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  1. Jonathan Croteau

    one of my favorite songs ever!

  2. Riley

    Still my favorite rap song

  3. Sean Carmen

    amazing video bro, my mom has cancer and i teared up listing to this

  4. N. Hall

    My dad is battling leukemia right now,hard days and ling his only child,this is hard but itll b harder to lose my best friend

  5. dentasla

    IT COMES FROM YOUR GUT!!!!! AMERICA HAS OVER 350,000 GMO, and some Natural, Parasites that Crawl through your intestines to the organ of choice and Leave tails and actually nematodes are little frkn lizards Inside. Jesus was telling Us this! Listen to The Essene Gospel of Peace.....And Do It!! It's in The Gut and He was curing Peoples ailments. Raw meat turns INTO maggots!! Where does it come from IYO? People this is TRUTH.

  6. rani khatib

    My fear during this story 📈📈📈📈📈📈

  7. John Coen

    20 months clean today Tom's words always remind me how far I've came he speaks the truth in every song ❤️

  8. GhosT sheLLz 75

    I lost my mom and grandmother now if have polyposis my daughter as well....sigh the clock is ticking! GREAT VIDEO TOM MACDONALD DALUTE FROM TORONTO CANADA 🙏💪✌️🇨🇦

  9. Lébé Francis Doré


  10. dentasla


  11. Bigger Bear

    Damn good song brother

  12. just_A_patriot11b

    They have the cures.

  13. steve Herman

    One of my best friend's died of brain cancer, the treatments just melted his brain and he just gave up😢😭

  14. Howdyah Workthisthing?

    We lost my Mum to cancer shortly after I was born. That was 40 years ago. The sad part for me, is that my Father is still SO angry with God for taking her.

  15. Christopher Bonaminio


  16. Cassilicious

    I had been avoiding listening to this. My sister passed may 2017 at 43. She was my best friend. I had been four years clean from heroin and pills, I dripped morphine in her mouth as she layed dying in my family's living room. I didn't use but picked up the bottle. My ptsd symptoms ramped up. This spring I called our biological father who had sexually and mentally abused us. It sunk me further and I attempted suicide. I got my shit together but still felt empty. I don't know how I stumbled upon you but your music has changed something inside me. I've started writing again, finally got off all the medication that was keeping me numb, clearly not numb enough. I feel like myself for the first time in almost twenty years. Your four albums are the first I've bought since Napster 😆 I had to buy a new sound system to go with

  17. Lex Bonisoli

    Verse 1] Everybody knows someone who's sick Forty percent will get cancer, only half's gonna live Your mom and your dad and your sister stand inside a room And someone won't survive it, do you hope it isn't you? I swear that cancer has a cure, but they're refusing to make it They've done like forty years of research, ninety billion in donations We've been running for the cure and wearing ribbons for ages Why are people still going through radiation? It's fucking crazy Hundred billion-dollar industry, they can't afford to end it And nobody wants to die, our only option is to spend it We give anything to stick around for just another second Give a fortune to the doctors who promise they can extend it The profits are astronomic, the hospital and the clinics Of fillings coffins with dollars, it's awful, let's just admit it We're all human, we'll keep fighting 'cause it's how we survive But it's scary 'cause we don't know where we'll go when we die [Chorus] Don't give up, I know you're strong, show them all your fire The days are hard, the nights are long But you are a fighter, when it's dire, you burn brighter in the dark You're a survivor, when you're tired, you hold tighter, you have heart Chorus] Don't give up, I know you're strong, show them all your fire The days are hard, the nights are long But you are a fighter, when it's dire, you burn brighter in the dark You're a survivor, when you're tired, you hold tighter, you have heart [Verse 2] Nothing matters if you don't have your health All the money in the world doesn't help The good might go to Heaven and the bad might go to Hell But no one wants to leave here, you can tell And cancer touches everyone, it's in our genetics And our world's become so toxic, it's all carcinogenic We've polluted the water, the air; the food we're ingesting Is full of hormones and poison, our population's infected They sell us cigarettes and liquor, built a business on addictions We've been paying them to kill ourselves, we're dying to keep living It's the system, it's a prison, we keep trying to beat it We get cancer from keeping all of our demons a secret And our insurance don't cover the things we need to defeat it And even if it does, then we might die from the treatment Our best defence is living like we do not know what cancer is Fight it if you have it and pray that there's something after this Chorus] Don't give up, I know you're strong, show them all your fire The days are hard, the nights are long But you are a fighter, when it's dire, you burn brighter in the dark You're a survivor, when you're tired, you hold tighter, you have heart [Bridge] You won't know how to be brave Till you choose to fight when you're afraid And you can't experience strength Till you struggle to carry the weight And you won't know why you have faith Till you look the Devil in his face And you don't know what you can take Till you realize you didn't break [Chorus] Don't give up, I know you're strong, show them all your fire The days are hard, the nights are long But you are a fighter, when it's dire, you burn brighter in the dark You're a survivor, when you're tired, you hold tighter, you have heart

  18. Evan Shadowman

    My grandpa died 10 years ago from cancer. My family wouldnt let me go see him because he couldn't remember anything or anyone. My grandpa was my best friend and I miss him everyday. Thank you for this Tom.

