Surprising animal and bird hatching adventures, made from our love for every living creature, every little character that we encounter. It all started with Albert, a sweet little quail that hatched from an egg I bought in the supermarket.

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  1. Eden Cornelius

    Sure he is a broken heart person who wants to busy him self like me

  2. Eden Cornelius

    Best daddy in the world

  3. Eden Cornelius

    Great man

  4. Harry Bean

    They are greenfly aka aphids, not lice.

  5. Niki Anderson

    Seeing him happy makes me SO happy 😊

  6. Brian Teller

    I am so sorry for you, man. Fox’s are so annoying sometimes. Rip for your friends.

  7. Myfanwy Moi

    What bird is this?

  8. Michael So_YT

    It grow too fast

  9. Nithya Bireddy


  10. Niki Anderson

    I just cannot with this man he is so nice 😭 to those 9k ppl who disliked: you don't have a heart

  11. SuperWintendoGamez

    *congratulations! You just trapped Fundy!*

  12. Elizabeth Lee

    goldie is a good name

  13. NALW Mel

    The bird growing up process is so cute!! Good job man! 🐦🐦

  14. Kerrigan Taiga

    a paint brush would have been easier to feed him

  15. MyAlienX

    so sweet omg

  16. Familie Kwaingcxhchxm

    soo cuut🐣

  17. Alex Aguilar Dj

    Wau 😃

  18. Goonerlp Original!!!

    What if he dropped it? I mean the egg

  19. Stacy Brittain

    Incredible. Wonderful!

  20. Quinn Johnson

    You should call him ginger

  21. David Peralta


  22. Frederick Moby

    I want to call you for help there is a nest that is broken and there are three eggs on it one of them broke I need your help I hope u see this

  23. Raw Alba.

    "Patient" ✨❤️

  24. Stacy Brittain

    amazing! How wonderful. Brings cheer to my heart. Thank you for all that you do.

  25. LuciLuci

    For money like the rest of the animal exploitation clique on youtube

  26. suzana Jabre

    That is truly beautiful 🥺🥺🥺 The best thing that I saw today💜💜💜 I really respect you for raising the parrot like your own child and even bringing the father to his son😁😇💜

  27. • my brother and pastel •

    Please EXPLAIN YOU DISLIKERS! (noted to the people who disliked)

  28. Daniale Evans

    So glad there are people out there who care about nature like I do! I once raised a baby Starling I found that was in a gutter because he had been washed out of his nest. I fed him with a paint brush. I started with applesauce then moved up to meal worms. I named him Meep because that's what he sounded like he was trying to say. Eventually he grew and I released him in a park. I hope he is doing well.

  29. Shiela Mark

    , how long

  30. Lord Joes


  31. fyrtree

    Nature is beautiful sometimes

  32. Elizabeth Valencia


  33. قناة المؤمنين والمؤمنات

    سبحان الله خلق فأبدع❤️

  34. Shunya

    It makes my cry when another species feels comfortable around a human

  35. Michelle Ayala Chocarro

    ✨🥺🥺🥺✨ Ohhhhhhhh so cute

  36. Melyana Irwan

    You inspired me alot to be a vegan


    Oh my god, very sweet, if only everyone had such good intentions, who knows, then the world would change.

  38. Daniel Zaragoza

    Did it die I hope not😰😢😭

  39. Xhante Marie

    Awww! I’m so touched by this. I love animals of all kinds, so I can relate. This man truly has the heart of a saint. That little life would have been lost if he hadn’t had a good eye and the wherewithal, love, and patience to rear this precious bird. Then to bring the daddy budgie home as well? That’s the best happily ever after that I’ve ever seen!

  40. Amil


  41. Sidra Brro


  42. Stephanie Hardy

    So cute 🥺🥺🥺

  43. Hanif Technical tv

  44. Ryan McConahay

    God bless this man 🙏 😘 So cute 😢

  45. Burak Aktulum

    I am crying

  46. hoiikbenSayenna

    i was crying this is to cute it made my day 🥺

  47. toirtaP ekawA

    When the world is going crazier by the minute.. These type of video's always give me hope in humanity!

  48. Classic Max

    they're both very patient with each other

  49. T S

    Pasty butt. It’s so easy to fix. All you need is time and patience.

  50. Mara Mesa

    That's so nice 🤗😎💙👍


    The numberless map latterly rinse because woolen postprandially itch per a unkempt sandra. well-made, rustic trout

  52. Mehr Syed

    Love you bro. Heartfelt wishes and prayers your kind way. This wotld needs more people like you! ❤️

  53. Flávia Mariano

    The fact that the steal word at the start say seal

  54. Brisa Marleni

    This man this man right here is going to heaven 100%

  55. Leeloutie Bissoondath

    #squirrel lover

  56. Hilary Grace

    Did he just have that incubator lying around?

  57. 0Masa Stojkovic8

    Awwww 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗

  58. Ben Davies

    I love your videos!

  59. Mariano Esteche

    Ahh is' cute

  60. Legend247

    This man, he is part bird

  61. Jaden Tam

    That chick is soo cute

  62. Jaden Tam


  63. Blessed With Pets

    i have one hatching right now. plz tell me, where did you keep the baby? in the incubator? i really need to know.

  64. Greaterplayz

    Albert hears ducks being hurt I AM SPEED

  65. Jaden Tam


  66. Yes

    This guy is like Mr. Ping

  67. Best Eats


  68. IB Siam

    hey can you make a video of pegion

  69. Smy

    Rip ducklings Also poor fox

  70. Wooly Kitty Haven

    So sweet!!

  71. Забіяка Анастасія

    Це хто???🤔

  72. Забіяка Анастасія

    Це хто

  73. Imran Rajput


  74. Emery Anker


  75. Kitto Pog

    Can we get F’s in the chat


    I Salute u

  77. K Deh


  78. Ndysnsh Ksyskshg

    Тот самый русский коммент, который вы искали



  80. Pako Sant Marcel.lí

    there is spanish chanel, thanks from Valencia, (the birds are more beatiful than english chanel)