hello, it's me. my name is jack edwards and i don't know about you but i'm feeling 22. i started my channel to share my university experience and make higher education more accessible to future students. i'm now a graduate living in london (life comes at you fast, huh?) and sharing book and lifestyle videos :)

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  1. agape08


  2. agape08

    2:48 NOT HENRY THE HOOVER GIVING YOU THE CHEEKY SIDE EYE this bit took me out hahahh

  3. Purple Rarity

    Thank you for your video, is amazingly done!! 🥺 Welcome to the ARMY family 💜

  4. african booty scratcher

    ‘I actually wrote mine’ 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Drew O'keeffe

    The book thief! I read it while at school and since, my perspective towards the world and others has been broadened - I also loved the idea that it was narrated by death himself

  6. Saim Ali Shahid

    I must say you do look Arab

  7. ulvme

    If you want to know some of the Arabian culture then you should read the series “orchards of Arabistan” it’s just 5 books and the 6th is the finale book, anyway the first and the second just these 2 have been translate for now, the second named “demons coven”. Also the Arthur Osama Al muslim is Saudi Arabian and all his books are just wow, there is also the series “Luj” only have 5 books and it’s finished you can read the first one in english, and also the series “fear” have 2 books i don’t know if there is more, you can read the first one in english. And basically “orchards of Arabistan” is about Arabian witches and Persians witches, “luj” is about a mermaid want to know more about her life ahhh this book you can guess what is coming, “fear” is about a guy discover the demons world and jinn. and don’t let me start explain how good Osama is, i don’t know about the english ver but the Arabic ver is masterpiece literally !!!

  8. Leah Perry

    I know Noelle screamed when she saw you pull out the book cover puzzle

  9. Kristina

    What mark did he get??

  10. Omer L Sharaky

    these novels were written in a very complex language , advanced vocabulary specific to certain Arabian lands. Not the best to translate by a non native to these specific lands. However I'd recommend reading 1/4 grams by Essam Youssef, I've read the original arabic novel. The English one is more so translated by his daughter. I guess it would suffice as a good translation. It mainly revolves around addiction in Egypt. Another recommendation is for sure Granada by Radwa Ashour, takes place in Spain, muslim oppression, the shift from high status to minorities, great storytelling, main characters exist in her Fantasy but nonetheless, Great. One of the most renowned authors in Arab literature nowadays is Ahmed Mourad. I'd recommend reading " Land of the God " , it's the story of Moses and Pharaoh , He even speaks and writes in the pharaohs own words which is unique to this novel, coupled with another plot and 2 characters from His own fantasy, a high priest and a crime in the temple, the servant becomes a leper. Absolutely awesome novel. I've read the one in Arabic, The English translation should be equally as fun.

  11. Lina Winter Bear

    Armyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Thank you for this video🤚💜

  12. Luc3 AAOOD

    He really said ✨simple but effective✨

  13. Ream


  14. Definitely Shana

    This is the first video I am watching of jack, and might I just add that I am in love with this man! :’)

  15. leanne isabel

    IM SOOOOOO GLADDD people are starting ro recognize the boys as true artists. they are very wise, INSANELY TALENTED AND PASSIONATE and they really are just the embodiment of comfort and hope

  16. Enas al-ashram

    Time of White Horses is one of my all time favorite books. Good job!

  17. medha raj

    Can we appreciate his fashion sense? He looks so good :) .

  18. Malak Sameh

    Thank you for appreciating that beautiful language!

  19. 에리가ᅡᅡ

    i could listen to you all day

  20. Jasmine Penrith

    well i've just found out tanya and jim divorced 👁👄👁

  21. Zahraa IQ

    Happy to see how you enjoyed your journey ❤️ I recommend “frankenstein in baghdad” by Ahmed Saadawi

  22. Al 27.

    Hi Jack, I'm an Arabic native speaker from Oman. you really did a good job, I liked the way you shared with us your experience. I adore reading especially the Poetry, you are a good reviewer by the way ;) thank you so much.

  23. lauren yip

    use rewards code LYIP913 to save extra 5% on Yesstyle!!!!!!!!1

  24. Yareli Lara

    First video of him I’ve seen and I love him already😂

  25. Wei Wei Reed

    YES!! BTS & Taylor Swift brains! ♡

  26. sarayu gautam

    Loveddddd it!

