It's too boring to stay in a cage for the hamster. He wants adventure and travel!

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  1. smallman

    The fuck is this thumbnail lmfao 😭😭

  2. とらんこ


  3. Jax Kelly


  4. Felipe Menescal

    This is Crash Bandicoot

  5. Liliana Cadena


  6. Gustavo Santos

    Sou o único brasileiro

  7. 小本本


  8. The Ultimate Pooper

    2:52 finish him

  9. The Ultimate Pooper

    1:48 yo boys I think the hamster is sus

  10. тh̤̮e̸ мo̤̮υѕe̸ кi̤̮иg̸

    The little hamster is so cute :3

  11. Jake Henke

    Now i want a hamster

  12. expandranon

    "Finally, a sawblade I can eat!"

  13. Mario Perbellini

    Even tho the traps and blade things were not real and made of paper, I find it absolutely disgusting how anyone could put the hamster’s safety at risk for money, are you a person or a monster? The traps were still dangerous

  14. Hessel Mulder

    Dit is dieren mishandeling

  15. Hodgepodgecali

    I can't help but think this is kind of like what Lemmiwinks went through.

  16. All Star Aussie

    This is torture for the hamster

  17. Jacobo Abrahan

    Valió la pena cada maldito segundo

  18. sonny ding

    wow good hampster

  19. adalet namluda


  20. Baylor Clark

    This is not funny or cute. Hamsters are not toys and we cannot treats them like they are. We can make humane hamster mazes but this is horrible. Stop doing this

  21. Keisha Deveroux

    Yeah so cute so much

  22. Tamara Garcia


  23. USTime Aravind Ustime

    I like da video

  24. USTime Aravind Ustime

    Oh no!


    Hamster be like: must sniff.

  26. Jair Carrillo

    I love DEfasts

  27. Diana SR

    This Hamster is suffering 😡🤔

  28. Liquidtree

    what the hell is this

  29. jannik

    Its so cute 😍

  30. khong con bat hoa

    अच्छा वीडियो, मैं आपके दोस्त बनना चाहता हूं, ठीक है?

  31. Willa Needham

    It’s so cute 🥺🥺🥺😍😍😍

  32. vuhoangngoc trinh


  33. حسن العزايزي


  34. Joann Koh

    Good app

  35. Nastia Ost


  36. Francisco Avina

    I never knew you had 2 hamsters, their SO CUTE!!💖😊🤩👍

  37. shadow bg


  38. Otilia-Maria Mitu-Pretorian

    This is a Roblox obey for 🐹

  39. Francisco Avina

    Aww the hamster is so cute and funny too!😊💖

  40. olman olivera

    el janster wey ayudame wuy ayudame

  41. fabri


  42. fabri


  43. Cedrick Bedard

    My favorite part: 3:55

  44. 420HOE

    the lil sound effects bruhh 😭😭😂👌

  45. Rudolf Machálek

    M´llo M od

  46. Viksa_play_

    Я одна русская

    1. Viksa_play_

      И правда похоже?

  47. auhoamien tay

    bideo polita, zure lagunak izan nahi dut, ados?

  48. Stel guadron

    como termine aqui no lo se pero es Adorable!!!

  49. Asd Asd


  50. Terezinha Maria


  51. Alex Alvarado

    Can you do legend of Zelda maze

  52. Sławomir Borowski

    Wow sweet hamster

  53. Elida Velazquez


  54. TurboNutBuster

    What's the point of a trap if you're gonna put warning signs on them

  55. веном ЦаРь


  56. Gül Çunkuş

    Korkuyo zavallı

  57. clao

    This hamster playlist : “I can’t stop me - Twice”

  58. D3r4nged

    Guys it’s fake, you can see the cardboard at 4:31 🤦 they almost fooled me

    1. Thepotato _iso

      Great analysis Sherlock

  59. Bindiya Charnaliya


  60. Lil Lean


  61. Studio Lama

    Its nice

  62. Sandra Calonego

    OK kkkj

  63. Джозеф Джостар

    Лично мне кажется что монтаж(при смене локаций).

  64. hacker Dpdc

    Corrage qua nos não coseque

  65. Alexandra

    Please stop tourturing these hamsters ! They're not toys you can see that she/him are very stressed out.They can die from the stress or serious injuries.

  66. зоообзор зоообзор

    Бедный мальчик, столько стресса ради лайков

  67. Bethany's Creation Station

    This is cool and all, but some of the parts may be dangerous and stressful for the hamster! Like at the beginning, ( 00:18 ) if the hamster fell, or something broke, it would be very stressful to the hamster! (As well as if the hamster decided to eat a couple foam beads, that could be very very dangerous). Also, at 2:45 the hamster was probably stressed here, because it couldn't figure out a way to get across and it almost fell a couple times, similar to 3:45 , I think the hamster was easily stressed here as well. Sorry for the long comment, but I think you should put the hamsters safety first, because if something of the maze broke, the hamster could get easily stressed and/or hurt, which could cause unecessary issues. (Side note: if you're looking to get a new hamster, please please do your research, don't listen to the pet stores, they sometimes only want your money and don't care for the well being of the hamster, please get a big cage and a proper wheel, and provide 6+ inches of bedding as well as lots of chews. Bin cages are a great, affordable option.)

    1. Bethany's Creation Station

      @Alexandra thanks... I looked in the comments and found not a single person with the same thoughts! I figured I'd just make my own comment lol

    2. Alexandra

      Finnaly! Someone who knows how dangerous these ''mazes" are.

  68. B_LAC OP YT

    So. Cute 👍

  69. John Hedley

    Looks like my hamster! Except for my hamsters a dog 👁👄👁

  70. VIC 0

    Amazing :)

  71. DaMaxer

    1:45 0:19 when the hamster is sus😳😳😳

  72. Jeffrey Epstein

    Mmm tasty chicken nuggget

  73. Angeles Ortiz

    Si 66y

  74. Mário Monteiro


  75. Abass Adnan


  76. donsuke ***777

    このハムスターふさふさでかわいいですね なんて種類だろ?

  77. THE GOD

    that hamster iq is 777+

  78. Meatball Spicy

    Steve Has Left The Game

  79. Preston Flores


  80. Samriddhi Pandey

    🤣🤣Cute hamster