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  1. bloo jkl45


  2. Ian McClellan

    I can't believe this show hasn't been cancelled. 😳

  3. Kennetta Reid

    He has to survive, some way, some how. He has to see his grandchild

  4. XO PaulineJo


  5. L1ttleP1ckle809

    Why is Flash mask like Iron Man

  6. Dylan Ward

    They better reveal the truth this season

  7. Raquel Lopes

    I couldn't be more excited for wednesday!

  8. Brightburn

    Better than wandavision

  9. Raquel Lopes


  10. Tebogo Mmitsinyane

    Okay this may be a unpopular opinion but I am bored with the whole situation with aaron and Zoey can we do something with their characters they whole will they wont they shit is fucking boring as hell.........😒🤭🙄

    1. reinemfz

      you can stop watching then.. nobody is forcing you to watch. you can dip you won’t be missed lmao

    2. Porsche Randolph

      I agree 💯 I think I'm the only one who would rather not see aaron and Zoey togather...and would care less if they got togather.

  11. Elena Diaz Rodrigez

    Que bonito 🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦❤️❤️❤️❤️🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦👍👍

  12. Elena Diaz Rodrigez

    Megusta 🇪🇦🇪🇦👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦

  13. Esther Abrantkoski

    Oque foi que eu percebi nesse pequeno trailer : Eles estão tentando fazer um portal para a dimensão espelhada ,a Iris manda uma mensagem para a Alegra A eva está tentando atrapalhar a equipe para eles não entrarem no mundo espelhado ,a nevasca volta na serie

  14. Александр Мороз

    Show is kinda bad

  15. Rlay R-squad

    So we get Abra kadabra

  16. Elena Diaz Rodrigez

    Hello megusta 🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦❤️❤️❤️💋🇪🇦🇪🇦👍

  17. ARL CRT


  18. Noe UJ

    Pero que basura

  19. Misty

    Anyone who doesn't see that there is going to be a major death this season, probably Atwater or Upton isn't paying attention.

  20. Avi

    "This is the moment." Also, the writers: Y'all not finding out till the end of the season.

  21. PhinnDiesel

    RIP all the Harrys

  22. Elena Diaz Rodrigez

    Que bonito me trae recuerdos 🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦💃🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦

  23. Oliver Garrick

    Rochelle is a cute and pretty black girl but we are finally getting aron and zoey relationship but we all know Rochelle and aron not gonna last.

  24. Johnnetta Washington

    Like I don’t remember seeing a gun held to his head the problem with this show everyone to busy trying to please each other and keeping secrets 😭

  25. jamaica rastafeet

    The ugly loise

  26. AJ

    I just don’t get why it had to be the gorgeous dark skin black girl painted as the villain 🥴🥴

    1. reinemfz

      she isn’t painted as the villain tho.. she just happens to be the girl in love with a guy who isn’t in love with her. it happens to everyone but that’s not a villain role.

  27. Ahbegel

    Let's not judge Marcel yet cos we have not even watched the episode and we don't know what will did that made him react like that

  28. amber levesque

    Omg its Strauss 😭😭😭

  29. Cheyenne Goolsby

    is that leahhhhhhh???!!!!!🥲

  30. LivingLikeLloyd

    Sweet I just finished season three... I may just watch on TV now lol 😂

  31. P Dhanunjay

    At least this season should be complete

  32. cymkombe123

    Where can I watch this online?

  33. Faye southall

    Is that the real Harry ewww

  34. Drew

    Theres one thing stopping that future from happening and it's lois if she dies superman wouldn't become a killer

  35. S J91

    What is this trash


    That's not how Luthor looks. They gotta get better at casting.

  37. Joanna Winfield

    WTF writing is this, thought Chris was off to Europe to help Luca. So all the work was for what to show a strong successful woman rise to the top then break her apart and have the man swoop in and 'save' her.

  38. Felipe Saints

    What the fuck you doing, Derek?

  39. EYRO

    how this show turned out in 3 words: suits needs mike

  40. mekenna *

    i really hope every character gets the ending they deserve

  41. Rw Chitown

    Think we can all agree Jordan gotta stop bitching every episode

  42. James Levy

    Micheal Sheen is one of the favourite choices to be the next Doctor in Doctor Who

  43. S Anand

    What happens if someone destroys the artificial speed force machine?then Barry won't have his speed.then what will he do?after all it's a machine which is made up of wires and stuff.

