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  1. Morebodi Rhodes

    Color the beard

  2. Bara games2021




  4. Kolton Bonde

    If I’m being honest I’ll beat 69 in a boxing match

  5. Not a real Gamer

    His beard looks like pubic hair ngl🤣

  6. Alissa Maloney

    Nikki what look cuter on you bad cloths or normal cloths Nikki: BAD CLOTHS FOR THE BOYS

  7. NAOMI JA:

    Wtf my cousin doing in this shii yo momma gonna beat yo a--, weren't u supposed to be at your fren doing hw😏. This the hw u doing ooww imma tell😂

  8. Darnell Fartknocker

    In the early 90's & 2000's hip hop was about content & quality. From the Beastie Boys to Outkast to Red & Meth. It's not the same anymore you kids grew up listening to songs about guys rapping for clout with red hair and tattoos all over the face. It's a different breed now. I feel bad for this generation straight up!

  9. Alissa Maloney

    Nikki would u like normal cloths Nikki: Bi*** no

  10. IWAN FF


  11. Marcos Garcia

    Tela rribas carnal ponte bien bergas 🇲🇽😎💙

  12. Pooja Panwar

    He is symbol of nudity and vulgarity..he literally lose his sense ..real music doesn't need any nudity...poor singer

  13. Alexis Didon-robin


  14. CaptScratchy Beard


  15. Estefania Aguirre

    Y mi bicho en tu totito te tatue (ooh ♥♥ si si 2021

  16. Michelle Wheatley

    Nice 👍

  17. menel ONE

    ale shit

  18. Marjan Milkovski


  19. Killian Kiki

    Best music

  20. Sylvie Quenez

    the king is baaaaaaaack

  21. Umar Ahmed


  22. TXN Justin

    I mean at least he said sorry to the dads

  23. Thomas_ Nuk

    Bro why does 6ix nine always have lesb girls

  24. valentina -_-


  25. Freddy Mendy


  26. Jay Luís

    Yo I need the first 3 girls @ asap

  27. Blacky Dexéntte

    Bless 🔥🔥

  28. david salinas

    Contexto:mucho plastico ._.

  29. dan laws

    My 15 year old niece is the one at front in the middle, rainbow hair n tatts. The family keep telling her she's a GIRL n to stop acting like a boy. Nan n Pop will be pissed if they see this clip. Lol

  30. Quickdraw Pete

    :07 the girl in the red... 🤪🤮😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  31. i. j. morrow

    this gave me herpes

  32. Anime emperor

    69 think he the man 😎

  33. Add me on fortnite my name Reddevll606 JUST DO IT

    This shit stupid like if you hate this song and you hate 6ix9ine

  34. Ana ortega

    Este video demuestra quien eres realmente!!!😆

  35. Return Of Tahj

    Diss to Chief Keif????? Or Dirk???? About von???

  36. Lurdes Ayala


  37. GadieL Chavez robledo

    1 billon?

  38. Maritza Daza


  39. Maritza Daza


  40. larry de bøston


  41. Shades is Daddy


  42. That one dude that was bill gates • 69 years ago

    0:56 that's my sister. No seriously that's my sister

  43. SPAZ _visoinz

    Who noticed that his titles aren't in his songs

  44. RomiGD

    I dont think he‘s a virgin just a thought

  45. arber_arner

    They banded pewfuepie coco music ànd not dis

  46. Jhostin LG

    Duroo padre 😎💯 al millón 👊🇲🇽

  47. لميس العنزي


  48. Ядерный Реактор

    This is Really Rap.

  49. ksm

    *lyrics* Hooma looba dumba dumba Geng Geng bang Fek fek

  50. JHONTRIX 2006

    Comentario en español

  51. shahid hasan

    These girl born in jail.may be they all r adopted. Nasty culture 🥴

  52. JoSeph MonTecino

    Pura Mierda siempre canta lo mismo

  53. ꧁Shannon꧂

    Gay af lmao

  54. Exotic Gaming

    🤣🤣at the end tho mans deadass says sorry to all the dads

  55. The indestructible09

    meek a snitch

  56. Merinsh Gossa

    song bad but the girle ..😉😉😉

  57. Darkronin phoenix

    What does zaza mean

    1. Young Butterfly

      ZAZA is types of the sniff weed

  58. fabricio lavayen

    Alguien escuchando 28 de febrero del 2021

  59. Tymoty11

    Justin Bieber?

  60. hej ziomeczku

    1:12 XD

  61. Cliffa Starboy

    She said I Am trush but she listen to tekush this nigga is rapping shit even myself I can't rap like that

  62. SaucyyP

    Ayooo wtf that’s my mom bro

  63. Tyler Gale

    Bruh I actually fort that he died

  64. XT_Team snap

    Musique GTA 6 ?

  65. Adam Abou Saab

    God help me

  66. XT_Team snap

    Sa peut être une musique pour GTA 6 ?

  67. James King

    69! Your a Fukn BUM BUM

  68. Maria Spagnuolo

    It smell in there?

    1. Alicity marines

      Ther not all black if they were black it would smell lol

  69. super TAY Jay x da gang

    I still don't care you a snitch still

  70. Eren Aktar

    One of the worst songs I've ever seen, the curses in you are so bad

  71. Loyz World

    You suck

  72. segana chahinez 2021 live

  73. segana chahinez 2021 live

  74. segana chahinez 2021 live

  75. Afundzz

    6ix9ine is getting a bit fat bro

  76. Diego P.

    this is 6ix9ineHUB

  77. I D K

    Did you know this man has not one but two daughters...

  78. Celine Reno


  79. Reactony 88

    I love this song 🎵 🔥🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹


    [_F.I.L.M K.O.P.M.U.S_]