Ahh good day everyone! My name is Joey Graceffa and welcome to my official daily vlog DEfasts channel where I like to film my daily life with my puppies. You can find videos on my life with puppies, puppy first times, cute puppy moments, and SO much more! Join the family and make sure you are subscribed! I love you, until next time, good damn bye!

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  1. Avery Lightbody

    5:35 I NEED TO BE THERE!!!

  2. NoMora Rin

    If there still time to enter i love too

  3. Kiana Etienne

    Puddles is a good name

  4. Faatimah Gasant

    Why did you play James Charles while cleaning up? That is so random 😂

  5. Chelsea Cox

    Keep her!

  6. NoMora Rin

    Lime sus

  7. Isabelle Granado

    duck and moose r my fav

  8. Liz Moore

    I would love some board games please! ❤️

  9. Eileen Zajac

    2:53 you sound like WillyWonka from Charlie and the chocolate factory (Johnny Depp)

  10. Junie and Emi

    Sure! A bundle of games would be great!

  11. Mel Lou

    Lions and tigers and bears oh my :) also like Tucan cricket, Bengal and mamma needs to be called woof or Perra (dog in Spanish) or candela (Portuguese for dog) Also Buck, Lynx Bison, jackal, bison , Phoenix, gecko, Raven, fawn, kitty and hedgehog 🦔

  12. Kaia Rogers

    Ahh the kittens are so cute!

  13. cheyenne Halbach

    I seen this and instantly thought of random kitty from talking kitty. I wish Steve was still here 💔 I would have loved to see him adopt one of these ... RIP Steve cash

  14. Josh Herndon

    Board game lover here who would love some more games for my collection! Those puppies are adorable!

  15. Addyson Emmons

    I would like a bundle of bordgames

  16. Erin Hughes

    He would be such a great parent

  17. Sarah Woodward

    My mini schnauzer grunts so loudly when you cuddle her it gives you a head ache 😂

  18. Richelle Roth

    Some of these ideas for names are great! I’d love games, I play Pokémon go, you just added me, I’m Shellbbzzz ☺️

  19. Morgan Bronson

    You should give them animal names because the momma can still be Roo. You can do Bear, Kitty (KitKat), Piggy, Fox (Foxy), Bird (Birdy), MooMoo (Mooy), etc.

  20. Elizabeth Loveless

    I'd like a board game.

  21. fi

    You could name them after mythical creatures like Medusa, Phoenix,... Ps: i would like to win some games...

  22. Ria Plays Games

    me me me please ive been really bored in quarantine and i NEED new board games I would love it❤️❤️❤️thank you!

  23. KrípTø ThéñĪgHt

    Pls name 3 coda and Kira Kylo plss

  24. Jordyn Ivey


  25. Caroline Nicholas

    OMG she is beautiful. Please make sure you rinse all the soap out of her. Joey you have a big heart. Love the way you talk to her and try to make her feel better.

  26. Jessica Gonzalez

    I would like some games pls🥺

  27. Sydney Gray

    You should do princess names & prince names !!

  28. S Yao

    U should maybe name one bear !!!! 🐻 🥺

  29. Katie Delaney

    Me omg I want a board game

  30. Molly Moo

    Bear Bumblebee Tiger Lion Rosy

  31. Orla Roche

    Game game game

  32. Molly Moo


  33. Deryn Young

    Or u should call the after the Weasleys

  34. Ari and Leela

    If u can u can pick the stuff for me if u pick me 😬

  35. Deryn Young

    Joey u need to name one bear like u need to 🥺💗

  36. Erika Michelle

    The puppies are too cute 😍 May I have a board game? lol

  37. Meredith Weaver

    I ended up here after seeing the newest foster puppies. I'm super bummed to see that these pups were essentially backyard bred. I will stay subscribed just because he's obviously helped lots of animals in need since these pups were born..

