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  1. Grace Hung

    Camila's favourite, so as mine.

  2. Aesthetically Pleasing

    Thank you Shawn for existing

  3. AEW fan 167

    Shawn keeps up evolving! Man!! What can't he do? He can sing, dance, act, and even more!! He is the best artist ever today. Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Katy Perry, and more has nothing on Shawn!! Shawn is the better artist by far!! Change my mind!! You can't!!

  4. Jeet Trivedi

    This makes wanna fall in love. Hmmmmmm

  5. Allison Davis

    Me throughout this entire song: 😏

  6. Paia Bdd

    Ahh I keep listening to this song over and aver again😁


    For me ....the best song of album 🔥🔥🙏🙏

  8. Ridhika s

    Shawn and Justin, both are love😭💛

  9. Mystic Potterhead

    Shawn mendes Wrote a Masterpiece wondering about wonder ❤

  10. Muktha Krishna

    In my opinion: this is my favourite song ❤️

  11. sandra martyn

    Camila is so lucky❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Allison Davis

    Shawn: touch you tease caress you and please you me: "YYUUUUHHHH GGETTT INNNTTOOO ITTTTT"

  13. Prisila Cejas

    Se puede tener 14 canciones favoritas?

  14. BlackMare 25

    Listening to this song Me: 🥺🥺 2:00 Me: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! 🎄

  15. sandra martyn

    People who dislike this video doesn’t have any taste in music

  16. soundarya karthikeyan

    The comment section: Is it about camila? shawn: This is a song for no one. the comment section: Ooooooooooooo

  17. Irving Arias

    Teach me how to love is the lost in japan of this album

  18. Laureen Heart

    This is making me wonder if this album is about Camila or weed 🍃🤠

  19. Paia Bdd

    Nearly the end of 2020 n it's starting to get better ...hope for better future.👍❤️❤️

  20. Sparty Fortune

    80s Music is Back

  21. Jasmine

    I'm sooo disappointed!!! I thought there was the musical attack that was in the documentary when he screams I close my eyes! Shawn WHY?

  22. Tefa Rubio

    Estuve esperando a que saliera desde que la escuche en el documental ❤️

  23. yoongi's a cat

    The excitement when you're listening to a song and already love it so much that you can't wait to listen to the other ones and you'd want to be able listen to all of them at once but it's not possible

  24. Siang Yi Tan

    What a beautiful song❤😚

  25. Andrea Batavick

    Happy Shawn Mendes Release Day! 🎶 ♥️

  26. bea triss

    I'm so damn proud of him. Everyone said that he can't write songs that are not love songs. That's proof that he can. And he's still so good😍

  27. Aesthetically Pleasing

    Shawn dropping such bom diggity songs is a whole ass mood.

  28. Victoria Purisaca Piscoya

    Me encantó <333

  29. Allison Davis

    Shawn: I’ll get on my knees me: DDdddaaaaayyyyuuuuummmm

  30. Sama Ali

    I wonder why he didn’t name the album Camille?!

  31. Miljana Petrujkic

    I love this song so much

  32. Monlight Shelter

    Idk what to say so yeah.... Btw sawn great song Edit: Shawn not sawn

  33. ZuryTheOnlyOne


  34. Amelia Dwi Andini

    Good job shawnnnnnnnnn❤️

  35. Paia Bdd

    Finally his album is out!!❤️❤️

  36. Amelia Dwi Andini

    This song so intimidating i like ittt

  37. Andrea Batavick

    The vocals- magnificent

  38. Sanjay Mahesh

    The song deserves a lot 💝

  39. Isairis Macias

    this is just wonderful 💙🦋

  40. Amelia Dwi Andini

    Wonder is a honest album everrr

  41. Slow Dancing


  42. • iisarxh •

    I don't have a favourite song now 😫 help me shawwwwn

  43. Sofia Mendoza

    Hagamos llegar este álbum a #1

  44. Angely Poudel

    I think, when it says “ I cant get higher when ur around” means he has to kneel down from his original height because Camila is shorter than him, just a theory.

  45. mendes army x

    imma go send this to my boyfriend

  46. Prisila Cejas

    Definitivamente esta es mi favorita! Se iba y terminaba el album y le gustaba otra

  47. Laureen Heart

    Shawn: I should call my friends Me: you should Shawn: and go get High 🍃🤑 Me: *gasps* Me: say less 😙

  48. Sofia Mendoza

    Shawn vino a salvar el 2020

  49. Saraa Sara

    This album is fireee ilyyy

  50. sandra martyn

    Dream dream dream dream about u❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  51. Oriana Alayon Zambrano

    SHAWN 😭😍

  52. bea triss

    Woah, everything is about her. Everything. She's such a lucky girl. 😭❤️

  53. Exclusive JustAda

    am i the only one who took time out to translate the non-english comments lmao.

  54. IHaveNoName

    If Corona doesn’t kill me this will

  55. soundarya karthikeyan

    Ariana Grande: 34 + 35 Taylor Swift: I don't know anything. I'm only seventeen? Shawn mendes: no. 305

  56. Miriam M

    Shawn I need you in my life

  57. Aryan Ranjan

    What a song, what an album Wonder. I CAN'T IMAGINE.... 🔥😭

    1. Aryan Ranjan

      Guys you can also listen my covers on: defasts.info/club/qmETbLgLi6nYjPeVRSLDPQ

  58. sandra martyn

    Sooo beautiful 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  59. Nancy Arciniegas

    So sweet.

  60. Karina Benitez


  61. hiba

    mans you are going to be the death of me 😭😭 these are so good whyy

  62. Gislefrost

    And Camila said this was her favorite song from the album 😭❤️

  63. Prisila Cejas

    Hasta ahora es mi canción favorita.!!

  64. Amit Avrahami


  65. Zeenat Cassiem

    Mellow A-ha moment.

  66. Ioanna Tsakiroglou

    Higher, 305 and monster are the best songs in the album I'm sooo in love

  67. Samridhi Shreya

    1:04 damn Shawn!!

  68. Jane Joel


  69. Mine İnan

    Gonna die thanks Shawn 🤤

  70. Achmad Hariri

    streetlight : Camila, camila, camila, camila ...

  71. Megan Liu

    This album, hell, it's too good

  72. Miljana Petrujkic

    just wow,i don't have words 🥺


    this song is for no one but me so true happy moments I LOVE U SHAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Abrielle Otubea

    This song is amazing Shawn