  27. Rhiannon Foss

    Not hard to do honestly...

  28. sms1511

    Thank you for highlighting Season of migration to the north, AlTayeb Salih is a wonderful Sudanese writer and we are so proud of him. I read Season of migration to the north both in Arabic when I was a teen in Sudan and later again read the English. Sadly I think a lot of his other work isnt known outside of Sudan even though they are also written in wonderful prose, most arent even translated . I especially like AlZain’s Wedding which is a reflection of many charecters in Sudanese society. I think if you or anyone wants to read modern Sudanese writers there is Longing of the Derwish by Hamour Ziada which is a historical fiction that follows several charecters during the period right after decolonization. I dont see the parallels between heart of darkness and Season of migration to the North, but however its a very close comparison to Orientalism by Edward Said. Said and Salih were good friends btw.

  29. Rupali Sinha

    Please try books recommended by Elon Musk...

  30. respect bts

    his formal application to be a bts army is by reading some books recommended by rm oof the flex my lazy ass could never

  31. Sara Rose

    Namjoon is also racist though

  32. Sara


  33. Tammy Idrus

    I really enjoy it and you explain the mv really good. I've been trying to get back into reading book again and I think I'll start with this list. Thank you for sharing with us!

  34. sheleavitt06

    What were you expecting??? It’s smut romance novel aka crap.

  35. Unavailable WuXian

    I wish Namjoon sees this video

  36. Unavailable WuXian

    Nice, now I need to read all the books I've bought, before buying those, because this gave me inspiration

  37. Endgamefond

    May I know what publishing company you work for??

  38. Layla Abdul


  39. Shivangi Sarkar

    me: hmmm impressive dedication also me: binge watching Jack's literature related videos till 5 in the morning

  40. Sinclair Levigne


  41. Ishita Mehta

    one day i hope to have a youtube channel as cool as jake. i might have to steal his personality for it.

  42. miryam atat

    you should read the prophet by gibran khalil gibran!!!

  43. Leon Colina

    “Which I thought was insanity but we are like a year into the pandemic and I can kinda see it now” HAHAAHAHAHAHAHA SOOOOO TRUE

  44. O Blue

    Great video!☺️ You could do a video reading books in the background of politicians’ zoom calls on tv😂

    1. Jack Edwards


  45. Jessica Thompson

    interesting that you still gave two stars to books you seemed to really dislike! I also rarely give one star ratings on goodreads, maybe because I don’t finish the book if it’s that terrible 😂

    1. Jack Edwards

      Yeah! - I think for me 1 star is like “this should never have been made, no one will enjoy it”! A lot of the books I don’t like I can still see how they’d serve a purpose to someone so if a book gets a one star from me, that’s an INSULT

  46. Beybye

    Im surprised that you didn’t read any of Khalil Jubran’s

  47. grace

    if anyone was looking for the puzzle like me it's called the "Classic Paperbacks 1000 Piece Puzzle" :)

  48. Bhavesh Sharma

    1:30 called out 😩

  49. Janine Sequeira

    Have you read "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck" by Mark Manson? Could you please do a review about it!!!

  50. _나리만_

    I’ve studied an extract from The Metamorphosis but I didn’t realise RM also recommended it. This was approximately 3 years ago but I will be checking out the other books as well

  51. Balqish Maarif

    Most entertaining book review ever!! I was about to get the 5am book club and i am just like you. More of a night owl than a morning person and i agree 7am is better than 5am. I LOVE atomic habits too!! Subscribed!

  52. Khadeeja Masood

    We got a new fanboy....... and he is handsome+intelligent

  53. Arianwen Evans

    3:37 Made my day 👏👏

  54. Maiden Black

    Though I am Arab but I have never read these beautiful books ! Now you're making me wanna read 'em . Also, I recommend you to check out these Lebanese authors (being myself a Lebanese) : Gibran Khalil Gibran , Amin Maalouf and Emily Nasrallah . Plus thank you for considering to read arabic literature .

  55. man eater

    loved this video, actually helps me decide which books i want to read that he's recommended! i would like to formally request a deep dive into hozier's music as he makes so many references to literature in his songs, and i think that would make an interesting video!

  56. Ipek

    I’m so happy you enjoyed making this video and are now part of army. Thank you for taking so much time to make this video as I was always interested in the books Namjoon read but didn’t get my self to do the research. So this was extremely helpful and I will definitely check some of those books out.

