1. dj manix

    Poor guy was being used to launder scam money.

  2. Ellen

    By far the best scammer vid.

  3. banananana

    See, it censors your password if you type it: ********

  4. Selsey Reclaim

    Hi Jim I have been telling people over the phone and face to face about your channel. You are a legend. I work in sales so I speak to a lot of people. I have also resorted to ringing our local radio station to ask them to put out a message that the robo callers are in our local dialling code! And they have been putting the message out. Well done Wave105. What else can we do mate?

  5. Eylül

    Actually most Indian people are very much used to this phone calls. it's like daily routines for us. But nobody seems to do anything about it. And that's why I think it's easier for the scammers to scam foreigners rather than Indians themselves.

  6. shawn mclaughlin

    And this is how the ol indians get there little markets and gas stations.

  7. Robert S.

    Once of these fraud call centers are identified, a drone strike could also resolve the problem.

  8. Dl M

    Wow! My mom gets scam calls everyday and thank goodness she doesn't fall for their crap.

  9. Ellen

    Yikes! The 12,000 scammers who disliked this are busy out there.

  10. phinxninja

    The one guy you don't want to mess with.

  11. by good

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  12. Chandler Muriel Bing

    Why didn't you call his bank and tell them what's going on? Also you could have told them to call him and insure him that nothing is gone!

  13. Alicia

    So glad there are guys out there like you! If I could do this stuff I sure would.

  14. Pierre Berglund

    Trying to conivce a british guy that he works in manchester, good luck with that xD

  15. Ron van Vliet

    Jim, thanks for everything you are doing. I wish I could do the same, I would make it my day job to kill those suckers, I hope they all die on there birthday so they were all gone in one year. Thanks again

  16. foch41

    Need a scammer to get into this Padula guy's PC and mess things up for him

  17. Selsey Reclaim

    I have been telling people face to face and over the phone about you Jim. I work in sales therefore I see and speak to a lot of people. You are an absolute legend. I have been calling our local radio station when I get a robocall to ask them to put out a message that they are trolling our local phone number area code. They have been announcing the message too!

  18. jadon

    i feel sad cause people from other countries think India is bad these scammers make the good people in India look like they are all scammers

  19. D Lopez

    Jim I think youre too forgiving. I know its a moral issue for you, as youve said you wait for them to try to scam you first before you reverse connect. But, we both know that its already illegal, whether they tried to scam you or not (smart to use psuedoname and hide your face), so I dont understand the hesitation to do more than just watch, call the victims, and report to Indian police who wont do anything anyway. You know that these scammers dont know anything about computers, and you could easily gain access to home networks, bank accounts, school records etc. You know you could ACTUALLY do exactly what they pretend to do to their victims. Not everyone knows reverse shells and metasploit, or has the time to hook scammers all day. No matter what you decide, whether you disagree and will continue as you were or will take my opinion into consideration; Im 100% in your corner and trust in your judgement. If you feel that it may be crossing the line, just know that youll be on the right side of it. Keep that hat gray friend.

  20. Sarang Essa

    She : Define One man army? He: Jim Browning.

  21. Ghost

    Jim be like "today we are going to look at this popup and then save the world"

  22. closebutnope

    I love these but I'm curious - is this a legal way to combat scammers?

  23. Sufal Chhabra

    I promise you the location and everything would have changed but it would still continue

  24. Amy Louise

    Jim is my new fave person to listen to whilst going to sleep... No more asmr. Voice of velvet? Tick. Smart and brave enough to do literally what we all wish we could do. Tick.

  25. Riki beston

    The ready throne intrinsically wash because amusement nutritionally knot about a flawless technician. uptight, puffy otter

  26. Sahil Jangra

    14:50 Did she say, "Peoples"?

  27. Christopher Earth

    This guy is the FBI agent's FBI agent.

  28. NewYorkStateOfMind

    As a 1 time victim of this shit this is satisfying to watch and I hope these people get what’s coming to them.

  29. Memeless Eyeballs

  30. Aaryan Wagh

    Dude it's so cool what you did Awesome man🔥🔥❤️ Btw they were talking in Hindi I can translate it for you if you want

  31. Joshua Luurtsema

    My grandparents got hit with a similar scam, how do you recover from something like this? Make sure they can’t access your computer again, etc?

  32. Bibqi

    I got pwnded on Club Penguin...

  33. Carmelita Nool

    softer? Terrible pronunciation

  34. Pierre Berglund

    Like many else, said would guide him step by step til he did it, have work with it support and sometimes its the only way to make them understand or maybe call his bank or try to find his relatives on the internet? You could also tell the police if you dident do that, that they are threatening him and surley they must act then?

  35. George Knerr

    Thank you for doing what the government won't!

