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  1. John Gran

    Thanks for keeping the soda cold lmao

  2. Laila Faidoul

    So cute 🥰 god bless

  3. Dannie Ortega

    Why are people all hurt lol. I'd say it to the teachers faces when I was in school. Most time they'd agree

  4. devinwwong

    when your cat steps on your keyboard...

  5. kram nt

    No racist here but “brown”

  6. inv isible

    A girl talking unmuted would be embarrassing, not until she starts cursing her teacher.

  7. Fed Up

    bruh he don’t squish it I’m os dissapionted now

  8. Lovisa Engvall

    She was not serious for people who didn’t understood

  9. the one

    big mood

  10. Somuchboost

    the girl recording would be the one to throw a temper tantrum if that was her stuck and no one wanted to help her

  11. Nadia Ruiz

    « This is so cringe.... pls just mute her and let’s move on » damn if only that we’re a reality when you hear someone in real life.

  12. Jeanie Bean

    With extra covid as well since none of those clowns are wearing masks.

  13. ladybird

    So she thought you were hungry

  14. •Not Flanders•

    I have a headset with a physical on/off switch, but it doesn't work, it's ALWAYS on even if its switched off

  15. freespeechisdead isdead

    Head down, tail up is universal dog code for 'let's play'. So that was what he was doing.

  16. Hamish

    And of course it isn’t spelled right

  17. Vedant

    Sweata ka nam suna hai😂

  18. Mawww KN

    Me trying to make friends

  19. vaibhav chaudhary

    I really freaked out idk why😂😂

  20. Angelina Hernandez

    This was beautiful

  21. RandomGoofy

    Thats like sayin “There ain’t no white in the middle, its just black”😂

  22. prod. xrdo

    500,000 views gonna be 10M in 7 years

  23. Eric Furman

    That second crunch 😂😂😂

  24. VivaLaPets

    LOLLLLL he looks up to make sure you saw the pro-gamer move he just pulled, how cute.

  25. The Commentator

    Day 50 of trying to get famous by writing comments

  26. dan sagran1

    took 'ion' to a whole other level

  27. JuNioR

    Is it a requirement, if male, to be gay to work at Starbucks?

  28. Shorts

    He master the rarest bending style in avatar legend of aang (Swanbending)

  29. Peach Kun

    The sub teacher is so freaking cool

  30. Christiansen Shearer


  31. Karl Magro

    For Nichole should have said nice hole

  32. ShooterInnit

    remember this comment in 5 years when this pops up in your recommendeds

    1. drizzy drake

      same here

  33. Sandra Brantley

    McDonald's food sucks I once got sick off some McDonald's breakfast I reported it and they said there was nothing they could do about it! 😡

  34. whodatboi

    Why was he just SO happy about it

  35. I've fallen and I can't get up

    That isn't a hashbrown That's a thicc potato chip

  36. SupaIsaiah016

    I want that name

  37. Ailsa Ariq Nabila

    we will see this video again later in daily dose of internet

  38. Elizabeth Evans

    Im investing in this video before it gets viral, get your stocks here!

  39. whodatboi

    I love the lack of toxic masculinity in this. That hug and squeeze was adorable

  40. Drew

    When you don't know the difference between muting your mic and muting your speakers ;,(

  41. Devon Fishing

    😂 you need a refund for the disappointment with no hash

  42. Inyalga Ico

    Not really fully judging but chloe sounds dumb and ignorant

  43. Kiseki

    Teacher: ah you finally made it..... Fuck it they don’t pay me to care

  44. htg

    im glad youtube recommended me this

  45. ArtmadebyRed

    And people think Australians are fearless

  46. Joseph

    Here before this goes viral

  47. Imbtrtenu

    I want one.

  48. Bob Treduis

    Daily dose! DAily DOSE! DAY LY DAOSE

  49. Dunlee Ozarius

    Somebody's Name : Arun DEfasts Captions : Aaaaaron!!!

  50. Extra Nexus


  51. Ervin The Fearless Frog

    I was expecting the hole to be exactly in the shape of that cat

  52. Cryztal Suz

    That just made me hungry 😅

  53. Arius Edition

    why do americans speak like that? no flame i just wanna know

  54. elixkatsu

    kaeya in his free time

  55. Areej Khan

    My guy u wasted😂😂

  56. RavioliBandit

    I think your nails were so long it scared the cork out.

  57. zeke soto

    Everyone gangsta till samurai jack pulls up

  58. Sankhadeep Ghosh

    Foreign version of shweta😂😂

  59. Noobmaster69

    I wish my dogs were this calm when I put on their sweaters (they are small dogs and get cold quickly) i Literally have to wrestle them to put on their little coats, thank god I don’t have to with my husky, she would be even harder to put coats on. I love the little buggers so much but I swear sometimes. After they put on their coats they are happier then anything tho lol

  60. Salsabila Qurratu Aini

    This laugh. Is more funny than cheese stick😂😂😂😂

  61. Forrest Querino


  62. AncientSeed

    Liberals, lmao 😂

  63. Elijah Campos

    The slogan on the box says it allll “it brings you back.”

  64. James Postle

    This literally happened in my zoom class today lol.

  65. whodatboi

    "And that kids, is how I met your mother"

  66. sassyEst

    Me: Wants to do that too Also me: Doesn't have sword, doesn't have winter in my country

  67. Elias

    So that's the famous "Hole in the wall where the boys can see it all."

  68. Ronnie Entertainment

    what's more funny the man breaking the stick in half with no cheese inside or the man in the background laughing

  69. whodatboi

    "Oh you really thought you could play without me???"

  70. Shorts

    She put rubber ducks on the tub then it grew to become a real duck

  71. Apurv Surya

    So sad they scammed The Weeknd

  72. CautionVertexBeforeKilo

    This is such a Chloe thing to do

  73. whodatboi

    I can't get my dog to fetch ANYTHING. Not a single thing. Videos like this make me so jealous!

  74. Ren


  75. corneluius jones.


  76. Skybasesilas

    Guys I never had a sushi Burrito

  77. sarabpreet kaur

    Wow, it's our lucky day. The poor dude is stuck, his pants are coming off...with luck he will throw out his that bump on the head was even better. DEfasts here we come. Sigh.

  78. whodatboi

    That shovel really said "you're on your own bud"

  79. Keno ye

    Lego Yoda ordered that

  80. Ren