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  1. Brianna Meredith

    Awwwwwwwwwwww so cute

  2. pubgLite Gamer


  3. Hank Fortin

    ꪗꪮꪊ𝘳𝓽ꫝꫀ᥇ꫀ𝘴𝓽 ꪗ𝓽

  4. Bhavana Gunashekar


  5. Hank Fortin

    几|匚乇 卂几ᗪ | ㄥㄖᐯ乇 ㄚㄖㄩ尺 ᐯ|ᗪ丂

  6. Monique Monroe

    So sad

  7. Luis Flex


  8. Trout Kids

    “Want me to spell It out for you? F. R. I . E. N. D. S.” Captions: solo amigos whe :’V

  9. Nidia Alipaz

    se la dedico a mi tres perritos, especialmente a mi Osito lo extraño mucho ._.)♡

  10. Daniel Herrera

    8:55 Song

  11. GHØST 141

    -1 subcriber im done

  12. Op Player




  14. Monique Monroe

    I love it & so cool

  15. Axl Youtube

    Why so manny people disliked this vid this video is so cool why you guys dislike

  16. Michel Claros

    Te amo

  17. Ipshita

    Best song ever 🎵🎶🎧

  18. moises zarza


  19. SIF DIN MH


  20. izze Rodriguez

    I'm crying😭😭😭

  21. izze Rodriguez

    This is so sadd

  22. gaby


  23. Tanveer Ahmed


  24. harjot singh

    This songs makes me cry😭😭, everytime.

  25. Aditya Kumar


  26. Jc Allen

    I love the song sometimes it makes me cry😭😭

  27. Juan david Nieto tovar

    It's a super song I love you Marsmello keep it up

  28. Zeynab Karimy


  29. sairy camacho

    soi tu mayor fan

  30. naru uwu

    Me encanta esta canción 💓💓

  31. SlayerOp

    I cried a lot😫😭

  32. M C

    The melody is very beatifull but that dog play his role very goodd bruh

  33. iam loreis

    Marshmello ❤️☺️ I love you❤️🥰

  34. MD. Baha Uddin

    Use........................ English.


    Eu gosto muito dos seus vídeos!!!!!!!!!!!!❤️🤪

  36. kyllie play games

    I love this video

  37. Austin Schwartz

    This is why you should always wear a helmet

  38. Rustam Umarov

    ₽₽# Эх

  39. Rustam Umarov


  40. Marjane

    I'm french and i love you songe

  41. Rudra Pratap

    I love this song whenever the song is ended I feel sad😭😭😭😭

  42. Tripl X

    Please translation Arabic

  43. Majo Romero

    1,000,000,000 my idol

  44. ND B


  45. lexiplays Roblox

    This song reminds me of my two old dogs 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢

  46. anthony Chacon

    When is marshmallow skin coming back to fortnite.

  47. Jeisón Valladares

    SOS increíble marchello

  48. UberGamer 01


  49. muhammadafizan apih

    i stay listen this song 🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️

  50. Denise S

    2018 was the best year no cap

  51. Freestyle Daniway

    My favourite beat 😉

  52. FreeSongsTaste - NoCopyright


  53. Antony

    Plot twist: Marshmallow never taken a Bath......

  54. Michael Barnes

    0:34 GET OUT 😭😂😭😂

  55. FreeSongsTaste - NoCopyright

    Very good... Nice....

  56. Akif TiTanic

    I know you are cristopher

  57. Flaming Razor737

    I cried every time i watch this video 😢😢😢😞😞😞😔😔

  58. trunks swoard

    love from tamil nadu by indian forever

  59. Mateo Cataño

    Es tema fonc

  60. AK car guys

    I always dreamed of marshmellow gives me heart.. it's only a dream

  61. Dark Shy

    Mellogang forever ♾!

  62. Theo Funcasta Hagge

    Fabi l.kffb. O.kgfs.

  63. Talib Hussain

    Omg nice bro👌

  64. Zsaklin Kanko


  65. Marrtina Altadonna


  66. Tanya Islam

    Marshmallow is woohoo cute

  67. javier Coronado

    3:14. SIIIIIIIIII _ XD

  68. Ellaplayzroblox

    I cried so much when the dog died ;c

  69. 나스페코

    He is god? Nono. God is him

  70. Breanna Telfer

    This song really speaks to me because it is me I been quite for to long

  71. Nethaneel Ian Antonio

    I just actually searched this because I watched a movie that is also a masterpiece with this as their ending song likeee heckk the chills with the last part.. This is actually a Masterpiece itself!! 🖤

  72. Lea Yamileth Garcia


  73. vanesola

    Hello Masrmellow i like👍🏼 músic

  74. Zsaklin Kanko


  75. Journey Johnson

    so sad

  76. Anna😝

    I like this


    I lost my dog bcz of not caring him.i leave my dog in my home and I left him to go school then he was alone then one time he roaming in road with street dogs then he got infection then that infection spread throughout his body then we leave him near railway station 😥😢☹️

  78. Jade Gervais

    my name is jade and my big brother is kevin and we love this thing

  79. Dragon Warrior Gaming

    Who listening this song more then 10 times in a day❤️❤️