  36. itzInfinityPlayzMC YT

    This guy sounds like adventure channel

  37. Eylül

    Oh no...they tried to mess up with wrong person 😂

  38. Rahul Aggarwal

    I am india and their accent freaks me out

  39. 541 Adarsh Naik

    I'm an Indian. If u need any help with translation next time and if I'm able to help then I'll surely help. Keep on exposing these type of scams. These people are spoiling India's reputation globally.

  40. somerandom nameorsomething

    "IM A COP YOU IDIOT" was made for this

  41. Shimaz Ahamed

    Need part 2 badly 😫😩

  42. wapitilizzard

    ironic how all of these countries hate Americans but put out this much effort to rob USA blind of the money they made from the system they hate.... ponder this....

  43. anonymous

    All I see is a generation of thieves in this culture

  44. Ben L

    you should change their desktop backgrounds to pictures of their real ids and stuff lol

  45. wapitilizzard

    Feherty Lives, friggin awesome!!!

  46. Dwayne Stimpson

    Scammers scamming youtube...priceless!

  47. wapitilizzard

    Brilliant, well done and making a positive change worldwide.

  48. Donnie Buenaventura

    These indians are always trippin. Im getting calls from them saying i won in a raffle. Their accent is a dead give away tho. That "Haloo ser"

  49. Charles Butler

    Love this!!

  50. Tyler Townsley

    They have added a new wrinkle:

  51. anonymous

    I mean these guys can actually stop scamming and legit help ppl with tech support they are all setup to do so but i guess its easier to steal

  52. Mary Mccarty

    God bless you!

  53. Dylan Coulbeck

    I remember seeing fake virus messages as a kid I panicked back then, as an adult with someone who's quite familiar with technology I don't get these to begin with but, cause common sense 😂

  54. 541 Adarsh Naik

    At 12:32 you said that his real name was Albert H.... But I can tell u that indians commonly Don't have those types of names.

  55. Kafen

    Oh, I thought this was going to be about how amazon offer a free trial, then charge you $7 a month when you forget to cancel it. Happened to me. I was sure I would remember to cancel. Nope. So now I’m ordering $1 grocery items every day and having them shipped individually to my house at their cost. Not only do I cost them money in delivery fees, but I also score a bunch of free packing boxes to ship my eBay items in.

  56. christian morrow

    That bot is creepy

  57. DREW

    A scammer encountered a hacker lol

  58. Тнᴜɴᴅᴇʀ FF

    the man crying was so emotional 😢

  59. Тнᴜɴᴅᴇʀ FF

    tell the police about these sammmers😡😠😠😠😡

  60. Ricky the great

    hello this is Kamala biden

  61. Taaxi Caab

    Best way to avoid scams: don't talk to anyone with an Indian accent

  62. PansasVerdes 07

    yea i keep getting a ad saying i have a trojan virus and i leanred its fake and i still keep getting the ad and its not from McAfee

  63. Hùng Nguyễn Thái

    His voice could actually scare the shit out of those scammers 😂

  64. Dr. KwaZ

    Seriously, this should be a live virtual tv show. Get a few of you together with a host like they do on Live P.D. This is much more entertaining than watching cops mess with crackheads.

  65. Guyman 2

    i forgot to say it when the video came out, but my email was saved by your very advice jim. thank you


    That hindi in the middle... He was an Indian... Fuck, I laughed so hard

  67. christian morrow

    at the begging it reminded me of those spy movies the bad people doing illegal stuff for money lol

  68. Rohith Valluri

    Hey Jim, could you make a video talking about any action taken against the scammers you've reported to the police?

  69. Cat Hartland

    This makes me SO angry

  70. pcwhizmail

    I have an elderly friend that fell for this scam and lost $5,000. Thank you for saving other potential victims from losing their life savings. I made sure to Like and Subscribed and everyone else here should consider doing that as well.

  71. Pierre Berglund

    You are true hero, saving our elders from scams. To see elders take advantage of hurts so much..

  72. TheDiamondRabbits

    I love how the used the SCP foundation logo and slogan

  73. Daniel Hughes

    Why would you meet someone for in the middle of a fucking pandemic

  74. OodlesOfNoodles

    Is it just me or do all scammers sound the same?

  75. Rajawat gaming

    Sir you are best person

  76. Kathleen McCann

    Spooky! This morning I watched Jim Browning's excellent video on the Amazon Prime scam. Less than two hours later I had a call on my landline attempting to pull this very scam, supposedly from a UK number but with heavy Indian accents all over the place. It started with a recording claiming I owed Amazon Prime £99 which was now being taken from my bank account, followed by a female operator claiming she was a representative of Amazon prime. I immediately called scam and hung up.

  77. Dr. KwaZ

    Well done sir👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  78. Lewis

    "Zoom" HMMMMMMM lmao How on earth do you get a reverse connection so easy? Man's a tech wizard 🧙

  79. J D

    imagine DEfasts verifying a legit criminal, a good criminal brilliant, but an actual criminal