annoyings play style in this game upsets me he’s never really that good he misses a lot and relies on his center to grab the board if annoying played without a great center or with Kris for example he’d get dominated every time

  19. Caleb Reid

    Kris is a good friend, he know Tyceno was upset.

  20. Rylee K

    im so glad your back such a legend

  21. Christian Navarro

    Damn, I love tyceno and all but he’s washed 🙁

  22. hypedcardz

    2v2 for $1000?

  23. Michael

    Tyceno shouldve done wagers on next gen rather than current

  24. Leo Hypixel Chsisj

    annoying is shaped like a little boy LMAO. how old is that man. jesus christ his shoulders are wide as a mini cooper

  25. APK-_-Dribbled Yt

    2:23 bro I miss those days

  26. Giannis Merodoulakis

    Dont worry legend... glad you’re back

  27. DbsFan 10

    1 M

  28. GimmeDatBankz YT

    How many adz 😅

  29. Colby Tucker


  30. Colby Tucker


  31. Ty TheGreatOne

    Tyceno is just rusty

  32. Mohammed Shabbar1234

    rip kobe

  33. Exotic Ruben

    1 milll Tyceno in the building

  34. Exotic Ruben

    1m god bless

  35. ELI 347

    Good to you back Tyceno💯 such a damn legend bro much love❤️

  36. Parker Schaffer

    Man 2k is getting hella old

    1. Malachi Richards


  37. PXLO FN

    Ik he hasn’t played in 6 months but this has to be the worst wager I’ve ever watched

  38. Povii

    Lowkey Kris' catchphrase is "You're the fucking best!"

  39. The Real Lunatic

    If tyceno played more we would of spanked them but gg glad to have you back bro

  40. kvddtell

    Wager me 1000

  41. Kk

    Yall trash ash now, he used to be so cracked wtf

  42. YNG Tyler

    I miss seeing you and Kris !

  43. Aye Its Sam

    Tyceno just ain’t it on 21

    1. Malachi Richards

      @Aye Its Sam kinda true but he is rusty because right after a 7 month break hes back to wagers

    2. Aye Its Sam

      @Malachi Richards nah don’t get me wrong he was a straight demon on other 2ks but the way the game is built and played this year is the opposite of his style...

    3. Malachi Richards

      or maybe hes rusty

  44. Adam Davis

    Is this 2k20 or 2k21? Current or next gen

    1. Malachi Richards

      2k21 current gen

  45. Ramzyy Elobee

    I’ve seen you play way better than this..just a Lil rust that’s all you’ll be back 🤟🏿

  46. PXRE-_- Snxgs

    He came back trashhhhhhhhhhh dawg wataafasa

  47. PXRE-_- Snxgs


  48. PXRE-_- Snxgs

    Tyceno came back trashhhhhh

  49. Trending Pug

    How come at 5:13 his midrange deadeye is silver but at 2:53 his is hof?? Demi glitching??

  50. Kyler Gamelin

    The king is BACK

  51. PB Gaming

    Plz wager me

    1. Malachi Richards

      why are you commenting that on this video lol

  52. numb

    Anyone know his Build

  53. Crazy PR


  54. ShiftyJay

    Yessir tyceno now we gotta see that steezo wager👁

  55. EpikMurk


  56. rue clark

    me thinking i’m watching an annoying video at the beginning

  57. Jay Jay

    Tyceno came back and got fucked up

  58. East Stockton

    I use to be the biggest Tyceno fan , use to think he was the goat on 2k19... these last couple years he’s just losing it tough man.. the iq isn’t there anymore it’s like 2k isn’t his thing anymore

  59. Yahir Ramos

    overrated 😂

    1. Malachi Richards

      your funny

  60. xX_Love_Xx

    Dude is winning in life

  61. Arman Kaila

    Vs gman again plz

  62. EpikMurk


  63. Brayden MTB

    The legend is back

  64. Marcelo Almeida

    Tyceno não é mais aquele

  65. Damiahn Soto


  66. Demonic Games

    I need a next gen wager on your channel

  67. EnergeticTV


  68. Im Tayka

    Current gen so ass lmao


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  70. Wokka


  71. NYK_6 _


  72. Goated Name

    Tyceno do gta role play bro

  73. EpikMurk


  74. Jonah Hess

    the king is back 👑

  75. Manager Crispy

    Saving the community by coming back

  76. DrewSecured

    What desk do you have

  77. EpikMurk


  78. Vartan Mikaelian

    Tyceno this isn’t 2k20🤦🏻

  79. Goon Yung