  38. Keyla Cancel

    Cristal them

  39. sara corral

    I would like some board games for me and my siblings to play with 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  40. Dayana Arreola

    When are you going to restock on Sakura’s merch?!?

  41. Book Worm

    I would love a few board games to play while at home 🙂

  42. Adrian Pickstock


  43. Vicky K

    Me watching as a Gemini: 😍😍 👁👅👁

  44. Hannah Morton

    i think the white one should be coconut

  45. Vlad Flynn

    My cat (who has had kittens before) was very interested in my phone because the kittens were so loud! She became very cuddly and stared at me.

  46. ClaryFlynn98

    Light blue is huge!

  47. angelthechoco

    4 girls and 2 boys

  48. Avery Lightbody

    Joey: asks for name suggestions Me: DOG

  49. Alviya Vahid

    More puppies Joey get it

  50. Gabbie Walton

    I woould love board game , i have followed you for years and love your content :D :D <3

  51. babygirl143xoxox

    I would like a game bundle and I’m subscribed

  52. Kitty Gamer


  53. Molly Boyle

    the mama looks like my pfp

  54. valencia pandavill

    Joey you ARE the new stacyplays i knew it

  55. BuhnyINSANITY


  56. Ailish McElroy

    Name them all after flowers like : Primrose,Daffodil etc.

  57. melissa woods

    This is the content I needed today

  58. Robin Tarkiainen

    Who else scratched your head after u saw them have fleas and thinking"do i have fleas?"

  59. Molly Boyle

    btw very cute puppies

  60. Keepingitreal !


  61. Molly Boyle

    what breed of dog?

  62. berkeley liz davis

    i want the games girl yasssssssss

  63. Olivia Cain

    So excited to see what you name the pups! They are so cute! 💖 Also, I would love to win W bundle of board games as my fiancé and I have just bought and moved into our first house!

  64. Mimmi. L

    I would love to get some of the board games🥰

  65. Nichole Bowman

    Joey I would really like some board games if i get some may you sign them please im subcribe have been foe 2 years strong notifications are on. On both channels have great day joey love you so much you amazing you make me smile so much 😍

  66. Emily Utter

    I would like a bundle!

  67. Orlaith Murchan

    Name one milly

  68. city function hire

    Name them ruby emral Diomand

  69. Lookingfordogs Greenball

    Do not get rid of your 64. I rebrought one a few years ago for $200. There were people selling them for $400 att. I had to buy a vhs to run it on my tv. Still have to blow in all the cartridges and flick it on and off.

  70. Lookingfordogs Greenball

    Lemon, Berry, Lime, Rue(Rhubarb), Pumpkin, Grape.

  71. Vanessa Ramirez

    I been watching and I would really like to win

  72. fiona Butler

    I cried halfway through it

  73. Jessica Ann

    Hey Joey!!! Idk if you will see my comment if you still are doing a giveaway with the board games I would Totally love a bundle for my son (he’s 10) and I. We have a couple games that we’ve played idk how many times and as much as I’d love to get more for us, it’s just not in the budget right now lol. So ya lol. I love seeing all that you are doing to help foster etc with the cat/kittens, dogs/puppies. I’m sure if the animals could speak they would be thanking you and forever grateful for giving them a second chance. ❤️❤️

  74. JanineBean

    The zits are probably because you need to change your pillowcases more often, if you sleep on that side!

  75. fiona Butler

    Little things break my heart

  76. V3sco

    I love bord games but i resently moved and basically all my games got broken cuz stupied rain so I AM GOING TO BE SOOOOO HAPPY IF I WON

  77. fiona Butler


  78. Natalie Murphy

    The living/kitchen area is beautiful.

  79. Coffee Noodles

    I’d like a bundle of boardgamessss 🥺😗💫 p.S the puppies are adorable and the mother is so strong 🥺🤚🏼

  80. PikaWolf

    I'd love some board games!! Recently moved in with my cousin and her two sons and that would be a good thing to do that's NOT a video game lol!