Hello everyone and welcome to my channel!

My name is Greg Renko and my channel mainly consists of short skits about video games, comedy, and personal vlogs of my life. My love for video making and editing came as of recently in my life, but my passion for sports, video games, and comedy have all been apparent my entire life.

My video making career all started on tiktok in early 2020. I've been making short, 1 minute videos on Tiktok for quite some time now, and due to the overwhelming support I started to get on that platform I decided it would be a good idea to start migrating over to youtube. Little did I know my tiktok page would grow rapidly and next thing I knew I had just about half a million followers within a couple of months. I think DEfasts is a fantastic opportunity for me to grow my following and get others who don't use tiktok to see my videos.

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  1. Madden H4cks

    Naruto be like:

  2. STG

    Very Accurate! Lmfao!

  3. Xiotics


  4. Abdelrahman Hassan


  5. FaZe_zolo

    And that's how mafia works

  6. MathyasJ Méndez

    I say crinch

  7. baby yoda 60,000

    Cod tape

  8. -Ꮆ凵尺凵-

    His mouse pad costs more than my whole set up

  9. Boris_the_scary 28

    U better do a video about the janitor that makes all CoD maps slippery. HE WORKS HARD AND NEEDS RECOGNITION!!

  10. NoxiousVein

    Is it that hard if an 12 year old can do it in sure y'all can too

  11. mandalorian

    To be honest that is a low price and you get a extra one for free so you save £40 so that is a deal

  12. Oof_ItsJo

    Instructions unclear, Gun shoved up my you know wher

  13. xdGrimReaper_

    I have a villager just for pufferfish

  14. Nathanloughran1


  15. Eduardo Jimenez

    Lyrics: hm, hm? hm hm hm hm hm hm? laugh slap hm? Sob and so on

  16. Trypots

    The recoil is gonna be like

  17. Evans Bwalya

    This is actually how much I lag,I'm like this guys son lol

  18. Monkey friend

    In 3 days he has 1.1M subs

  19. Denver Britz

    I'm I the only one who thinks the sound is cringy~

  20. ikonik btw


  21. futmania libres

    Que merda

  22. GlitchyGamer


  23. Infinite Playz

    I take him down np 😂

  24. ELI Nieves Rios


  25. Firefly flame

    I keep thinking youtube is lagging

  26. Ryan Okumura

    The editing is 👌 perfect

  27. PP MAN

    The level 10 and 40 are fucking blind to not read the note,but the noob wasn’t blind and saw the note,then the noob became a genius, ads these days

  28. jayking gaming

    When they make you fight the boss again because he got a power boost from some Bullshit after it already taking you 2 hours to beat him the first time.

  29. Rique _8965

    I liked when he said "hum"

  30. Shadow Walker

    "Mmmm" why so many "Mmmm"

  31. gameplays of a freaking noobh

    Only indians know he copied KBC

  32. Gizzly

    I gave up cause I was on pc and the key bindings were giving me a headache

  33. Folixz

    Congratulations Greg For Hitting 1M!

  34. Ella-gance soaps

    DRUGS me : DrUgS the trader : YES HAVE MORE

  35. Juan diego Martinez Jiménez

    Que malo

  36. Son son the goddess of confusion

    These are not paid actors: so you're telling me the products work....

  37. FaZe mardo FaZe


  38. •ZinnoBlack•

    See I'd rather eat chips

  39. Roblox Ghostboy Gaming


  40. Asd

    This guy is so lonley

  41. Rubiktor012


  42. unoriginal person

    As a wise man once said, "Dark souls is harder than a mf pnis."

  43. Noir Zeref

    The face at the end he'd be saying I didn't do anything wrong

  44. Bryan Bryan

    Push there not smart

  45. Phreeze Tha King

    So true, demon souls was the first I tried and I still haven't beat it. Even with strategy guides. Awesome videos man

  46. King Claros 11

    This just like the kali sticks

  47. The Unknown

    Just git gud bro

  48. zombiegamer777 21

    Lmao this is too true

  49. Kx

    „They speak in the language of minecraft villagers!”

  50. Anthony Vance


  51. Anthony Vance


  52. Galaxy solar YT

    Bro that’s how it be like you get in a game and randomly die from a sweat

  53. thallus1998

    Idk why I love these so much

  54. Mohamed Garda



    Project Lazarus

  56. Mohamed Garda


  57. Mohamed Garda


  58. Cake

    Oh and snake one more thing 3 hrs later

  59. Ballistic

    There isn't much recoil at all unless you purposely put attachments on for more recoil

  60. Viktor Barukcic

    This is true


    How do I buy this

  62. Grant Rojas

    In order to do a 360 no scope you gotta be mob slayers level

  63. Vanesa

    They can’t open the door because they’re pulling they have to push 👁👄👁

  64. Kalle Iwahausen

    Sooo where do I order?

  65. Kaden Bellovich

    That just a outlaw now lol

  66. iClassifyy

    I hate how accurate this is

  67. Kien_Blade

    This is where not even a summon helps. 😂

  68. Anant Gupta


  69. Koby Girado

    This video captured everything when playing with friends

  70. Ultimatum

    Fun Fact : This is loop

  71. hmm hmm


  72. Ameer PandaKo

    Put an sniper scope on ur pc

  73. Deniz G

    Want the DMR his fab weapon??

  74. fak u hope u get cancer

    Manhunt stealth in a nutshell but u do not try to just knock them out u kill them

  75. Gingergaze the Catbird

    Merchant's kink is kinkshaming

  76. Sorcha Mackay


  77. xoxXOX-sN1P3rYoLOsWaGG420-XOXxox

    Its a mix between that and how a 17" barrel does less damage than 15".

  78. • Static •

    “An extreme sense of deja vu” because of how shitty it is to always have to use tape on your guns. That is some next level shit

  79. Negdo Mo Chicken

    By the time you load in a player has already got 200 kills on you

  80. Plegg

    Keep up the good work bro love ur content All of your comedies are basically a gold mine, its LIT