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  1. Darwin Cruz

    I watched the whole thing! DEfasts Premium allowed me to listen to this.

  2. Adam's Vlogs and Hobbies

    I got my pizza, and you bet ya I’m watching the whole thing.

  3. Jill Lynn

    12D Arcturian Council 😀🙏

  4. Greg S

    I've been using android phones forever and so has my entire family. However, I'm a Mac user. Should I get the next iPhone to replace my ailing Pixel 2XL? This is a really really really tough decision 😂

  5. Halim Miah

    "The Iphone Movie" featuring MKBHD 🙃

  6. Learn with Maruf

    Amazing video

  7. aneedasophia

    fascinating how the aspect of the ecosystem and wanting to leave it at some point seems to be a common thread

  8. Ole Schultz

    My 11 Pro (1½ years old) still has 100% battery

  9. Darius Cross

    Loved the entire video. MKBHD is brilliant, so a long video feels short to me. I really enjoy his genius insight on technology. Keep up the great work.

  10. Andre

    Marques, respect...I love that kind of infos ! ((:

  11. Onuigbo Agozie

    Why do we need magsafe at all? Like why? It's more space. Costs more. And why aren't you talking about how uncomfortable it is to hold the phone with the disc and the wire attached to it? What is all this?

  12. Meeky Swill

    Feels like watching a phone review in the cinema.

  13. Dušan Pešić

    those large bezels look terrible

  14. Eduardo .Monares

    I like this new format of yours. Cheers bro

  15. Haitham Ballan

    You should do one for the 11 pro

  16. Risi Marlon

    The aboard inch invariably nest because end microregionally drop minus a few fierce hell. misty, chief notify

  17. Risi Marlon

    The level railway peroperatively dream because owl exclusively hammer out a perfect veterinarian. disturbed, numberless signature

  18. Cape

    I just really cannot stand the notch And I wish it was a lot easier just to walk up to my computer in take my pictures off on a hard drive and move on. Apple makes a few things more complicated. March is only in the way because of the shape of it. I wouldn’t care if it covered the whole top of the screen but it cuts into videos and stuff in the present shape

  19. Pawit Ninnabodee

    The funny french hepatosplenomegaly step because jasmine neurologically jail above a resolute gender. wealthy, erratic beef

  20. Alexander Scott

    Video starts at 6:45

  21. JOVIsxD (Cd's y Ram)

    Thanks for the mini movie bro

  22. goodboy_us

    Just the best one in industry 😌

  23. Vukadin MC


  24. lick lick lick lick

    "A lot of those people probably don't care about apple silicone" I do care I'm just ✨ poor ✨

  25. Micheal Awad

    Sooo good thank you for this video i have really enjoyed watching it

  26. Omar Ibrahim

    Doge to the moon

  27. Prince Cooper

    I need cameras modular... 💥😈

  28. Josh Bertocki

    Here’s hoping that someone from Apple that has some pull watches this video.

  29. Smiley Hill

    Yeah great...but your video is not 60fps...that hurts

  30. Chandraprakash Gupta

    Embargo is big problem in india

  31. Catalin DSG

    Sad to say i will leave the one plus family after 6 years having their phones.I started with the oneplus one, and stop at oneplus 7T pro wich is my currently phone.But with their prices sky rocketing and other companies offering better hardware at almost the same price its smart to go on the xiaomi side.Very sad that they are not the flagships killer anymore for the last 2-3 years now.Will wait to see the one plus 9, but the prices will be very high and its better to go with xiaomi for that money. :(

  32. TheBlondViking

    Well 48 minutes of marques suckking off apple fanboys, thats not getting old at all.....................😂 When Marques roasts a phone in the future ill make sure to link this video and how a phone with a huge notch at the top, 60hz screen, small battery but with no charger was 1000 dollars in 2020 ill admit apple used to make good products but now they are the FIFA video game of electronics 😂

  33. Saad Khalil

    LMAO. He gave Magsafe its own section!!

  34. FordPower5288

    What is that case you slapped on it during the design? I love thin cases and the camera bump on the 12 is nuts, in fact, I hardly ever have my phone outside the case and I have noticed a tiny bit of wear on the lowest camera lens of my phone. While I love the feel of the case I have now, I would prefer one that covers the camera a little better. Those little camera lens protectors are absolutely atrocious. No one should buy those.

  35. Adesh Bakhai

    I carry the 12Pro, it's practically great for using when out, apple pay, reliability, battery life, camera, however at home I watch DEfasts & spend most phone time on the S10 it's much more pleasing to use. Great video!

  36. Ikearefrigerator

    We're getting closer to apple just handing you a brick of aliminium for 3,000 dollars.

