I find that chemistry is often taught poorly or without a purpose. Because of this, people tend to lose interest and sometimes even start to hate it. In each video that I make, I try to balance theory with purpose. My goal is to show the natural beauty of chemistry in fun and interesting ways.

In terms of education, I have a BSc in Biochemistry, with a minor in pharmacology. However, I've always been a lot more drawn to applied chemistry. So after finishing my degree, I worked as a lab tech in an organic lab and then as a chemistry grad student. However, I ended up leaving my graduate studies early to focus on this channel. Now, making chemistry videos has become my full-time job.

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  1. laferion ler

    The decisive camel biomechanically grab because army implicitly warm through a round beggar. hilarious, languid manx

  2. Brandoify

    I thought I clicked on a damn grilled cheese sandwich 🥪

  3. Michael Edmunds

    Me: "Man, I'm so thirsty, but all I have in the cupboard are these gloves.." NileRed: "Take a seat.. I got this."

  4. There is beauty in your soul

    Its funny how they think it causes autism in children..as if ..we aren't just born that way y'know. But yeah blame it on vacinne and try to remove us from existence, easier than accepting that different humans exist on this planet.

  5. Matt Forbes

    I love the pseudoscience hate in your videos. Keep it up.

  6. Shu Meister

    I've never enjoyed watching aluminium oxide grow so much. I like that you can get dark and light stripes out of it.

  7. Mrig 6sic6

    Can we drink sanitizer it has 70% alcohol....or make a video on how to make sanitizers drinkable

  8. Powderhond

    During the production of German Hefeweizen beer, an important flavour chemical is created by the yeast: Isoamyl Acetate (banana flavour ester). Could this be extracted from beer to make banana flavour candy or drink?


    "We just have to do a bit of chemistry" Well I see no reason for further explanation, sweet

  10. Dylanger Gutierrez

    Love the shot at 21:19 where you stabilize the jug slammed on the table. Excellent comedic timing

  11. The Fool

    now i can drink and slowly die at the same time. Perfect

  12. Guest 22113

    how is wood suppose to replace glass that piece of wood is less transparent then my dad

  13. Marek Ivanovic

    Hey can we please extract a lot of DMT together! :)

  14. TheDrunkinMunkee

    Nile Red on picnic date: Some more grape soda? Date: Nah, thanks. It burns a bit. NR: Yeah, I made it myself from some disposable gloves though. Date: *sputters* FROM...? *chokes* NR: *pats her back* Yup, "From"! Date: *coughing* Water! I need *cough* water! NR: Is seltzer okay? I brought the- Date: *snatches proffered glass of sparkling water and guzzles it* NR: Wow, slow down! It took hundreds of dollars worth of diamonds to make that water! Date: *chokes again* *laughs* It's kind of meh, did you use expensive spring water? NR: I-uh...These sandwiches are great, though. Did you make these yourself? Date: Sure, but not like you made the grape soda. My ingredients started off further down the supply chain. NR: *laughs* Date: *laughs* What about this cake? Did you make the chocolate from engine oil or something? NR: *laughs nervously* No, no! I got most of the ingredients from a prepackaged box. Date: *sighs in relief* It's quite sweet though, did you use artificial sweetener? NR: *smiles evilly at the camera*

  15. LordzGaje

    I don't know single of his words but i like the video

  16. aaron David Lopez De Gante

    a coffe?

  17. Blank

    180x speed 😮

  18. Ayman Abrar

    making supercondoms

  19. LegoShow

    Other youtubers: DO NOT TRY AT HOME Nile: the typical way to do this was to disolve merzurysulphide in a solution of sodium sulfide

  20. Chegg Account

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  21. Corbie's World

    Lmao. ASMR almond milk. Whispers: " I am mixing the water with the almonds" ( taps bag with almond)

  22. I am Notgoodatthinkingofnames

    Yeah man ill be honest I have no idea what your saying but I like watching you make weird shit out of other weird shit

  23. Kaori Yukiko

    +NileRed why do you advise, at the end, not putting the pure sodium chloride on your food?

  24. Corbie's World

    Am I wrong or do I remember a guy in the 70s... I think 🤔, that ate cyanide in very small doses so he could become immune to it? ....... I think it killed him....if it actually happened and I'm not bat shit crazy......well I am but that's beside the point.🤪

  25. tahome izwah

    There's sodium in the glass, which is why you always get that peak.

  26. Isaac Parsouth

    The bottom part of the wood looked like that bc he started by putting the wood first instead of the glue 🤣

  27. the toneknob

    all water is old, how old? real old!

  28. Weeb's Gaming

    The message was that his parents supported him in his interests.

