A fun food cooking channel. If you are looking for easy how to recipe tutorials mixed with food fun \u0026 easy to follow homemade cooking you may have come to the right place! I’m a self-taught cook here on DEfasts inspiring you to learn how to cook with me. Recipes on my own, cooking with kids or other friends and family it’s all about trying to get you cooking easy recipes, laughing and learning and hopefully picking up some new cooking ideas. There’s also a dose of food fun too, so if you like giant food videos or mini food videos, taste tests, or testing the latest kitchen gadgets you’ll probably like it here! The channel used to be called my virgin kitchen as I absolutely hated cooking or attempting to make any recipes no matter how simple! I am completely self-taught in the hope that I can inspire you guys to attempt the recipes too and get in the kitchen - cooking is all about confidence! I hope you enjoy my mix of fun food recipe videos , subscribe for regular videos

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  1. Jen Vills1107

    What I want to know is how you clean those pans/utensils

  2. Richard Phillips

    Is it just me or does anyone else think Chloe looks like Princess Charlotte?

  3. Tomboy Natzz

    Barry..... you have to make a giant strawberry!!!

  4. Paul Lees

    Measuring spoon or melon baller?

  5. Jed’s Awesome kitchen

    I think you should make one of the most un ethical foods in history it’s called a 3 bird roast or in America and lots of other areas of the world it’s called a turducken can you make it please

  6. Dan Xepha

    That's not steaming. What you have there is a bain marie, aka a double boiler.

  7. British Gentleman Matt

    Hiya Barry, I'm 15 and use the phrase fiddle sticks, your not the only one. Great video and helpful too.

  8. Hailey Roberts

    She didn't like the lemon pie, Barry. Why would you think she'd like that??

  9. optimusWII

    So euh, was your first idea on how to put a hole in something to heat up a spoon and melt the plastic?

  10. Joseph Bell

    This entire video was just me saying "Barry why are you..." over and over xD

  11. Fershizzal

    2021, Chloe is so much like Barry

  12. Fershizzal

    Rewatching in 2021, Chloe's a big famous chef now

  13. Roanna Darrall

    It’s probably a bit late now, but you can usually counteract excess salt by adding sugar. That was a heck of a lot of salt though 🤣

  14. Man Of Steel

    In spite of how it may sound based on what I'm about to say, I really did enjoy this video. But, you didn't want to pour the extremely hot molten cola gummies directly into the mould because you were worried they'd melt the plastic and fuse with it, which I imagine is correct, and was a good decision. But you then proceed to pour the steaming hot molten gummies onto the parchment paper the mould is resting on, where it immediately spreads out to the sides of the plastic mould anyway. Would it have had enough time to cool down sufficiently to prevent fusing to the plastic in the 2 seconds it took to spread to the edges? Maybe. Would it have been better to line the giant bottle-mould with parchment paper or some sort of food-safe plastic? Probably. Given the end product, which was basically just a flat, generic bottle shape anyway, would it have been easier to simply pour the mixture into a baking tray, or a basic rectangular DIY mould, wait for it to cool, then cut the gummy into a bottle shape? Most likely. Though as I said, in spite of the criticism, it's a good video. Quite fun.

  15. Jojic Jojic

    You left one piece of the bottle in the mixing bowl and it's really got to me

  16. TheAngryDanishViking

    wouldn't it have been easier to cut that bottle in half, fill the bottom, let it hardem, then fil the top (upside down), let it harden..... melt at the top of both halves and put them together? Boom.

  17. Andy Cyberleader

    A sweet shop, candy making, bloke thing 😁Gotta love Barry.

  18. gnamp

    What a funny girl.

  19. Erik Hughes

    There's a reason they don't use plastic when molding hot sugar - I'd be surprised if you didn't ingest some plastic while eating that, man... "a big old bucket of ice" wouldn't "stop the plastic melting", it would just cool it down a little quicker. Your best bet would be to get one of those adjustable silicone borders to make the outline of the bottle, since that's all you're going to end up with anyway, unless you have a mold manufactured for that purpose. Did you think you might actually end up with a whole bottle? By putting a hole at the neck of the bottle, as you were doing it, you wouldn't have been able to fill it higher than that level because of simple physics. Science, Barry - SCIENCE.

  20. The Carlz0r

    I like how Chloe made almost the same exact noise as Barry did in reaction to the citric acid. She really is a lot like her father.

  21. Man Of Steel

    0:46 You should consider getting one. Cats are great.

  22. Neil The Hermit

    Barry, suggestion for the next giant sweet. Use ricepaper(several layers) as a liner for the mould,spinkle icing sugar evenly over the liner after spraying very lightly with water.Sprinkle more icing sugar.Chill the mould for at least 12 hours before pouring in the liquid gel/melted sweet.Then place back in the 'fridge for a day or longer. Maybe you will get a better looking and easier to handle finished item. Still looks good the way you did it!

  23. Becky Briggs

    9:27 reminded me i also had coffee haha

  24. ZakkuEmanyueru

    i really wonder why didnt u use a big bowl or something filled up with cornstarch and just push the form into it so it shapes the starch... then pour the gummy into that... i mean... that is the way they do it... (if i remember well from 15years ago... how its made had a video on it).. i mean i know it is like 35kgs of cornstarch...

  25. stuart hill

    Oh please do more! My family just loved this and now my boys wana try edible education. I just love this idea dad education for the win!

  26. E E

    Loved this! You could also do some with Phoebe and discuss some of the more complicated chemistry in cooking. Like why does yeast grow, why do the egg whites get fluffy...she's brilliant, so you might need to either let her teach you, or make the lessons more complex for her.

