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  1. Cameron Warner

    High key, only person that could pull this off would be Harry Styles himself. Not gonna lie, absolutely would not care what the reality of the situation was. It's Harry frickin Styles. Let's be real here.

  2. Chrissy’s Life

    yall i love these videos not only because there funny but because i dont have to watch the whole movie.

  3. Jahed A

    Idk if he’s a good actor or just really into his tv shows

  4. Asu *

    The show was canceled because of all the controversy

  5. Drachenherzfaser

    I heard the first two books on audible

  6. Itsaypurr

    These movies that are made to cater to young/teen girls is just messy in itself 💀why is it always the girl who has to struggle w deciding their future...? (Basically “should i go after my highschool sweetheart/first love or dream school?”) 🥴 Peter never thought to follow her. Lara was too concerned w sum boy that it’s left her in repeated conflict. It’s annoying. He also guilt shammed her into thinking she didn’t love him enough bc she didn’t want to go to the school he liked. I could clearly tell they tried so hard to redeem Peter, especially after the last two movies by having him seem so sweet & concerning but he’s just..not lmao he’s still the douche bag from the very beginning. Poor John Ambrose tho..he definitely would’ve been a better boyfriend (i hate these movies omg🥲💀) I genuinely can’t believe they wasted hours of this movie on just Lara...struggling to make Peter happy jfc this had to be the worst one😭

  7. Marlie Sierra

    Love watching movies with you 😌

  8. Wolf Light

    I am 3 min in and it's already so funny I CANNOT wait for him to get to the last episode

    1. Wolf Light

      ok nvmd i can't do this the first scene made me nauseous

  9. aholman 102

    I love your movie commentary videos and they are super funny but I also really liked this type of video because you got to share your film knowledge, which was really cool to hear! 👍❤️

  10. Anna Baker

    You Need to watch the Wohle Thing to Love Chuck

  11. Ecren Yüksel

    Are you "Slytherin" ? :D

  12. Sunday lol

    If you want to know why this film ended up like this, watch the behind the scene docu... I fell very bad for the people who worked on it... It explains a lot

  13. Jojo_20

    2K left omgggggg I am so excited for him 😍

  14. B3llaBambin4

    38:15 Misoa's a real fan of this movie 😅

  15. littlefangirl

    the meme material from these two movies ...immaculate

  16. Yedidah Vergara Olivo

    Dylan, why do you like 'too cool to know you' and not the music from freaky friday? What's wrong with you?

  17. littlefangirl

    tbh i watched this when i was like 12 on a sleepover birthday party and i barely remember the plot, the song fire however still haunted my brain till recently where i found it on spotify and now i listen to it regularly sooo.... anyways kevin is the best

  18. Laila Nantambu

    king of clickbait

  19. Ario’s World

    I hope next year has this

  20. Rebecca Hoolihan

    Dylan: You thought I was gonna sleep in that musty ass car... YOU WERE WRONG. *Less than 5 minutes later* Dylan: I guess we'll sleep in the car Me: I thought You WEREN'T gonna sleep in that musty ass car... I guess you were wrong

  21. loglady


  22. Whitney B.

    Please play this again in 2021! 🙌🏽

  23. Grace Lupoli

    i feel like the movie forgot the jonas brothers' characters are supposed to be famous

  24. Sarah Conlon

    How did you miss the connection that her sister made her apply to NYU & then coincidentally her class is taking a trip to NY?😂 This movie was so predictable from the very beginning

  25. Kirsten Green

    they didn't even put peters initials on the lock. so "the high school boyfriend" is NOT "connected to the dead mom"

  26. Noosha Zamanian

    Or maybe I did and I'm not remembering.

  27. bloom ‘


  28. Noosha Zamanian

    Why do I remember another live action of avatar? I know I never watched this one.

  29. Lucía Frau

    This was so chaotic

  30. eileen jurado

    Can you react to the as adventures of shark boy and lava? After can you react to we can be heroes. It's the sequal.

  31. Eden Huguet Lee

    i feel like it's really unrealistic though, once your a phsycho path you stay a don't TURN into a person who feels you know?

  32. Light Bulb

    You should do Soul Surfer

  33. Joya Moussa

    Hes making it so awkward cus hes laughing at ev He clearly doesn't understand anything. And vicky was dead she showed up again in the last ep This is so dumb

  34. Mahina Crowley

    dylan not realizing at first that cinderellas name was ella in the beginning, then the evil mom added the 'cinder' part almost makes me laugh-

  35. Kristi K

    React to first and last of Teen Wolf

  36. XXGoblinsRBLXGamingXX


  37. Kaldur Skipper

    You know even the writers acknowledge that Evelyn wasn't a quarter of as good a villain as Syndrome because they didn't even need to kill her. She could stay alive and pose no threat. Synnie had to be axed though😂

  38. Sepn

    True loves first kiss and true loves first bangs 😂😂

  39. phoenix charles

    “Strippers don’t have integrity” I just about punched my screen you got me 😂

  40. jAYsha

    All jokes aside, I CANNOT wait for Dylan’s book to finally come out!

