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  1. Makram Makarem

    Many people tried this and it is fake

  2. Makram Makarem

    Ok that is so fake

  3. يوسف -yusuf

    Gft ucivifibogrnjkvivogifkhpnkvkglfuvkbjdyetcivkbb kvuffuvifugkvkb ififigogohob jvifigogif obigohogog ogifigigogogjjdjjckjfifkjfiejoshixjidjiwhicnoc kdmbci d uxbudbdundbcjkdpkf Bhjfjjfnbfbbcbbchhggdhhdgrhhh Csyxjvusyvicuguff Jdys5sybogudugifigogohogogivucigohohpjphog icuccuvgifkgubrjkyd6e4u9534790000000yystxib jkfofkonofmkfknfojtonfknfjnr jbifnrinfifnfoneownjfjodnنزمبزملل hhfjnfkfk fjjnfnj Jhhhhhdhhhgfhfhhchbdhgdhbfnbfbbvdfgdhdhjdhhdh hggffffhjvudtckvys5flnkcys

  4. Asui

    How to ruin a child's life, tutorial.

  5. ᄆ몰라

    Is this snowpowder?(?)

  6. Placido Yair Mendez Huerta

    Eso no es cierto

  7. Nourdaraghme Daraghme


  8. Burcu Kurtçu

    Red please

  9. Not The MsM

    Nope I breathe fresh air with no mask. If people don't like it hide in your houses

  10. Vinod Kumar

    kaha pe milta hai

  11. chris wachter

    I hate the poop emoji

  12. Random Person

    Poor thing

  13. ꧁White Rose꧂


  14. chris wachter

    The poor unicorn died :\ Unicorn: *D E A D*

  15. chris wachter

    I have that unicorn toy but it's blue and it popped bc it can be a balloon It has a small hole in it

  16. Vicky Braelynn

    It doesn't work

  17. Nada Alaisah

    واو كيف عملتي في نفسك 😯

  18. chris wachter

    Fun fact: I've never tried nutella before....:[

  19. Gijs

    I only liked this because of Tech N9ne 🎶👌🏼

  20. 꽥꽥오리

    ㅐㄷ ㄴ ㅇ

  21. NicoleGoesFl00p

    Tried this, theres no knife

  22. Bad_at_mlbb

    Put vodca in it...

  23. David B

    Pas compris le truc au milieu ça c’était beau mais là fin était pas trop beau

  24. Zahid Asad

    I thought of he will put that pine down on the floor than it may work 👀👀

  25. زينب وسام خضر


  26. Dalla Allah

    Chutiya h ky be

  27. MrBubléYTSon YT


  28. Affan Fan

    The tiny one look so cute...🙃

  29. NASP Poke

    i feel so satasfied looking these kind of tik tok ngl. btw im not a bot

  30. AIVAN77


  31. Matylda S


  32. Manar ANMI

    Not my profile picture being how you like that

  33. Rhll Vhn


  34. Unknown 1014

    What's the point of wearing gloves in this video?

  35. Saranya 8b / Nikunj 7d

    Wowwww amazing 😀😀✌👌👌

  36. Princess Oruga


  37. sania fun

    Pernah liat cetakanya di miniso

  38. Ruri Rury


  39. Bella Benedikster

    It is hoax😭😭

  40. Brisa Acosta


  41. Terminator

    wait, why is the n in nutella black?

  42. Thijs Bergman

    Don't wait for it


    I laught

  44. Pokesus

    How to waste bread, tutorial. My mom lived a post-war crisis and my grandmothet and grandfather lived a civil war and the post-war crisis. So they would punch you in the face and i consider this fucking waste of bread. If you don't like that part, there is Bimbo bread who don't has that part and is bigger and fuller, also you cutted it very badly.

  45. Muhammad Zulhaznizal Ahmad Tohid

    How did you do that?!!! Pls tell me😂

  46. Ashlyn Kenney

    We ain't gunna talk about what is "ronnie"???? No? ok

  47. Musab Çelik


  48. Pokesus

    Green Wasn't the Impostor.

  49. 김남일

    뭐하는 등.신같은 영상인지 ㅡㅡ

  50. Siti Brian


  51. lorraine lim

    I love this

    1. lorraine lim


    2. lorraine lim


    3. lorraine lim


    4. lorraine lim


    5. lorraine lim


  52. Elena Prunareasa


  53. Marcelo Silva

    Wey en que pinche universo vives para ir tambien, pides una nutella y de paso te dan un arma blanca

  54. bad_MADARA17

    I fucking hate this music in 2021, stop with this shit

  55. Zuzana Sivčáková


  56. Eva .N

    Why this person cut those sides of bread ...😑😑????

  57. Hashim Jumahat

    Where did u buy the molds from?

  58. Cherry Roblox

    {|:) king

  59. Cherry Roblox

    it’s a pop squishy. filled with sand.

  60. nanto Sarker

    Damn background btw...

  61. Jade Lehmann

    The music is cool 😁🎶🎧

  62. Khadija Alexander

    It kinda looks like a strawberry

  63. Biplab Sardar


  64. Biplab Sardar


  65. Hikmet Kemaloğlu

    Ya öyle bir şey yok ya🥴

  66. Manasvi Sharma

    Where do you get these syringes from?

  67. Ahm Mhaam

    برافو برافو

  68. mushroom stew


  69. Koonie_TF

    Man just spat blood

    1. Ron Spina

      It’s all for fun 👍🏼🤣

  70. roes Lee

    Can eat? 😂😂

  71. shreeenterprises e


  72. Awesome Everything

    Awesome 😎👍👍

    1. Ron Spina

      Thank you so much 👍🏼😊

  73. Miraç Korkut


    1. Miraç Korkut


  74. Cherry Roblox


  75. Cherry Roblox

    the song. 👁💧👄💧👁

  76. Yeliz Yeliz

    What is this songs name

  77. NASP Poke

    what kind of glass is that?

  78. peddi nagarani


  79. Hasan Askariul

    It's a baloon filled with crushed ORBEEZ

  80. bagpackers rocks

    She is not lucky...bts guys are lucky ..that they are that much close to priyanka

    1. Ron Spina

      That’s great right 👍🏼😊