  44. Treshana Duffus

    Hen just can’t catch a break with her kids ☹️

  45. Keashaun Love

    I just realized that Luca and Zoey broke up. Yikes- So Toxic-

  46. Matias Orellano Blaskovic

    bad acting, bad characters ( god) , bad script.....i miss the old seasons (1,2, much serious) looks like a child`s series

  47. NextToLegendary

    She has been gone so long and so has he XD this show really fell apart.

  48. Paulo Leandro

    Plz press F for all the harrison wells

  49. dobrev lee


  50. fatarsemonkey

    Isn't it funny how the righteous government people need to keep it out of the hands of the people that will abuse it because it seems to me it's the other way around these days.

  51. IG - 12LJ 774414 West Credit SS

    I hope we see godspeed at the end of the season or even red death that would be cool

  52. Our ChicagoLegends

    All these promos for both 3 shows are killing me!!! Crockett was the kne for nat in my opninion but seeing this made me so mad. Why is he so darn jealous will is just being a friend..

  53. Dnaye W

    I love Sky

  54. allie

    this is being filmed at my old middle school- 😭

  55. J P

    Ughhhh this show sucks

    1. Brightburn

      Better than wanda vision

  56. War Rocket Ajax

    as long as they keep the cliched high school stuff and teen melodrama short enough to skip through, this could continue to be a quite awesome show.

  57. Our ChicagoLegends

    Im so here for the fight between casey and the lieutenant!!!

  58. Jesse Taylor

    I really like this show. The first episode was a little meh, but has improved significantly. Chris Redd is hilarious and his performance makes the show even better.

  59. luv me

    why didn’t this episode come out yesterday?

  60. Sophie Stubborn

    Kara gets so excited- It's adorable

  61. allydoodah

    Why is this Luthor black

  62. Monke see Monke do

    paying homage to the breakfast club...respecc

  63. Dante Carnelian

    I loved this show it was awesome, my only complaint is we didn't get to see the triplets

  64. Freda F

    Do we know this guy's name is 'Lex' or 'Alexander'? I watched both episodes, and I heard a Rank 'Captain' and a Last Name 'Luthor', but First Name has not yet been revealed. In any case, I like him so far. He seems to have a moral compass, he not out for personal glory or power. Captain Luthor is trying to save our world from the fate his own suffered. That fate appears to be that Superman, came in behind from behind his troops, and (to put it in milatry terms) took them out extreme prejudice. Alternate Sups used his heat vision in a Scorched Earth way to burn the soldiers alive. Somehow, Captain Luthor survived and his pissed off, if point of view is true, then he has every right to be. Now, Captain Author himself as a defender of Earth all Earths from Superman, whom he perceives as our greatest threat, Superman. The unanswered questions are, is Luthor's perception accurate? Or did something else happen, and it's just easier to think Superman was to blame? Will Luthor be able to distinguish our Superman from the one on his world? What became on of the Supes on his world? Dead? or will our Superman have to journey there to stop him? Can Luthor get passed his anger and hurt, and become an ally of our Superman? I'm looking forward to the journey, as long as Captain Luthor stayes focued, then this guy is a good solid worthy adversary.

  65. Halfblood 4

    Can this show fucking die already

  66. BOSS MAN123

    I like it

  67. Definitely not an alien

    Omg Jodie Foster what did you do to your face and voice ?

  68. Daniel Wheeler

    They’ve ruined it 🤬

  69. Zu-BeCCa

    Am I the only one who didn't really like ruby rose as Kate and prefers Ryan.

  70. Gabriella Pacheco

    I was gonna say I didn’t want this but I’m wrong 😂

  71. Taylor Hoban

    Ummmm how is Toni gonna do a dance off she’s like 8 month pregnant

  72. Chris Cross

    Since when the Gallaghers own their house? i thought they were paying rent to a cousin

  73. Barsam moradi

    This show has become SHIT

  74. Montesama314

    Dang, I thought they'd drag the Luthor mystery out. Nope, getting right to the meat.

  75. RS

    I love the hypocrisy on how everyone attacked Man of steel for doing the exact same things they are doing in this show.. But here? IT"S GLORIUOS for some reason 🤣

  76. Ozan Elcek

    I hope barry can't save Irish tihs time. Or they recast her.

  77. Ozan Elcek

    Iron man nano suit mod on :D :D