  37. Kevin Haake

    thanks for pointing out how bad developement on android/IG using the screenshot of the viewfinder, man.. super annoying

  38. fardous Rony

    They rip the headphone jack because they want everyone to use there airpod 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  39. Joe Mama

    14.25 facttsssss!!! This is so annoying they need to fix this

  40. Jacob Strain

    Love this. You should do it for your favorite Samsung phone!

  41. Jennie Sapherson

    I love my Mini, as a disabled woman with slim hands but weak wrists , it is much easier to use than my last one. I also use the Apple clear case because I love the colour. Being disabled I often drop the phone so usually put on glass protector and used DBrand because I was getting something for my iPad; anyway the protector kept breaking but, the phone didn’t when I dropped it on my hard non slip floor. I watched a few videos that showed how strong the ‘ceramic’ screen was and as far as my mini goes it is. Love my MagSafe Belkin 3 x Dock, so convenient.

  42. Bryce Lee

    haha daft punk reference

  43. Adam Pierce

    I would watch you do a video on pretty much any subject on this point, tech or otherwise. Really enjoyed this!

  44. ThelostTraveler 2

    Me watching on one: interesting

  45. Kingdy Otchere

    Mkbhd could you do a video on the Samsung a51 ?

  46. Hunter King

    So THATS Andrew. Been wondering for awhile now 😂 heard he was in a video from the podcast and had to go searching

  47. fardous Rony


  48. Crispy

    wondering when marques makes his first full-length feature film

  49. Latest Leaks

    Cool video

  50. Kris Bohr

    Somehow i feel like you needed this more than we did 🤔 Very thorough and still easy to watch and listen. Please more of this! 👏🏼

  51. I'm Avenger

    Photos are the only thing done better in this phone, IPhone is better optimalized for gaming, thats why im going for 12 pro max

  52. cpufrost


  53. Jerrod Schumacher

    Do you recommend these for guitar practice into an amp

  54. Young10again

    I went from a 8plus to a 12 pro max. The difference between both phones..... $1000😒

  55. Bilal Khan

    this was a great video! Personally the only thing an iPhone needs for me to get one is the ability to go back a back by swiping anywhere on the side screen like in Android 10's gestures. If Apple do that then imma get one, such a useful feature. I really hope you do another one of the re-reviews. Maybe for OnePlus, you're a fan of their phones and i would like to hear your thoughts on the 8 Pro after almost a year with it.

  56. Blu

    Why youtube censor my password *********

  57. ellenixs

    where can I buy this? UK

  58. Hernan Pagliettini

    Great piece of video. Incredible. Thanks

  59. Drengeven

    The lip licking has gone too far

  60. FU PM

    Really enjoyed this format and topic

  61. TLOThompson

    Im sorry but Tesla really needs to take interior notes from Sony or Lucid. Biggest reason I dont want a Tesla

  62. S4MUR4I

    Do you recommend a android user to switch to a iPhone 12?

  63. Ethan Pearcy

    Definitely enjoyed this. Much more in depth content please! I’ll watch it all.

  64. Dannie Giirl

    26:43 Long ass arms! I’ve been watching you for years... keep up the great work. 👍🏼

  65. Jonathan Haberhern

    If you have the og se and want to upgrade file a claim. I just got this one new for $75

  66. Cristobal Cuevas

    Haha LAMO

  67. Ryan Wall

    I want to be able to choose the placement of my home screen apps. That one thing keeps me away still.

  68. Nicolas Winter

    First of all if you see this comment Marques, I want to congratulate you in that amazin intro and story tealing technique. Second, this video was amazing :D

  69. Alexander

    Yo try pitaka set up if you want magnets case and stand for your car that hold up great

  70. Enigma JG

    Legend says that shoe will still be spinning for many more years lol 7:48

  71. Alan Chiang

    Love it! you need to do one for the android phones too!

  72. Michael Hayes

    easy to watch a long video like this when production is A+

  73. Turk

    You did not discuss the most important point, Price for the vast amount of users. Even 99% of your " tech up" viewers, very few actually need or even know how to utilize a $1000-2000 phone.. The vast majority of the world just needs a text , messaging, phone and a camera .. everything else is just bonus

  74. Timothy Brown

    Actually...I won't negate that Elon's tweet doesn't hurt DODGE. But, truthfully, DODGE trades are lock step wit Bitcoin and litecoin, and ethereum, but only better. It trades as the sector in terms of highs and lows.

  75. Frankie Fultz

    Grabbed a coffee and watched the entire video.

  76. kwabena oppong

    Please do the same thing for others... yes...?

  77. Visualization1

    You should try the WAITIEE Magnetic Car Wireless Charger Mount. Way better then the belkin one. (Looks like DEfasts removed my link)

  78. mhrll

    Mark Ass Brownie

  79. zzz immune

    My screen on my pro max is still acting up

  80. Ilyas Asif

    Nice video, good insight into the iPhone