  57. Ipek

    The way you explained the meaning of spring day. Omg thank you so much. You totally changed my perspective. I already loved this song but you made me understand it better and now I’m blown away knowing what it really means.

  58. Nour

    Every student in France have read or at least heard of L'étranger de Camus. It's like basic literature.

  59. Nour

    Saying "Namjoon we might become besties" and then dropping some books just like clumsy Namjoon could have done xD

  60. Magui Medrano

    I'm an ARMY and I clicked on the video because the title said "Namjoon" and "books". And oh, boy... YOUR WAY OF EXPLAINING EVERY SINGLE BOOK. It amazed me. It was nice and funny to see how you slowly became an ARMY through the video 😂 Well, what else could I say? I really appreciate the video. Because of you, I got to know many books which are now on my bucket list (yeah... I didn't know about the recommendation list). Ah! And I was forgetting: the minute 19:10 is SO relatable LOL. Like, we all thank a man who has no idea we exist but it makes sense at the same time. To sum up, thank you for the video. It was amazing. Your way of narrating without spoiling, your excitement, your SWEATERS, everything was on point. 💜

  61. SoHardToBeMe

    The only Simon I know is from Secrets Of A Summers Night (anyone with me?)

  62. ann rhmn

    Helllooo baby Army! Army from Bangladesh welcoming you to the family! Glad I found your channel!!

  63. itsmolly 00

    That table is gold. You’re a saint.

  64. zain mustafa

    ✨GENIUS ✨

  65. arslan imdad

    I have a suggestion. Please consider reading the reluctant fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid. He is a British Pakistani Novelist : ) A metafictional novel published by Oxford University Press.

  66. Paula Giljo

    I absolutely love your energy, you motivated me soo much to read all those books, and I love the way you summarize and comment on the books! :)

  67. Eri Bronk

    Really enjoyed this video, but the notion of listening to chatty/engaging podcast/videos hit so close to home for me... Yes, living alone through lockdowns makes you need a lil something extra from your chosen podcasts host or youtubers.

  68. Chiara

    Not me being an army for a year and only finding out now about the meaning behind the Spring Day mv i- 🤡

  69. StrawberryJPEG

    can you do more about getting books self published <3333

  70. Val

    u should read One Thousand and One Nights or Arabian Nights . it has a lot of beautiful stories and the way they describe things is incredible , oh I wish that u could read the original Arabic cuz it’s so beautiful and the way the characters talk sounds like poetry but they are a lot of translated versions + some tales trace their roots back to ancient and medieval Arabic, Egyptian, Indian, Persian, and Mesopotamian folklore and literature. I started listening to it as an audiobook months ago and I was like: W🤩W!!

  71. SurrealisticLEO

    Namjoon really does have taste, I agree with you on that. He might be years younger than me but that man has some great taste in literature and is so... Let's just say he enlightens and surprises me a lot with his maturity and understanding of human beings and the variety of themes and topics in books which he chooses to read - that is a person worth knowing and admiring. Oh, the words that I have been searching for to describe him are wise, philosophical and an old soul in a young body (meant in the most positive way).

  72. Pascaru CARMEN-FLORINA

    Although I had already realized that RM is a genius, the way you explained the use of books references in their music videos just blew my mind...thank you for the video!, you've done a really cool job!

  73. Berta Galindo

    I feel like watching this is illegal

  74. Lara


  75. E.A. Bedoya S.

    I am new here, and as someone who's dream is to work somewhere in the book publishing industry and is in the middle of her first year in a communications degree... this is absolutely by far the best video I could start my weekend with. Thank you so much, I'll enjoy following your journey and I have a lot to catch up with from previous videos!!

  76. Donut Max


  77. rxseqvartz

    This video made me feel happy not only because I'm Arab but also because I read 2 of the books that you've mentioned and because I just discovered your lovely channel :)<3

  78. Fany

    Is it just me or was that the most unimpressed reaction of a studytuber to Notion I've ever heard?

    1. Jack Edwards

      hahahahaha can't believe i turned down a sponsorship because i didn't use it only to start using notion every day for work

  79. QanB

    Read the Quraan!

  80. who knowsss

    Maybe people with connections have a better chance of getting in? Don’t blame yourself Jack