  41. h

    1:12 he will never know that there is someone with the last name "sharp" ...the girl who wanted to kill Serina Wan Der Woodsen... wow

  42. Vaishali sheoran

    In agreement, as a fan who watched it from the begining, was truly disappointed maybe after 4 season it was just a downfall and unneccessary coming back from the death... and offscreen relationship between elena and damon fucked the entire story line, and many good characters like klaus were let go for the sake of spin off .... so in end ...more that anything i was glad it ended and the diary closed

  43. Atinuke Ladipo

    15:52 THAT'S WHAT I NEED TO SEE. It was a complete letdown that she didn't pick John Ambrose over Peter if you ask me, but hey this was based off of the books.

  44. Loki Lacaille

    I love the way he critizes movie and what he critizes.

  45. Lea Decks

    His reaction to Sophia and Brittany about to kiss and then actually kiss made me spit out my coke omg 🤣🤣🤣

  46. Leah Nicole

    13:41 that’s Artie from glee 🧍‍♀️ Some of you might not know what glee is but yk

  47. IcyAgent

    This video pissed me off so much 😤

  48. Alyssa Holland

    can’t believe i’ve been looking for what this episode was called for then i sub to you and i find out it’s not on there anymore 😭😭

    1. Shymaa a

      Is it true they deleted it? I was searching it too and I couldn't find it ... maybe they changed it's name, I really Want to play it🥺💔

  49. JuliaSings

    I love how we're getting a lesson on filmmaking with one actor playing two roles here

  50. MusicalNerd1

    Look yall, if your house has cracks in the walls, a whack ass basement, a creepy looking chandelier, a shitty looking exterior and just in the middle of the woods, in the middle of nowhere, it's haunted and move out immediately Also why hadn't the family just gone and stayed at a hotel or something

  51. liv

    i don’t remember watching a single video where dylan HASNT had a sponsorship or paid promotion 😟

  52. Ashley Gossett

    DUDE! This is the first video I've ever watched with you and I gotta say, this is such a damn good idea to do. I remember reading the first page and last page of a book first before I read the book as a kid. Don't really know why, just thought it was interesting. I love this. And yes, as someone who watched the entire series (started when I was 13, so nailed that one), I can honestly say it's a good show, worth watching. Seasons 1 through 5 especially, and honestly you could probably end it there if you didn't feel like watching 10 more seasons. Cuz it's an ending of it's own. But anyway, love this whole thing, and you are hilarious!

  53. XXGoblinsRBLXGamingXX

    Maleficent could had made stefen a floating castle HE BE DUMB!

  54. Paxton Mraz

    The first time I ever watched gossip girl I literally couldn’t watch it without getting so so so annoyed with chucks voice and then I learned he was British and his character development was astounding so I kept watching ha

  55. Kiera Collins

    Okay so, context that isn’t in the film but isn’t in the book for OOTP: Hermione makes everyone sign a paper sheet because she’s charmed it. If someone exposes the DA then it becomes obvious who it was because they will have boils and pustules all over their face. Cho Chang’s friend does it in the book and that’s how they’re found out; they know it’s her because of her skin. So the paper copy actually was very important but the script writers obviously didn’t think about giving it context

  56. Bhavya Godara


  57. cas

    this is my comfort video

  58. Patrali Chaudhury

    Honestly this guy looks like Tom Felton 😂😂

  59. Wolfie Plays

    So as a writer I have made it a point to make sure my main characters don't like reading.

  60. EclipseSeth

    Of course, it is good. It was inspired by a Shakespearean play (they didn't even change the names).

  61. L 4

    I felt like in the first movie they did everything to make us fall for Peter and in the second one they show that their relationship has a hard time, but the result is that I wish she'd be with John Ambrose instead. I really liked Peter in the first one, but yeah after the second movie John is the better choice

  62. Maria Clara Flaes

    React to Julie and the Phantoms

  63. Samya’s WORLD

    Him: saying he didn’t think Vicky would survive season one Me: she didn’t

  64. Lena M

    I love this movie and I always gonna love this movie ✌🏽

  65. Unknown Precious

    okay so...what is the hack😃

  66. Paxton Mraz

    Your videos are so incredibly comical and I love it 😂

  67. Lora Glenn

    Part of the reason why I didn’t like this movie is because it gave me flashbacks to my senior year (mainly 2nd semester) (back in 2019). Like flashbacks of the bad parts including my relationship. The whole going to different colleges, breaking up before graduation, him going off and talking to other people at prom pretty much the whole night, the list goes on.

  68. a b

    coming back to this a year later, and ngl Dylan sounds like a proud father while talking about troublemakers,

  69. Jana Gagné

    React to magamind!

  70. Ario’s World

    its sex ed

  71. Imagine being a muggle

    2k to 1 million omg😤😤

  72. EnJust Music

    Review the movie Disney’s Zombies 1 and 2


    This is a TERRIBLE DEPICTION of the Bratz movies The animated ones are MUCH BETTER. UGHHH

  74. JusticeTheDoggo

    The movie was trash for sure lol . Mad ?

  75. Celine Harris

    When he wants to kill vampires with guns 😂

  76. bigdpaxco

    Team John Ambrose for life bbby

  77. Preston Saccenti

    Literally just finished the last episode.... I actually cried a little... that was heartbreaking 😭😭😭

  78. Nidhi Kumar

    That's exactly how Saliva works xD

  79. Lea Decks

    I still don't understand tho lmao she comes into the room screaming and knocking things over so was she just screaming in the car the whole time then to the front door through the living room up the stairs? and her parents didn't question this? damn 🤣

  80. Jayne Upadhyay

    Am I the only one that was unaware that there’s a Mulan 2?