  19. Fettboys Productions

    It took me a min to watch this for personal reasons. Beautiful painful and truthful! Thank you much love Keep rising

  20. Statuesque Creations

    Louis Hayes.. Tom's song made me think of you. You've been gone for so long.. and taken way too young. You were always a ray of sunshine in class. No matter what you went through, losing your hair, kids being assholes (though we always stepped up and defended you) you always had a smile on your face and sang your heart out in chorus.. the day we learned you had left us was awful.. only in 6th grade and your light was snuffed out.. our teacher asked us if we wanted to drop out of the competition considering the loss, a couple of us stood up and said No, Louis would want us to go on. And you know what, we WON that competition and brought home that "Superior" Trophy in your name. We knew you would be so proud. You are not forgotten Louis, you are still in our hearts ❤️❤️

  21. so okay

    My stepmother died of cancer in june. She was one of the purest and kindest souls in this world and I don't think anything has ever hurt as much as losing her. Even when she became so weak that she couldn't stand on her own anymore, she spent every little bit of her last energy on writing 10 pages to me when I was battling depression and making stuffed animals for all of her friends and family so they would have something to remember her by. The last time I have seen her was about two years ago, when she was still healthy and I cannot describe how terribly it hurts, that I didn't get the chance to properly say goodbye to her. I have adopted all her plants and I care for them as if keeping them alive meant I could somehow keep a part of her alive. I always have the little stuffed bunny she made on my nightstand, the last message she sent shortly before she died in which she tells my how much she loves me is still unopened, the 10 pages are now in the attic, because I am afraid of the pain I will feel when I read them again and the letter I was planning on mailing to her is still in my drawer. I am so afraid of letting her go completely. It truly is terrible to lose someone you deeply love and I feel with everyone of you who had to experience something like this. Just really hold on to every memory you have of them and don't forget who they were before they got sick. Beautiful song Tom and thank you everyone for sharing your stories and thank you for letting me share mine. It helped a lot to write it down for once and not keep everything inside.

  22. DMinnick 444

    My grandpa passed one month ago from cancer after surviving the first time about three years ago. I needed this

  23. Jetti Willett

    Seek The Most High God through Jesus Christ♥️ We all will leave this earth at some point!

  24. Joshua Hicks

    Tom McDonald please tell me all this is 100% true. This is one of the craziest stories I have heard. My wife and I have been to the abondened Jemison mental asylum among other places including Bass cemetery and an abondened country club from the 20s that a fatal shooting supposedly happened at. I've personally experienced some things at some of the places Ive been but never seen anything like lights coming on where the electricity was probably killed decades ago. I want to visit this town so bad. If I ever get the funds up I'm damn sure going and documenting everything. My wife is a photographer and i know would do great work documenting our trip out there. Of course I must add I love your music and the content in it. Stay strong and keep calling out the bullshit. Peace and love bro.

  25. robert england

    God damn that's powerful man! When my brother Tony passed 20 years ago was the only living AIDS patient who had successfully gotten rid of the KS lesions through chemo but unfortunately one month later he left us BECAUSE of the damage left from the chemo Tom McDonald thank you for writing this song ALWAYS in loving memory of my brotha Anthony Wayne England 7/21/1967- 3/21/2000

  26. hunterphillips1

    Tom I just got my new phone but God bless you hit this one with a golden hammer and nailed it with diamond nails!!! You did a very good job with this song brother 🇺🇸🗣🇺🇸

  27. The Darkling

    Horror stories with Tom McDonald Netflix plzz make it happen

  28. Sedition

    Dude that makes me laugh like a maniac just made me cry like a bitch.

  29. LeavEyeDDrum

    My girlfriend was diagnosed with cancer, lost a boob, it’s been 2 years. We’re still together and stronger than ever. I hear many people split but she’s just awesome and supportive I can’t let that go!

  30. Danielle Dains

    This song hit home hard. Lost my dad to colon cancer and my mother in law from lung cancer. My heart goes out to anyone who is dealing with this personally or someone in their family. Wish my dad would of had a chance to hear this. Thank you Tom and Nova.

