I play video games too much. I might not be the best, but I do have hot elbows.

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  1. Subscribe To Technoblade

    Guys you should do what it says here ^

  2. gamerman


  3. Technoblade's Steering Wheel

    Me : hits my little sibling Her : I sleep When mom is there : 2:16

  4. Rina Unicorn

    Only two? *sees more diamonds* HaPpY TecHNo NoIsEs

  5. Echo K


  6. Mr Cake

    0:00 Deja Vu

  7. VendableOdin892 _

    Bro, it’s either they got really good, or I’m just a potato, but bedwars players actually are sentient now and can click with their fingers, and I somehow can’t seem to get good

  8. Sowxy

    Idk how many times I've watch this skyblock series but it's over 10 lmao

  9. kyry1o


  10. Derrt776 _plays

    Technoblade face reveal

  11. Wolfie 1239

    I think I has the dumb I read 4 years are 4 day -_- idk how don't ask I have dumb

  12. ふまちゅ :'

    I just- BAHAAHAH the fact that when you went to the moon the package just flies to your head XD

  13. xXDeathMeowXx

    More admin abuse plsssss (Bedwars lol)

  14. Luigi Arcilla

    Belated happy birthday!

  15. Yahir

    technoblade isn’t a pig!?!?!? :0

  16. gamer boi

    Techno: swordsman is the biggest scam never use it *continues to use swordsman*

  17. *• Mono •*

    Okey but thanks yt for making me watch this Its amazing

  18. Stxr dust

    0:49 hah can’t fool me

  19. GooseBox

    This game is the minecraft you have at home

  20. aNiksu5

    "I think it's a bit late in Minecraft's lifespan to completely change the combat" yeah... Right.

  21. flick rp MGM CROSSPLAY RXP dragon craft

    Being rich is playing minecraft


    rn you've got 6.9 mil subs . NICE

  23. Konstantinos Notas


  24. Barteczko 123


  25. Hardik Bagaria

    6.9M 🤣😏😏

  26. Super pancake

    We are almost 7M !

  27. Grace Fletcher

    Love this thumbnail

  28. Cloudiee Mochii᯾

    Why was this in my recommended?

  29. Keila Hill

    He sounds kind of sad honestly

  30. Arbiter

    Hello boys

  31. xcapan YT

    should i do my homework

  32. James Chouinard

    Compared to u dream sucks

  33. Ben Christopher Burgos

    Someone tell me please

  34. just a random dot

    I can’t stop laughing at the toca boca shirt

  35. Ben Christopher Burgos

    Hey Techno, what's your signature weapon? A. Sword B. Crossbow C. Trident D. Fishing Rod

  36. Jaxxon

    We need another one

  37. Jaxxon

    Hearing tecno sware is soo weird and cursed

  38. Syed Ellawal Fareed


  39. Alaska 1429

    lol lol

  40. Anike Malisauskaite

    Dog: gotta go fast Also dog: runs fast and accidentally bumps in something

  41. Taylor Maldonado

    13:50 in chat "starting a petition to put down techno blade"

  42. Captain Levi

    Captain Levi form attack on titan is just like technoblade like unkillable. And Eran is like Dream.

  43. Hysteria

    Ah, now I understand why they call that dog "Floof."

  44. Cranberry Juice

    techno saying woof woof is adorable.

  45. Melonmations

    Everybody gangsta until the car starts mining the tree

  46. Keila Hill

    Technocuss lol Techno prob had mic off tho noobs

  47. Pratham Jain

    dream sucks

  48. Ryland Miller

    Is...is Technoblade referencing Morrowind at 8:25?

  49. king


  50. king


  51. Hunter DeGrave

    Ey techno u ever see dis make vid wit u and the people u play bedwars with 1v1v1v1 ya know

  52. Mackenzie Birly Massie

    Techno pls face reveal

  53. Aayushmaan Sharma


  54. Boring Channel

    SO THE DREAM WAS 10 MILLION SUB? what's the next DREAM??

  55. duckman

    Well this aged well

  56. sTew

    aggressively doing putting ingredients because your mom told you to cook

  57. Amanda Hadwani

    you need them to make the wither heart origin on origin smp.

  58. Rayden

    Did anyone else skip back 10 seconds just to say Not even close with techno?

  59. Reid Rushka

    gordon ramsey watching this in pure terror

  60. Samuel Fuller

    He's like Batman, guns don't work well with him.

  61. The Puffin of Peace

    Clickbait: it's 15 seconds long

  62. Viresh Kannan

    i just watched a full movie by explained

    1. BlenderCat


  63. UnknownElite305

    It’s back in the loop

  64. Umbreon Edits

    The secret map no one knew about

  65. Rayden

    Dreams analysis only has 2 mil views

  66. Champ Gaming

    Woof woof

  67. Dream SMP

    It's A Bird Techno

  68. valdemar larsen

    Techno try harder

  69. Tato Zuloaga

    Basically face reveal

  70. TSE_Gdog父

    who dislikes techno. I will find you and you will regret disliking him

  71. Fernvy

    DEfastss done it again with this recommendation

  72. Eater of Essence

    Can't wait for the video where he kills the server lagging slime

  73. TSE_Gdog父

    this is funny

  74. Jabosit Gaming

    accept the face that technoblade is the real slenderman