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  1. FaZe Javis

    Megga duo would be good to have the world cup duo faze mongreal

  2. samantha wilson

    John never smiles lol

  3. Ivan mabiala

    My G tricked the machine at the end 😂😂😂

  4. Marcus Harris

    damn frazier she's the one make yours

  5. Drumskio

    It’s who can gain the most weight not who can stuff the most amount of food in their mouth

  6. Mahmoud Elsharkawy


  7. Mikaeel Carrim

    Who else wanted to see what happened next

  8. Quiteum

    Alexa is by far a perfect ting for Fraizer shes not a gold digger and not there for clout which is great for him and she would be good for him in the future.

  9. Starman 05

    I was by far better than him at fortnite when I was 8

  10. khaja Shaik

    She is so sweet,kind and beautiful

  11. Crazyfishstick769 124

    Did he join faze you pranked him 😭😡

  12. Vertex Btw

    Lol 😂

  13. Ian Negron

    Insane bru

  14. Mahmoud Elsharkawy


  15. Ian Negron

    Yo sick

  16. the big ruption

    when its almost season 5 watching this be like

  17. Nathen Elliott

    Where Booga at

  18. s4tark HD

    I dont no why I was crying if it was a prank

  19. eden soccer

    Highsky is so lucky that none of them got in his game

  20. Trashergamer Op

    I love Jarvis I don't no why alex bullies you

  21. PUzX is Levexin _

    After he git bann

  22. Andy Skip

    when are u doing a meet and greet in hull

  23. eden soccer


  24. SYNC Shotz

    That’s why Jarvis got banned he said “I love exploiting”.

  25. Jamie Stout


  26. TheGency 15

    I was thinking 8

  27. Sahraoui Hicham

    5:09 u can see the controller on jarvis's hand

  28. D Diamond


  29. Ebtihal Neiaz

    Kaitlyn is not in phase

  30. Faze MAC

    Hi I'm new I really want to join I'm Faze Ruger

  31. Barrett Burch

    O:29 Kay: i have an actual airaplane

  32. Galactic Shadow YT

    the ultimate simp Jarvis:2020

  33. Nite Is Fortnite

    I thought Jarvis got banned

  34. Rayyan Butonkee

    Kayy so trash,snitched on cizzorz bruh,...

  35. L B

    Why u say ,3 7 in 4:27

  36. Kim Rose

    Hannah says that sus for no reason

  37. romeo boy

    I went on Addison Rae Instagram story and said FaZe kay loves you

  38. TGR Tedz

    Who remembers when Jarvis won a game of Fortnite in a lambo

  39. TARIF Beg

    Part 2

  40. dewald hattingh

    Jarvis breats me

  41. 32_crazy_braden

    Why does Jarvis’s character have a fortnite sing with a 🚫 through it

  42. harvey daily

    Hhhhmmmmm why is Justin wearing gloves

  43. MA Trick shots

    In the drain

  44. Anže Fartelj

    ey my sister is hot too can u buy me a pc

  45. Vikramsarathi Karthi

    That’s já is?😂😂😂

  46. Exotic _ SwiftyzZ-_-

    Wait what happend to Fraziers gf

  47. Eyepurple Meme


  48. Daved Agbekey

    My crush

  49. Qt FyuRr

    Who doesn't know Elixir

  50. FaZe Reden


  51. AN 01

    7:40 😢

  52. Arron Osben


    he a mad simp

  54. margarita perez

    who been watching this from 2020

  55. baiden ndayizeye

    I waNnA bE dOiN ThAt 😂

  56. bob marley

    BIG O’l 1 2 3 4 5 FOREHEAD 👀

  57. Maks Bilut

    Simp Simp Simp Simp Simp

  58. Rehan Katyal

    frazier was so tuff... he could even swear but now .xD

  59. just your normal gamer

    Remember when faze was a good clan now there just here for 10 year olds

  60. wIERDo_ bOy

    Who the heck included highsky in pros he is just a trash

  61. ali36937

    When Jarvis get banned Kay bRo ThAtS iNsAnE JaRvIS

  62. Kaito FC

    Bro the NA servers are a joke compared to EU 🤣

  63. AceAvocado

    Nice simping

  64. Catxy

    Doesnt the ps4 controller disconnect when u get far away???

  65. jaden valencia

    and fortnite is old now

  66. Cyclone

    Jarvis finna be the reason for an argument😂

  67. Eidem Valadez

    I was crying on the iPhone 12 that's so sweet I wish I had a brother like

  68. jaden valencia

    and who even blinks like that

  69. Chick3nMcFlurry

    This is so easy

  70. Bridget Robinson

    Who’s here back in a year to see Jarvis clap faze house

  71. Michele Dangieri

    Na I'm trolling

  72. jaden valencia


  73. Radioactive-hussnain Butt

    Jarvis hacking

  74. jaden valencia

    your such a bot

  75. jaden valencia

    I got way more kills ever singel game you olny get😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  76. jaden valencia

    because if you were in faze you get a Victory Royale and you only got two kills that's embarrassing

  77. jaden valencia

    you always say that your in faze but your not

  78. jaden valencia

    Kaelyn you're such a hater the eight-year-old is better than you you shouldn't even deserve to be in faze with a kid is

  79. margarita perez

    jarvis: eating the whole menu in 10 minutes me: eating the whole menu in 2 hours

  80. margarita perez

    i have eaten 2 packs of french fry chandler: eats 5 packs me: holi ur InSaNe