  31. Ryan Summers

    I’m not crying, you’re crying.

  32. Melissa Townsend

    It is DISGUSTING that corporate America puts a dollar above a human life! We need to stop this and refuse to be their guinea pigs and lab rats any longer!!! There’s a cure, it’s time they let it be known!!

  33. stevie Mc auley

    Wow hits hard big up Tom

  34. Eric O

    My wife was diagnosed two years ago on sept 19th while we were celebrating my sons birthday at a bowling alley. We had state medical at the time and they were planning a surgery for her but had to do blood tests before because she has a-plastic anemia. We lost our coverage shortly after because I made barely too much off of a single check one pay period. Now we’ve been stuck without coverage because I can’t afford basic coverage anymore and the state/local healthcare won’t take us back. I’ve been striving to qualify for better positions so I can earn enough or get care for her. We’ve made appointments and more often than not we get canceled or rescheduled. This system makes me sick.

  35. Uthanasia Xxx

    This was better than anything 6ix9ine did & don’t @ me

  36. Scallyweig08

    This song hits so hard. I work in healthcare and watching people with cancer struggle not only with just that but other medical issues that get amplified through chemo and just having cancer in general is devastating.

  37. In Decay

    Whoa whoa dude.. I identify as a baby, and that offends me.

  38. Dez Ritter

    8 years. 2 months. 🙏 First time I've ever heard this song, it's some real shit. This is a war, I'll fight forever 💔❤️

  39. Christopher Trimble

    I lost my mom to cancer back in 1996. I miss her every day. Cancer is a nasty disease. When my mom was getting her chemo treatments, she would have good days and bad days. It broke my heart when she was having her bad days and when she passed away. I really hope that one day they find a cure for cancer. Great track Tom.

  40. Brett Schoenleben

    Damn dude.

  41. Libiz Tardo

    Kinda proves that the majority has the attention span of a gold fish. Can't even listen to the song for the point. Tom keep doing you for you because some of us are doing us for us and totally get it bro much love

  42. Pin8almic 333


  43. dudevids gaming

    I still listen to this. The end gives me hope because I hope if I make it out of the woods that the light will shine down on me. I'll always hold you down . Even tho its 2020 and this is an older song, one of my favs. Your music is holding me down thru the darkest of times.

  44. James Brakkin

    This hit way to deep ive been watching my best friend suffer wit leukemia for a lil under a year and this means more than words can explain THANK YOU TOM U GIVE ME HOPE. keep being u

  45. Makayla Fugate

    You never fail to give me chills everytime you sing/rap!

  46. DesertStoneStudio

    How the hell did this even get 100 dislikes. I'm not a rap fan but any music that moves the heart is true. And this moves my soul and my heart. You both are amazing. Thank you for sharing your gifts. My uncle died of cancer, his last words to his wife, 3 days before he died.... Honey! I'm going to be going on an incredible journey. I know you can't come with me but I'm so excited! I love you and I'll miss you, but we'll be together soon. My aunt died a few years later. Also of cancer. She went quickly. They're together now. On a most incredible journey.

  47. skyler behunin

    “I can not feel guilty for shit that I didn’t do” yo this shit goes both ways. We shouldn’t be guilt tripping anyone because they are loosely connected to some bs.

  48. Spaz Watson

    I have no idea if they have beef im not aware of but can tom do a track with either eminem or mgk? Either would be epic af.

  49. channel down

    Hey Tom how is your day going sir. Was wondering what you were having for breakfast so I can indulge in my cold shadow of what you get to consume.

  50. Harvey Rosario

    i wish every raper spoke the truth

  51. J QRCoad


  52. TheCoalminer13

    Damn tom this hit hard;I lost my step mom in 2012 from breast cancer and it kills me that she never got to see me turn my life around from the dark path I was going down,get married and have a wonderful son that will never get to meet the wonderful loving woman she was.

  53. Hungsolow 28

    Watched my dad, mother in law and uncle go through this battle and they all lost after months. Was the worst 6 months of me and my familes life, one right after the other. Thank you tom for making this.

  54. Harvey Rosario

    i am only 11 but I can relate

  55. Harvey Rosario

    tom you roasted him

  56. Harvey Rosario

    damn man roasted the fuck out of him i am dead holy shit

  57. Kelly Reeves

    I have made my peace with cancer and I am ready to rest now 😌 Love this and I pray for everyone going through this 🙏 I love you all and God bless ❤

  58. Armando

    Just diagnosed last year. This means alot to me! Thanks man!