  27. papersamurai00

    So did Chloe pick the recipe or was that suggested? I'm just curious. XD

  28. andrew pirie

    16:24-16:39 Don't watch, just listen... you're welcome

  29. Aidan Kirkwood

    Did you ever hear from CrazyRussianHacker? You two would be a perfect collab I think

  30. Carmen van den Berg

    why don't you start making silicone molds for this kind of things?

  31. Dan Clarke

    "I love you Barry" - My wife

  32. Dan Clarke

    Top content, love ya B x

  33. The Pan


  34. capacamaru

    Umm... why not just line the inside of the bottle with baking paper?

  35. ian mclellan

    Cola bottles are my favourite

  36. Ninjanova

    She takes decisions with more confidence than me at 30 y.o. I love this, This is a cute ideo but also such a good exercise for kids development, creativity, critical thinking problem solving, guidance and confidence, so much to gain from a bonding moment. I am not crying.

  37. Carl Robin

    i fell like i’m watching a science experiment rather than a cooking video.

  38. The haunted Coachman

    Barry can’t believe your word a striped check shirt for your weddings,your wife’s Dress was loverly though

  39. Sarah Bradstreet

    I got to meet seal when I was young and my dad was working in Las Vegas... one of the best moments of my life, even at about 8 years old. Almost got to meet Heidi Klum as well but she ended up leaving early that night because she went into labor! 😂

  40. Belliata Deutschland

    Chloe was hilarious tasting the citric acid 😁

  41. Jessica S

    Is it just me or does Barry always find the most complicated way to do things?

  42. Gold Formation


  43. Tom Denning

    I think you should try making KP's Choc Dip with breadsticks. I remember eating them in my childhood. Don't know if you ever had them

  44. Richard Harris

    generally gums are made in corn starch moulds (typically jelly babies hence the white powder on them), or they are made in silicone moulds that are sprayed with oil to prevent sticking.

  45. Lunay LeZarde

    The lesson is: Haribo is made of oobleck.

  46. Candied Skull

    I like how the whole family willingly gets involved in these projects

  47. VisseNekku

    (Don't mind me, just thinking out loud.) Probably generally better not to have it in contact with the plastic at all. Better to use food grade silicon to model the outside of the big bottle, and then use that. The plastic bottle has a low melting point and if it mixes in with the food stuffs, that can be really unhealthy.

  48. Cassie Senter

    Next do the wax bottle that has actual soda in it!

  49. Kimberly Cleghorn

    So cute

  50. Ashley King

    Umm, does that cooker actually say Smeg? Lister would be proud

  51. Patricia Wales

    Barry: Gets Clowie to taste citric acid. Clowie: "I'm gonna go brush my teeth." Barry: Talks about how it rots teeth faster than most plain sugar candies... Me: Thinking Clowie might be a bit smarter than her father LOL

  52. Elizabeth Peters

    I love Chloe

  53. KondoAeros

    Chloe: I look so smol like this Me: You are smol you silly bun

  54. waynehough13

    what else do you have planned for the citric acid that you had to bulk buy it? 😂

  55. aakla

    Didnt you do this with chocolate? I remember the coke bottle

  56. Kitty Has Fangs

    I want to know what that cutie thinks is in a Black Forest Cake. I bet it will be too funny and cute!

  57. Mike McGregor

    Awesome !!! nuff said :)

  58. Lucy Kovacevic

    You should somehow level the piece of driftwood and put a glass table top on it! I’ve seen similar things online for upwards of $800.

  59. g0rec0re

    love the videos but good grief, I cannot stand that the mic picks up every mouth and eating sound


    Would love if Mrs. Barry would do the patreon rap at the end of a video

  61. AJay

    What a beautiful concept. It's truly amazing to see what kids are thinking.

  62. Jase

    Do a Haribo fizzy cherry

  63. leetylr

    6:13 Barry's face explains it all after that subtle joke lol 🥰

  64. lunavixen015

    Hey Barry, if you are gonna pour gummy stuff into a metal mould, spray it with cooking spray and dust it with cornstarch, it'll come out much easier

  65. lynndec22

    I laughed so hard when you put the Bundt of candy on Chloe’s face! 😂🤣😂🤣 And then you gave her citric acid! OMG! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  66. DJDianGaming

    First time i had citric acid i legit ate a tablespoon full of it.

  67. Karen Elizabeth

    YES!!!! More of your daughters, ANY day! My daughter and I love to watch them together. Your family is delightful!

  68. Gabrielle Matthews

    I leave for a while and come back and Barry has cookware merch now? What

  69. Anthony Lipke

    If you supported the bottle mold in a water bath it would prevent the bottle from melting also nonstick spray would help I forget what the molecule that sticks on one side and repells on the other is in the non stick spray..

  70. GTArajgaming

    if you want to yank your fillings out.... make this haha!

  71. dog breath

    Eat the entire strawberry plus leaves they are actually really good for you an full of vitamins more than the actual fruit

  72. Mark Chapman

    17:55 "Chloe, do you want to try some of this?" Chloe will presumably have learned to be more cautious before saying Yes in future 😊

  73. Jack Norman

    This is the best series youve done yet mate, PLEASE do more!!!

  74. Barry Carter

    Oh dear!

  75. *Sarahsaurus*

    We need a GoFundMe to buy Barry a new pair of oven gloves, lord have mercy on those poor bedraggled ones

  76. Rio Hardie

    Wow I would love to live by the beach need some drift wood for my tank lol

  77. Joiless

    In the last few videos I've been watching I keep getting distracted by the seal pillow on top of your cupboards. I love the videos but that seal is definitely where my eyes go, often.

  78. Chloe

    Chloe's personality gets me everytime, she was born to be on the camera. She's so funny :')

  79. Has Os


  80. Kenneth Young

    Can you make homemade bottle caps in all their flavours(candy)