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  1. El Ramos -

    Lol can do the same on apple as well

  2. Davood •

    You fuck. There was still bubbles in that damn screen

  3. Nqhtz

    Please tell me when mail-ins are back up my brother messed up my iPad and even left the inside exposed by leaving a hole on the framing

  4. ItsLeeeroy

    Cook the old screen and make some dope.

  5. Claudia Perez

    It’s fake I think

  6. TTV Malady

    Would you be interested in fixing an Xbox one elite controller with a crazy bad stick drift? (Analog stick needs replaced)

  7. Mark anthony De guzman

    the most fact is.. apple can do anything... but android cannot do what apple can

  8. Jordan Bloomfield

    Are you in Ottawa?

  9. Nini Zeldav


  10. Sara N

    No phone is water resistant they always have faults inside after they get dropped they become a bit faulty

  11. Brennan Sewell

    Bro I have a broken iPad (just the screen) where do I get a new screen I’m in Texas please help me

  12. neil

    You just slammed a screwdriver through you phone camera what do you do

  13. Wayne Matsumoto


  14. Avakin Ellie

    Omg woahhhhhh cool!!

  15. Davis FireStar

    Pacific rim the black

  16. Roland Eriks

    damage. That's a difficult word...

  17. neil

    Android has a feature where you can scan a page and it will put it into a document in digital form

  18. Pocky lover

    bruh it was there since 2018 or something

  19. Hallohsv

    Will it be waterproof after the repair?

  20. Crusty

    Couldn't you buy gloves for when you use broken glass just suggestion not to be mean

  21. Red Green Fox

    So wait we can just Rick roll people better

  22. glxryfilms

    “i eat them”

  23. Quiiverr

    Man those skills are amazing. You need to teach on masterclass bro

  24. ibukun

    I need to get me an iPhone

  25. C H O C O V I O L E T

    I used to have one but, I kinda broke it, I was just a CHILD! I don't know how it works okay 😂 but, sometimes I can get it QwQ 🙃

  26. Firdaus Qayyum

    Bro , can you help me fix my iPhone 5s? LCD crack . Im from Malaysia . Please help me 🙏🏻

  27. Paige Hartge Osborn

    Fix it

  28. Kiki-

    This dude is a hero This dude save the phone is crash/blipps This dude never gonna take all the phone but the dudes save all phones This dude take the Mail-in his fans This dude is a hero in his childhood and dreams came true. that's it :) i hope it make you Think another time.

  29. Perfect Gaming

    Please make a video on if your iPhones silent butten is not working

  30. Xavier likes Technology

    Oh and the black stuff on the back is the old adhesive

  31. Xavier likes Technology

    Do you have a display programmer that works for the 6s? iCopy+ only has 7 and up

  32. PiEn

    I would be genuinely mad if someone would've swapped black to white front on my device

  33. Azriel The Crazed

    Are you in a legitimate business in the US? Because they would have had to given you ID to sell their iPhone to you (that's how it works in NY at least)

  34. Ali Saad

    Hi please can you tell me how to fix black dots in the camera Thanks 🙏🏻

  35. KingsDie2

    Aye I live close to McFarland

  36. Richard Lives

    Slong revel

    1. Richard Lives

      Just kidding lol

  37. Daniel Nieves

    No point in removing the battery. Start from the bottom of the port and slide it out towards the bottom. Saves you from removing the battery

  38. Sophia Neems

    Wow it must hurt with glass in your fingers

  39. Editing Master


  40. X-gamer Pro-HD

    I’m glad they added the stuff to the screen it’s way better.

  41. Madhavan k


  42. Sasha_six_ Kenshin


  43. cereal gaming

    Wow apple hates makimg stuff conveniant

  44. AdriToon

    Just wait until apple claimed they're the one who invented batteries

  45. Zyxean

    I like this background, it fits me.. Thanks for the recomendation! ( It didn't do absolutely nothing to my S8 )

  46. cue-t

    Is there a way i can bypass the iCloud of an iPhone 5s ?

  47. RussellPlays Mods

    Apple: Yeah just buy a whole new phone

  48. Charlott Ray

    Big mouth

  49. Aidan Chappelle

    "We got an iPhone X" *throws at table* "We got a pile of aluminum ash"