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Dance a lot, STUDIO CHOOM


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Dance a lot, STUDIO CHOOM

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  1. Luana Silva

    much talented...

  2. Soo Binny

    Not me wondering how much they must have sweat under all those layers

  3. Yes baby Yes

    Ok but Im gay-

  4. conscious id

    the way mark did it with such power wow 😯😍

  5. Show Taro

    1:36 my fave part

  6. sofia dafirst

    letss go furiesss🤍🤍☺️

  7. fly like butterfly

    so pretty

  8. Chad Opshori

    Which one is jaemin?

  9. Nikkidei O. Ficher


  10. Soo Binny

    Jeno ain't even my bias but you bet I get excited when he moves to the center to lead the best parts of the choreo

  11. alya avakyan

    такая шикарная и такой вайб от неё...идеальна

  12. 이윤지

    마크 쵝오..

  13. 이윤지

    이만큼 빡세게 춤추는 아이돌 몇 안된다ㅜ

  14. Karelinxuhao

    Please I need NU'EST at Studio Choom more times! I kept smiling throughout the video, it was so much fun! I love them 。゚( ゚^∀^゚)゚。

  15. Sikong

    Yooooo put this song in 0.75 speed and that's the fucking crazy song evah

  16. jj jummy

    Don't you dare touch him he is too precious

  17. i g o t 7

    vamos hagámoslo stream a hot sauce por favor:(

  18. s t a y c h e l l i n '

    0:10 thanks to comments idk how many times i repeated this part.. that's not healthy-

  19. delgadovfg

    Dang the limited edition of the album is already sold out

  20. rameen kashif

    goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooo

  21. doy sunflow

    Abis ni blik lgie ke mv cpet

  22. Susan Liu

    Here’s the female version of Enhypen’s Drunk-Dazed:

  23. Jacq

    one word: M A R K

  24. tinie

    Sunno is so sasssyyy

  25. Baldy Antila Putra

    sunbae txt🙇🏻

  26. Fury Yeji

    Please stream this and raise the views to 15M before her birthday 🥺🥺🥺

  27. Fury Yeji

    Yasss Yejiii 🔥🔥🔥

  28. Angelina Chika Elianita

    Mon maap, rambutnya Mark bikin gue salpok mulu😭🔫

  29. Ll Lol

    Alto look del lider🥰🥰😍😘

  30. jyuli

    Wow lets get 10M for this

  31. Dear Rainbow

    Jisung & his hair dancing on stage are so attractive 😳.. Jisung enjoying the the stage is the best thing.. Its so fun watching his fancam

  32. BABY ヒョ HYUNJIN ! ! !

    Calidad 100/100

  33. Ll Lol


  34. sumayyah bachooa

    2:58 my favourite part 😙😙😙😙

  35. Star Chan

    Jisung really stole the show in this video omfg

  36. Prii helena


  37. Prii helena

    Omg so perfect❤😍

  38. 100% WangYiren Biased

    10M soon

  39. RU KI

    상스러운 말 안하려했는데 진짜 조지게 잘생겼다 세상에나

  40. — H

    I watched it many times and was always amazed by Haechan's dancing skills, I love every time I see him dance like a really professional

  41. Aliqa Zulaika

    chenle part is soo addicting

  42. MiRo 92

    yeji best girl

  43. Dear Rainbow

    Its so interesting to see how they hit the 'that' beat differently Renjun haechan mark use hip Jeno chenle use arm Jaemin(?) & jisung obviously use shoulders

  44. dance mirror


  45. Zoe Manoban

    please they are soooo cuteeeeeeeee


    Ella es TAN hermosa que nadie lo puede negar.

  47. Ren Zee

    Huang renjun ily :*

  48. Anagha Rajan

    I'm sure those dislikes are from the people who failed the audition to join nct.

  49. Sarah

    collect jelly hearts to vote for them on STARPASS

  50. Sarah

    str3am the mv please

  51. illana nunes

    renjun...would you like to be my friend? =/

  52. minariii

    Guys!!! Listen to all their songs🥰😚

  53. Yuju Voice Is Like a Angel

    717 View To reach 500K. MY GIRL YUJU ❤️

  54. reinvent love

    This choreography....*chefs kiss*

  55. 박은경Park Eun Kyung

    I'm not a fan, I give my opinion that she is SO AMAZING. The dancing skills damn. Wow. 👏😮👏😮👏

  56. regi

    she's so attractive skshjshsjks i cant-

  57. Sofía S

    The fact that Jisung and Chenle are growing up and coming for all of us

  58. Quỳnh Hương Phạm

    Hello guys! We are ArTeam Dance from Vietnam. Hope you guys watching our dance cover video of “마.피.아 In the morning" here:

  59. Quỳnh Hương Phạm

    Hello guys! We are ArTeam Dance from Vietnam. Hope you guys watching our dance cover video of “마.피.아 In the morning" here:

  60. little sun

    chenle deserved more love and appreciatee

  61. SY

    yuna's swag 🔥💯💯

  62. little sun

    No one talk about Chenle visual with blonde hair and white yellow jacket, im really fallin into him

    1. Abhi


    2. Abhi

      @Sarah me too

    3. Sarah

      it's my favourite on him for this cb!

  63. KPOPzens💚💜

    I’m still waiting for the behind the scenes 😭😭

  64. Zoe Manoban

    omg this is talent

  65. Mubx Gdhkzhlo

    no. Aguante boca

  66. Lia Liona

    Chenle love youuuuuu 💚

  67. Lia Liona

    Pada fokus ke yg lain. Aku sama chenle aja dahh ❤

  68. jenolevi


  69. Aliqa Zulaika

    ugh yes talented as always our king chenle

  70. sofia dafirst

    midzy, so many toxic fans hating and bragging itzy down please help stream mitm🤍

  71. 아

    유네스코 세계문화유산

  72. sofia dafirst

    midzy, so many toxic fans hating and bragging itzy down please help stream mitm🤍

  73. Lia Liona

    YokYok yg masih disiniiii, naikan v13wnyaaa

  74. CHittAPhON

    huang renjun

  75. CHittAPhON

    park jisung

  76. Ajeng Fatmasari


  77. CHittAPhON

    zhong chenle

  78. CHittAPhON

    na jaemin

  79. CHittAPhON

    jeno lee

  80. CHittAPhON

    haechan lee