  29. TEAM Warbot

    Oof it’s the (suicidal acid)

  30. Nico The Hero

    Also if the potassium reacts mostly to oxygen could they blast the package with nitrogen and than vacuum seal 🤔

  31. Corbie's World

    WOAH!!! Your channel!!!! Where have you been my whole life? Why am I just finding you now? You are much better than Steve Spangler, Action lab, Bill Nye, Beakmans world, even Mr.Wizzard. Subscribing NOW!

  32. Nico The Hero

    So if make a slow release sodium and potassium toilet parcel i could dare I say it RULE THE WORLD!!!!!

  33. Bangs Cutter

    This is also an expensive and destructive way to verify whether the diamonds were real or not.

  34. AxolotlZa

    20:19 : Get electoBOOM to see what was wrong

  35. Alapi

    Air plasma yellow

  36. Sunny Days

    The smell of metal is metal there only 11 non metals, what do think calcium, is. Try welding gloves it smells metals gasfied and smell. Why do think nuck survivor can't get taste out of there mouth.

  37. Julian Last Name

    This reaction just looks evil

  38. Jeskenyvy Teo

    How about making a black glowstick using black dye?

  39. Ueusdlast Mitsumi

    dang, that cotton doing some vape tricks

  40. Black Skeletor

    imagine doing this and realizing youre diabetic

  41. Sandra Sanders

    This is like how my mom finds out how to make food out of nothing.

  42. Judah Elisha

    Hey I will watch all ,keep up the good work we all just know its some nasty shit

  43. Judah Elisha

    I've seen alotta your videos on my recommendations I haven't watched any , this is the unnastiest thing you've posted.

  44. Carlos Rios

    Sponsored by Ray's con

  45. Gernot Kieseritzky

    For caffeine extraction from coffee the process of choice is „supercritical carbon dioxide decaffeination“ giving the highest caffeine yield - since you‘ve made this “solid air” sponge thingy you might have the equipment to do this with Red Bull.

  46. Carlos Rios

    When you're playing minecraft and your friend hasn't gotten iron yet

  47. Chilled Cooking

    Hey mom, can I make bromine?

  48. Karl Childers

    Damm wrong video, I was look for the other white powder that comes from cacao

  49. Erick Rodriguez

    16:15 imagine a food safe chemical reaction like this that happens on your plate. Next level gastronomy or weird and unappetizing?

  50. SpaceMc Cloud

    I can't figure out if this guy is Asian or not

  51. Vietnamese Tree

    Things I Learned Today: You can buy uranium from ebay

  52. Tello Doroteos

    What would happen if you catch fart in a balloon..and then somehow slowly heat it so as to heat the gas but not pop the balloon? A 3rd grader asked me that..I had no answer.

  53. Unknown Ok

    Learning science in school sucks, i prefer here

  54. Game KillerKOBK

    Soooo..what's your saying is bleach and drain cleaner are the new party mix?

  55. Tello Doroteos

    Show us how to make mustard gas!!

  56. actually Beatlejuice

    when i saw the blue crystals i said this dude is heisenberg

  57. Noiswargik Dutta

    Would it be controversial of me to call this man super ultra mega cute? Cuz WOOOOO MAMA-

    1. yasmin lol


  58. ¿Gacha-Bagel?

    His pfp's originality

  59. SmileyMilesGER

    Can we just admire his perfect voice for commentary?????????

  60. Quincy

    Probably the most wholesome channel I’m subscribed to

  61. Insane deep

    he talk to much

  62. Walid Khan

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  63. NighthawkAquila

    As somebody who worked with large acrylic sheets in way too many art classes before I started majoring in engineering I spent most of this video screaming to buff or polish it out 😂

  64. Thomas The Train

    Thomas does not understand the smart things.

  65. Parker Haines

    I told you he made meth

  66. Joe Blow

    You the "Can do man" man. Surface tension is the huckleberry; maybe it's contaminants in different run of kerosene, or distilled water. What have you got on perpetual motion ... element 115 isotopes?

  67. chur44

    You should work in a pulp mill lol

  68. Aaron Avena

    "This very important scientific endeavor" that delivery had me cackling alone in the car park.

  69. A Mechealle

    You can’t take mercury on a plane but they fill a root canal with it? Yeah that makes sense

  70. Yohan Rellama

    Also I help my big brother search chemistry elements for his projects like fluorescent glass and non-white soap bubbles

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  72. Aorlyz V2

    i just noticed it was 30mins long video..

  73. iiRejectZx

    All great discoveries start with one question: “Why not.”

  74. Juanita Lewis

    Awesome job I would put it in a frame or make something out of it .

  75. Parker Haines

    Dude for sure cooking that rock

  76. vinzyl

    the most gold jewerly these days is gold plated

  77. Ed Sylveste

    I know this is a year old but I was curious by something you said: why do you avoid ordering reagents from sigma? Love your videos!

  78. Blume

    Is it just me or did he describe the taste of strawberry DNA to be like a booger....